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Nemesis II - Neon Wounds

Created by Nava

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Nemesis II - Neon Wounds refines and builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, Nemesis - Winds of Time.

It's an all-new challenging quest featuring heavy customization and fast-paced gameplay.

Venture through frostbitten caverns, shadowy crevices, and crumbling castles to collect the sixteen wool and complete the monument.


  • 8-12 hours of gameplay
  • Well over 100 custom items, a few with special command-based effects
  • Dozens of custom mobs
  • Sixteen unique dungeons to explore
  • A rewarding bonus objective system


Map Details

Creator: Nava
(212 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 13.4 MB
Added: 2020-03-27
Downloads: 7,098
Category: CTM Maps


+1 Kazuto how to go in intersection 2?

2021-07-17 05:31

+6 Adrii40craft Hello Nava,

I played Nemesis: Winds of Time with a friend and we loved it so we decided to play this second map.

What we liked:
-Bigger wool areas. We loved this change.
-Decoration is fantastic
- Lore is pretty good!!
-Emerald block reward system

We have noticed an extreme increase of the difficulty in this map, the second intersection is totally madness and we really struggled with it.
The first wool of the third intersection is very hard too and we decided it was too much so we decided to stop playing the map at this moment sadly because it was frustating.

Things we didn't like:
- In our experience it is a very difficult map (I have played several CTM maps during the last 7 years. My friend is pretty noob)
- Lack of food. I think you should have added a little farm or wheat crops by the monument like in Nemesis I.
- Lack of items... we would appreciate to have had some more armor due to there are many lava areas and 1 void area so you can easily loose all our stuff...
- We think in our experience that the map is not very well balanced and it needed for testing before releasing it.
- We found out that most of the time +2 mobs spawned from one single spawn. Many times 3 or even 4 mobs like wither skeletons in the last wool of intersection 2. I don't think it is randomized at all and if so we are so unlucky. If it is not randomized I would suggest to let just 1 or 2 mobs spawn from some spawns so it is not as hard.

It's just our opinion but after we loved Nemesis I and got frustated and abandoned Nemesis II half way, we felt like we should give you some feedback :)

Thanks for all your work, we appreciate it!!!!

2020-08-24 23:16

+1 nécrotoy that was pretty cool.
each area was unic and we didn't had any HP bag like in most of the CTM.
maybe they were a little to much fire dungeons in there but at least they all had some funny mécanics

2020-04-27 16:21

+10 Borqta The start button doesnt work properly.I've pressed it several times but it didnt work.Do you know why?Or maybe can u tell a possible thing that i have missed to do.TY

2020-04-06 18:41

-2 Galaxy Planet Great map idea. The only problem is that this map is INSANELY DIFFICULT! You start out fighting overpower mobs with enchanted stone swords on the first level. Mobs with bows take three hearts from just one hit. Once, again the map is great just it's way to hard.

2020-04-04 18:59

+4 Hercules Loving the map so far! as a new CTM player the difficulty of this map Is just right.

If anyone Is Intrested In some gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o59nGcj24nM&list=PLuEQGke72VACpGhgv74a_u8AL5muGoqhs

2020-04-03 10:23

+3 Stepho2theMax This is by far the best minecraft map I've ever played. It takes a long time to complete but it was so much fun and worth all the gameplay. Im looking forward to your next map in this series!

2020-04-02 17:34

+1 titansou where is the spawn ?

2020-03-31 15:20

+3 kyle Hardin Me and my brother are curentely playing this and loving it. Is there going to be a third version?
Love these maps. Keep it up.

2020-03-31 05:44

+3 Joe It's a great map, but it's somewhat frustrating that all you do is fight mobs and run through halls. Otherwise, it was totally playable and very much enjoyable. Great work!

2020-03-30 22:19

+2 Crunchyman Dude I'm just about to finish winds of time and you upload the sequel! I can't wait to play this, WoT is my favourite CTM so far and this one looks even better

2020-03-30 14:17

+12 Seby689 Can this be played on multiplayer?

2020-03-29 20:07

+3 Dash_Xx this map is amazing i recommand it. It's better to plays it at 3 player. The map is so beautifull and the difficulty is set for a max of fun; Love from France. I'm waiting for Nemesis 3 !!!

2020-03-29 16:23


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