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Created by panR4IN

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ANET is a sci-fi, narrative-driven map with puzzle and horror elements. This is my first map where dialogues, plot and decision making is the main drive of the gameplay.

You'll find yourself onboard a planet-sized engineering station called Peak. Peak focuses on developing weapons of mass-destruction and also houses the very first, supreme artificial intelligence, called Anet. Thousands of years into the future, you're lost, don't remember a thing and have to follow a fellow human voice from the intercom. But soon you'll realize you're an important player in a much bigger scheme.

Which side will you choose? The destructive human scientists onboard the station, or the cold, but protective supreme artificial intelligence? Maybe there's a better way to solve the situation? The choice is yours, and your decisions will shape the story and the characters around you.


  • 5(+ a secret ending) Different endings based on your previous decisions
  • Interactive, branching dialogues with various characters
  • A detailed narrative which will ask you questions and encourage thinking and problem-solving
  • Puzzle, parkour and horror elements all mixed into one in a dark sci-fi environment
  • Super-detailed resource pack (made by Norzeteus)
  • Rich audio design, featuring music from the likes of Varien, Mikko Tarmia and Colin Stetson
  • Automatic, integrated systems that control your dialogue decisions, enemy chases and audio
  • Exploration elements
  • Superb, intense ambience
  • Gameplay driven cutscenes and interactive environments
  • Dynamic Dialogue-driven pointing system that will determine your fate

IMPORTANT NOTE: Map is a SINGLE-PLAYER experience!!! Playing in Multiplayer might break the game.

This project is entirely made for entertainment purposes only, no direct monetary profit is made from it.

Full, detailed credits included with the map download.



2021-03-12 - Map Released.

- Massively nerfed the "Pipe parkour" area in the first chapter This area was always questionable for me, especially since it's one of the first challenges you come accross, and you also have to backtrack through it, this area was simply too annoying and difficult for what it was (especially with that last terrible jump) -In the download is now included a detailed guide on how to achieve every ending possible, for completionists only 1

Map Details

Map Creator: panR4IN
(93 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.16.1 (Java)
File Size: 421 MB
Date Added: 2021-03-12
Downloads: 3,302
Map Category: Horror Maps

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