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Escape the House

Created by GlxyLuke, Mickae

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Map Info

Escape the House, a Minecraft escape room puzzle map. Can you complete all 12 levels and escape?


  • 12 Rooms & Puzzles
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • A working elevator
  • 2 fireplaces and 1 chimney

Escape Room Tips

  • Barrels can blend in, keep an eye out.
  • If working in a group, share all information you get.
  • Check under/behind all trapdoors.
  • Collect all items you find, even if they end up being useless.
  • All useless items will be cleared from your inventory after each level is completed.
  • Find clues written in books and scrolls.
  • If you find a book, place it in a lectern for more information.
  • Left-clicking won't be necessary unless interacting with a mob.

Note; Each level will provide you with the items you need to complete each respective level. This means you will not need to return to a previous level in order to complete the level you are on. Additionally, Left-clicking won't be necessary unless interacting with a mob.


Suggestion: Only check the walkthrough/tutorial when you truly feel stuck. Maybe try give yourself a rule to only check the walkthough 3 times to simulate an official escape room. :)


Map Details

Creator: GlxyLuke, Mickae
(714 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.2
Size: 15.1 MB
Added: 2020-09-02
Downloads: 13,754
Category: Escape Maps


+4 Ben This map was really fun and difficult. Took a while, but we ended up getting through it and had a blast.

2021-03-29 01:43

+90 VLTrain SUPER SUPER FUN :D and the deco and everything was so nice.
I keep looking for the creator's other maps but can't find any other escape room :( but this was really good and fun to play

2020-09-03 10:57

+23 Taylor Hey so I put this on my server because I thought this would be a great idea. The only problem is nobody can open any barrels or some trap doors that have barrels behind them unless they are a server operator. The only change I did for the server is disable pvp and set gamemode to survival. If you could look at this and get back to me that would be great.

2020-09-03 04:34


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