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Escape the House

Created by GlxyLuke, Mickae

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Map Info

Escape the House, a Minecraft escape room puzzle map. Can you complete all 12 levels and escape?


  • 12 Rooms & Puzzles
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • A working elevator
  • 2 fireplaces and 1 chimney

Escape Room Tips

  • Barrels can blend in, keep an eye out.
  • If working in a group, share all information you get.
  • Check under/behind all trapdoors.
  • Collect all items you find, even if they end up being useless.
  • All useless items will be cleared from your inventory after each level is completed.
  • Find clues written in books and scrolls.
  • If you find a book, place it in a lectern for more information.
  • Left-clicking won't be necessary unless interacting with a mob.

Note; Each level will provide you with the items you need to complete each respective level. This means you will not need to return to a previous level in order to complete the level you are on. Additionally, Left-clicking won't be necessary unless interacting with a mob.


Suggestion: Only check the walkthrough/tutorial when you truly feel stuck. Maybe try give yourself a rule to only check the walkthough 3 times to simulate an official escape room. :)


Map Details

Creator: GlxyLuke, Mickae
(1118 votes)
Version: 3.3.6
MC Version: 1.18.1
Size: 25 MB
Added: 2020-09-02
Downloads: 49,181
Category: Escape Maps


Este Why I cant finish the memory puzzle. Im in easy mode and I can only do the 7th part but idk what should I do on the 8th one.

2022-01-11 08:54

no-one Nice map!
after completing i tried to break the back
lol i broke the map soo many times

2022-01-04 06:59

XS0UL Amazing map, had a blast with my friend, and we genuinely wonder how long it took y'all to make. Just wanna point out a glitch, though: When you get to the final level (the level before the one where you need to escape the house), if you go back into the end you get stuck in the end spawn platform - an obsidian floor surrounded by end stone.

2022-01-02 19:27

Nishant Deolasi Quoting devilgamer:
Played this with my friends. Had a blast, definitely recommend playing with friends, although it took us 2 hours to complete it, it was well worth it in the end.

did you play it using server hosting (jar file)? because some maps broken with server and i want to play this with my friend

2021-12-30 23:41

George & Danny Incredible map had a blast with my friend. After beating for the first time we tried speedrunning it and we did a time of 32 minutes. All in all 100/10 map would recommend!!!

2021-12-30 19:29

gonzo07 I really liked it and I found it cool that you couldnt escape trought the front door but instead through a balcon

2021-12-20 13:51

cdof I cant get the gold helmet off the just spins?

2021-12-08 16:39

Crystal Am I doing something wrong, can not get the gold helmet off the frame at all???? please help!

2021-12-08 16:24

ItsBecon This map is incredible! Compared to all the other escape maps, this one is by far the best. My group of friends had a blast as there were no crashing or broken level issues. If anyone is looking for an escape map to play with friends, I 100% recommend you stop wasting time looking for another one because this one is perfect. Thanks for the amazing hour or two of fun.

2021-11-28 04:36

Mystical The best escape map so far. Took me a few hours with one of my friends. Really fun and interesting , really gotta think outside the box on this one!

2021-11-26 15:41

insane I played this Map with my friend and it was insane

2021-11-24 19:16

IMG_0166 Spiders won't spawn in lvl 9 how can I fix it?

2021-11-21 13:19

Platypus memory game broken....there is no glistering melon behind door

2021-11-14 15:58

night it's a good map but it's a bit hard if you not play it alone

2021-11-13 05:04

GGWP Well, after beating all 12 levels, the thanks for playing! screen stuck, and no matter what I do it doesnt go away, maybe its cached somwhere? what to do?

2021-11-06 21:21

devilgamer Played this with my friends. Had a blast, definitely recommend playing with friends, although it took us 2 hours to complete it, it was well worth it in the end.

2021-11-04 10:50

RigTap the memory test did not start when i went to the room

2021-10-08 05:36

Tankz135 I made a video with it! is that OK?

2021-09-28 04:03

Evelyn In the attic level, I noticed that the spiders weren't spawning, and i had it on peaceful, so i changed it.
But it's been 10-15 minutes, and still no spiders have spawned
any ideas what's wrong?

2021-09-14 00:40

kenni awesome map! i lpayed on a server i made with friends and it took us about 3 hours to finish it but we had a lot of fun

2021-09-13 02:01

somebody I've treid many things, but i can't seem to get a pattern on a banner, plz help

2021-09-10 03:14

Doggogy Most fun I've ever had in a while. Played with friends and it was great.

