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Defend Your Cookies

Created by SepthGear

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Map Info

Defend Your Cookies is a fresh arcade game where you defend your cookies from hungry zombies!

You can play the game on your own or with friends!

Each Game Mode has its own unique battlefield!


Hooray! Mom made some of her signature chocolate chip cookies!

But, when the aroma of the freshly baked cookies spread across the whole neighborhood, it attracted zombies!

You must save the cookies from the hungry zombies!


  • 1 or more players
  • Fast enough computer (The game can get very laggy when there are many zombies, especially in Hard Mode)

Additional Info

  • No mods or texture pack required.
  • All made in vanilla Minecraft.
  • If you are uploading to YouTube please give me map credit and send me the link to the video!
  • Any questions, bugs, or comments, please contact me through minecraftforum.

Thank you for playing!


Version 2.0:

Story Mode
- Mom has a new garden! Check it out outside the kitchen window.
- You can now click the "teleport to shop sign" to continue the dialogue after the first wave.

Hard Mode
- It is now possible to reach Wave 100!
- The last gate is now farther away from the cookies.
- Boss drops likeness increased.
- New shops now spawn automatically after unlocking it. You don't have to turn them on in the Extras.
- Some weapon prices are adjusted.

- There are now Achievements in the game!
- Achieve a certain task to unlock awesome bonus items!

And other technical adjustments.


Map Details

Creator: SepthGear
(464 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.4 MB
Added: 2018-02-26
Downloads: 23,070
Category: Game Maps


+1 NATE1213 it not working for me and im on the latest release and im not sure what version to be on

2021-08-03 22:13

+1 eCodrin In hard mode a zombie that was riding the bat got stuck in a wall when the bat died.Me and my friend had to restart!There should be a comand that restarts the wave that you are in.

2020-08-25 14:30

+8 karl_hsiao is this map a speedrun? :D

2018-04-04 12:19

+26 Cap_keys it was good fun, it is the exactly what i expect from a minigame

2018-03-29 07:38

+9 Herobrinetin Really fun, but every wave I end up with a lot of extra gold. I think it would be cool if you could trade like a stack of gold for a wave point.

2018-03-27 16:02

+9 NateCreeper_ Very fun! Although, the map broke on my second time playing through. Both times, I was playing with another player (a different player each time), and on the first time, we had no issues, but on the second time, we couldn't enter the shop.

2018-03-15 18:11

+5 Wafflepie Where is the command that stops you from going into creative?

2018-03-11 22:01

+7 Jake Aye can you make an 1.8 version please because I hate 1.9/higher updates

2018-03-04 04:14

+3 DaxiusGaming The shop tp sign doesn't work. I'm in 1.12.2 and I only have 2 resource packs and no mods installed. And optifine. Please fix!!!

2018-03-01 23:16

+3 Sir Creeps-A-Lot Requirements: 1 or more players


2018-03-01 23:03

+10 Silverfish003 Wow! This is best arcade minigame I never played. I canĀ“t wait for updates

2018-02-28 14:00

+6 GlitchyGuy Awesome! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with in the future!

2018-02-28 00:01

+5 jobe1kanobe Love this map! This is a well-built form of mob-fighting games. I look forward to doing some more on hard mode!
The only advice I have is to spice up the threat of the zombies some more. You should include husk-zombies; the hunger effect they inflict players with would be very fitting for the premise. Maybe some of the giants (unused "giant zombie" mob) could also be added as bosses that throw fireballs.
Second, especially since this fun game is multiplayer-fri endly, you should add a countdown timer between waves so that players have a limit to how long they can take to get upgrades. The timer could be a configurable "enabled/disabl ed" setting in the lobby, except that hard mode always has the timer.
This map has a lot more potential that could be met. Just needs some more interesting features like the ones mentioned above.

2018-02-27 19:27

+5 Surprisable It's finally in minecraft maps! Grats on getting your map in one of the best websites to find things to do on minecraft. (i still have one in the process of testing) *wink* *wink*

2018-02-27 16:57

+8 hayz93 Great fun sill playing and cant stop

2018-02-27 07:39


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