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Find the Button: Quartz Cases

Created by MessiMinecrafter

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Map Info

This is a singleplayer find the button game.

You can get youtuber heads and effects.

Read all of the rules and HAVE FUN!!


Map Details

Creator: MessiMinecrafter
(46 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 216 KB
Added: 2017-06-25
Downloads: 3,296
Category: Finding Maps


0 GermRage Hey, nice map!

I did a little playthrough of this map, apart from the button hidden in the lava and the barrier block parkour, I quite enjoyed this map! Cant wait to play some more of your creation! Also video is linked below if you wish to check it out!


2017-07-31 19:34

+1 Drosselbard This map is simply not good. That's all I can say. (*cough* barrier parkour *cough*)

2017-07-14 14:16

+2 tink i don't understand how the end cube is supposed to be solved without breaking a block (the chorus fruits, specifically)

2017-06-26 18:47

+3 Creeper_sneeper Map Makers! Stop making barrier block parkour! It is literally invisible, almost impossible to find, and the jumps are trail and error. Do not do this! It is un-fun and the best way to lose players.

2017-06-26 10:59


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