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Floating Island Block Scavenger

Created by Hunter W.

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KoolDog05 presents - 'Floating Island Block Scavenger'

Explore 8 unique and different biomes, trying to find the specified blocks given. Each biome is actually a floating island up above the void! This adds another challenge, to try to bridge across the void without falling.


  • 8 spread out biome - themed floating islands (wow, that was a mouthful!)
  • A settings area, making it as self - run as possible.
  • A block area, all of the blocks you need mapped out

After you are done playing, let me know if you finished! Leave feedback, and I really hope you like(d) it!


Map Details

Creator: Hunter W.
(40 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 559 KB
Added: 2018-10-12
Downloads: 2,363
Category: Finding Maps


+3 KoolDog05: maker I am so sorry for the inconveniences you guys experienced while playing my game. I should have made the game 1.12.2 and lower compatible only. I didn't realize the command changes were so bad!

Shameless plug incoming: download my giant house map! IT TOOK SO LONG AND I'M INSANE NOW!!! GOD

2018-10-15 21:37

+3 theefender Hey! i absolutely don't know what to do at the beginning, the button on the space thing doesn't work.. help plz? :)

2018-10-13 12:57

+1 Te_gamer7 Hi!
This was a very great game! The only downside was that some of the commads dident work(Because of the 1.13.1 update.)
I've loved to get permission to modify and update this adventure map, and publish it on my planet minecraft profile(I will of course give you creditt, and have a link that goas to the original adventure map)


2018-10-13 12:52

+2 Elijah_crafter P.S. while you are looking at the gamemode command check the other command block too.

2018-10-13 03:09

+2 Elijah_crafter You need to update the gamemode command.

2018-10-13 02:50


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