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Find The Button: Dimensions!

Created by thefrostykitty

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A "Find The Button" map in which you travel through different dimensions!

You will travel from the top of mountains to the bottom on the nether in these 7 levels!


  • 1.Don't Break Blocks
  • 2.No Cheating!
  • 3.Turn on command blocks.
  • 4.If you die you will restart. Don't Die!
  • 5.Have Fun!

Map Details

Creator: thefrostykitty
(152 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 20 MB
Added: 2017-01-20
Downloads: 17,702
Category: Finding Maps


+9 SuperRichGod Nice Map!

2017-03-11 07:05

+3 Mufundu Just uploaded a run of the map! Thanks for a good map. Check it out if you like

2017-02-04 03:49

+6 Fortune Ventures We also had the 'if you die, you complete the map'-problem. We actually had some fun with it! :P Thanks for making this map! We made a video:

2017-02-03 17:39

+2 krish nice map but my brother is an stupid idiot and he glitched the map

2017-02-01 16:06

+1 Creeper_sneeper The End level had a hole out of the nether room to the other portals/rest of the nether. Also, When I died, I also had the teleport-to-the -end problem. Other than that, a nice map, just lacking a little content.

2017-02-01 08:21

+1 Syno Btw what's fianl?!

2017-01-29 07:15

+3 Lili When I died, I got teleported to the end of the map

2017-01-26 16:44

+2 Fovika Don't understand Mae's comment. I found the buttons without too much trouble. The first one is awkward to find, as you need to go through "invisible" blocks (just have fun and climb the igloo, and you will fall into it). All the others are very "find the button". If you know of the game type, you will find the buttons. No problems to be found.

I liked this map. Doesn't take long to complete and relatively easy. The minor amount of parkour that is in it, isn't hard either. I look forward to other maps by the same user/team.

P.S (again in reference to Mae's comment): because this is a "new" world for you, the end credits will roll (like every other MC world...), so just hit escape when they start.

2017-01-24 18:31

+2 mae Just beat the map, and I have to say, the buttons are so hard to find, you have to play in creative mode to get to all but 2. Then the thing that plays at the end NEEDS to either be way shorter or needs to have a way to skip it. sat here for literally ten minutes watching a very confusing/ meanless covo.

2017-01-22 02:06


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