2021-09-07 04:21

Kid-Nesian Awesome map. Really enjoyed it and didn't have any troubles! :D

2021-08-29 03:53

4099c0b2-50f9-4e34-9 when you put the book in the other lectern in the spawnpoint room then you can't get the music disk from the other lectern in the living room

2021-08-23 04:57

TealPotato really fun map but the walkthrough is a little out of date

2021-08-21 01:22

TealPotato In the attic at 28, 23, 85 you can softlock yourself. please fix this I don't want to lose my progress again

2021-08-21 01:15

Buttered_Toast Hey mickae, just wondering if you are the actual map creator, of the "Escape the House" map? It's an amazing map full of some amazing contraptions, so much so that you inspired me to build my own map! I feel like i'm stealing all your ideas though, and I was wondering if you could help me with some brand new ideas, and maybe even making a brand new map with me. Reply to this comment, or get in touch with me if you're interested. Thanks!

2021-08-18 12:52

toby fix ur map, memory game doesnt work anymore, items are missing from chests, the tulips dont activate anything and the salmon in the freezer that is supposed to be there, no longer spawns. please fix ur map.

2021-08-17 10:10

I like ice How do i get the glistining melon? in the vidio it is in the door but i cant find it :c

2021-08-16 18:10

JIN Thanks for making this wonderful escape map, I played with my daughter and enjoyed a lot...!
Can recommend to anyone who is interested in minecraft-based puzzle. Five and more stars!!

2021-08-15 03:51

Anonymous Quoting BH:
can we play this map in 1.17 instead of 1.17.1

yes, I am playing it in that update

2021-08-12 16:25

Om Dune Quoting naomy:
I was really excited to play this with my cousin and we were doing so well until we got to level 3 and got what we needed for the first room and noticed there wasn't anything in the second room to get with the cake, we looked for the walkthrough for this level and noticed that everything in the second room had exploded and that didn't happen for us. We retried many times and nothing, very disappointing was really looking forward to finishing this!:(

Same is happening to us !

2021-08-11 12:37

Om Dune memory section isnt starting we came back and forth but still not starting in the third level

2021-08-11 12:32

Lisha Did this with my sister, and it was so fun!! 10/10 recommend. The little puzzles were so cool, and everything was just *chef's kiss*. Please do this map, preferably now. And with a friend. (This map was beautifully made. Bless you, creators!)

2021-08-11 04:39

anonimus can't get past the memory on level 3. I'm missing an item. It won't spawn. help please.

2021-08-08 22:13


2021-08-07 03:24

JohnsonCraft Disregard last post. If you use this on 1.16, it actually works! One of the best maps I've ever played!

2021-08-04 08:25

Alex a really fun map very well put together good job!

2021-08-03 22:58

Prosper If you can't get mobs to spawn or if theres an error make sure you're op and just do the following command
/give *insert player* *insert item* *insert amount*

2021-08-03 05:28

Dogg Nicely made! The only piece that got me was the creeper banner pattern, because the creeper head vanished after obtaining it in the laundry room somehow. Everything else went super smooth and it was just an all-around good challenge, mentally. Died a handful of times from fall damage and the poison spider in the attic (didn't realize they weren't endless until i finished getting the materials for the minecarts). Finding the banner pattern on top of the elevator was a complete accident, and in no way something I'd have guessed on my own, since early on in the map i tried going under it and the elevator shaft killed me, so I assumed it was telling me to stay in the car.

2021-08-03 02:54

Alieniacal Good map

2021-08-02 01:43

InterpretMiner GREAT MAP, Just played it with friends and had a blast, I do wish that you wouldn't have to restart cause while all my friends went down stairs I couldn't figure figure out that last room behind the wither painting next to the green banner, none the less it was an awesome map thanks!!!

2021-07-31 04:13

BH can we play this map in 1.17 instead of 1.17.1

2021-07-29 06:07

Nightwing I lagit cant play the map because i keep falling into the void, cant go into creative, and also cant find the coords for the house, so im basicly stuck constantly dieing

2021-07-29 00:40

Ghastleigh This map was so cool! I loved it!

2021-07-28 22:21

Shig I need halp ): I accidentally made 2 chest in a minecart and now I can't go back to make the hopper. I am much sad. I couldn't go into survival and place it to break it. I am stuck and sad. ): Halp me.

2021-07-28 03:55

Felicia Teng Thank

2021-07-28 01:25

crepeVEVO i got to level 5 and i accidentally put the pufferfish onto the item fram on the table and now i cant get it off. what do i do?

2021-07-12 01:27

Alberto Please fix the memory game!!!

2021-07-11 18:11

Juliette Quoting Sal:
This map was super fun but I keep getting stuck on level 3 because the memory game won’t work for me

How did you pass it?

2021-07-07 03:11


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