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Ghast Blast!

Created by Parad0x

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Map Info:
Ghast blast is a mini-game made for about 4-10 players. (The more the merrier)

Your goal is to dodge the fireballs coming from the ghasts suspended in midair. You must use the fireballs to blow you a hole all the way to the bottom. But you must be careful! most of the layers are made of wool, which will burn incredibly fast. Once you reach the bottom room you must press the button in the middle to win! To reach the button you will need to pass three layers of dirt, with the rest being wool.

1. Command blocks: Enabled
2. Firespread: It's your choice.
3. All players must play on adventure mode!
4. You may use the blocks you pick up if you want!
5. No PvP.
6. If you die, you are out! If you want to spectate, just press the spectate button!

And that's about it! If you want to make a video on this map with your buddies, that's fine with me! Also, please tell me if there are any problems with the map, because there is always room for improvement!

I'm parad0x, signing off!

Map Details

Creator: Parad0x
(9 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 178 KB
Added: 2013-06-11
Downloads: 26,825
Category: Game Maps


+4 halo8208 congrats parad0x for pretty much all the minecraft youtubers using this map. Its an awesome map. Thinking this might be a job for in the future:X

2014-02-08 22:42

+3 Drakelsrd man i love this map

2013-10-30 03:24

+2 MrDestruc7i0n I have always loved this map! Such simple idea got so far!

2013-07-13 04:00

+1 Lingcod It's was fun playing with my bros

2013-07-06 04:33

+6 Kilovice Hey, I noticed this map and I noticed a lot of youtubers were playing it as well. However I did find a few flaws as well as things that could be added to make it the best it can be. If you'd like I could add some redstone and command blocks that I think would improve the game greatly. If you'd like to do this, please contact me on Skype; xxkilovicexx. Thank you for reading and considering. ~Kilovice

2013-07-05 20:28

+5 parad0x oh, it's a dream come true! almost all my favorite youtubers have played on this map. I will definitely keep it up :D

2013-07-05 17:41

+3 Zoom Nice map, good job on it!

2013-06-20 18:13

+8 parad0x This map has been played by captainsparklez:

2013-06-20 16:18

+4 Ignas Not a bad map.Very nice :]

2013-06-14 18:40

+6 flareon99 not too tough, making it enjoyable to the very last fireball!

2013-06-11 20:47


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