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Minecraft Movie Studio

Created by David Thorpe

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Map Info:
This map was made as a celebration of all things mine craft, and movie magic. There is even room left over so that you can create your own scenes!!!

The important thing is to look around, have fun, but don't break anything unless you built it!!

(The secret room is in there, somewhere...)

Map Details

Creator: David Thorpe
(79 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: All
Size: 149.55 KB
Added: 2012-09-13
Downloads: 101,969
Category: Creation Maps


+1 TheUltimateDestroyer I played your map. I think it was great for a 2012 map. I bet it looks much different now because of the updated textures. I did find the secret room (but I did a little something to help me find it).

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6FUMPpXe2k
(skip to 7:32)

2019-07-05 21:02

+2 Atticool Quoting Crystal Fox:
Amazing! Who is this Phantom? Nobody knows! It just adds to the suspense. . .

Actually I believe that the Phantom was a poor little kid living on a farm who got killed by a creeper. His parents left the farm and sold it to go and live in a fancy house (Not necessarily fancy). So the movie studio was built (On the farm grounds, of course). The ghost of the little boy now haunts the movie studio.

2016-01-04 06:48

+2 Marsh Very cool map! I'm doing a studio complex in Pocket Edition, and this map inspire-me ;)

2015-08-28 00:18

+4 Azura Aurora I was playing this in 1.8 and I found the secret room last, I used spectator mode to find it thoe hehe, I find this map awesome I loved pretednding to be in a movie

2015-08-09 09:14

+2 Yuniz Crafter I just break the roof, and,.. aha,.. A maze ?!

2015-07-13 01:17

+1 NoOb Nice map i edited it tho with cameras!

2015-06-05 07:30

+9 EpicFace99 I tore the map BLOCK BY BLOCK before i could find it O_O
Sorry but i broke the redstone circuit you used for it XD

2014-06-27 22:05

-3 bladeisbeast11 this map is cool. i had trouble finding the secret base but i did. and something i found was in studios D and F, there was no ceiling. is that on purpose to have real lighting for the scenes or is there supposed to be a roof?

2014-06-23 01:10

0 william It's easy to find the secret room, but i'm so amazed with this map, because the building is very great, need super patience to build the map

2014-04-25 16:24

+6 NeonCreeper579 It's an awesome map and I think the creator did it with patience......: )

2014-04-10 10:58

+1 TheDarkVoice I found the secret room.... after i blow all with TNT :P

2013-12-24 15:18

+5 JessieMae555 I found the secret room! Aha :3 But the whole building is really great, and it's funto explore. 10/10

2013-12-07 13:45

+5 Tra_kad Quoting creeperking516:
well if you used tnt then you most likely blew it up. so congrats. the secret room is gone.

I like how the secret room (or I think it is the secret room) is literally one of the first things I found in this... hooray for running around like a loony...

2013-11-27 01:46

+4 ???????????????????? Awesome map! I can tell a lot of work was put into making it. The phantom story was great, and the hidden room was tricky. I just love this map!!!!! The building itself is great too.

2013-11-27 00:44

+4 creeperking516 Quoting MaskinGunner:
It's impossible to find the secret rom.. I've destroyed the whole building and I still can't find it :(

well if you used tnt then you most likely blew it up. so congrats. the secret room is gone.

2013-10-30 17:27

-1 jamesm2w Great map, good secret room.

Try to improve the lightning.
good story with the phantom
confusing puzzle.

try to redo the surrounding area.
but please add more it needs it

2013-10-28 12:45

+6 MasterZMind This is soooooooooo.... ..[There is still 1000 o's on the end] Awesome! Besides disco,hypixel,s ethbling and other pros, I never see such amazing map before!

2013-07-18 12:30

-5 inardle i had to switch the side of the lava to stop it from burning the house scene down. but besides that i love it. it's amazing and i really like oreocookie234's idea. a small town would make it more fun.

2013-07-13 08:32

+2 tardisgirl the map was fun, but i wish that there was more to it. There could have been secret chests, more phantom suspense, and maybe a clue to where the secret room was. Other then that, i really liked the presence in this map, the idea was very creative, and displayed in an intriguing way. Maybe make a sequel or an updated version with more cool stuff implemented.

2013-07-11 22:53

+8 JamietardisMinecraft I love it! Found the secret room, and now I have a sense of accomplishment! Haha, yeah...Love the map!

2013-06-29 21:22

-6 Bella Belle The secret room was not very rewarding... maybe you could put paper labelled MOVIE TICKET in a chest inside the secret room. I got there and I was so upset.

2013-06-22 06:37

+4 hdew12354 brilliant map loved it

2013-06-16 15:09

+1 Emily Taylor I made teh let's play video for this to show you the secret room incase directions don't make much sense


2013-06-15 07:30

+8 Emily Taylor !Spoiler!

To help those of you who cannot find the secret room.

1. Find studio C

2. In the very first set with the brick house locate the redstone lamp cluster on the ground in front of the house on the Right side and flick that switch to turn it off.

3. Next find the dark room that's near the front of the building with all the huge wool decoration things in it.

4. go to the very back of the room and behind the giant yellow smiley face

5. Find the staircase behind it and climb up and follow the paths until you end up in the room with 2 different paths to take at the "I heard he lived here for ages" sign.

6.Take the left path and after the 90 degree left turn in the hall keep your eye on the right hand side and you will see the entrance and a congratulatory sign inside and a secret exit into studio B.

2013-06-11 10:04

+3 pancakegirl123 wonderful and family friendly. i loved it. a recommend for all ages!

2013-04-09 22:57

+9 OreoCookie234 It'd be nice if you put a small town around it, maybe all the shops and stuff referring to the studio, but a small town. it would make it a bit more interesting, I think, and it would definatley catch more people's attention ;)

2013-04-01 14:51

+1 AwesomeHuman Nice dude! I found the secret room! Lol lots of colors!

2013-03-26 06:11

-11 MaskinGunner It's impossible to find the secret rom.. I've destroyed the whole building and I still can't find it :(

2013-03-19 21:58

+2 SUSPENSE1240 I can't seem to find the secret room. any tips on how to find it???

2013-03-15 08:41

+1 David Thorpe Here's some tips for you, Jolly B.Y Golly.

- Super-flat = less download.
- Do it yourself.

2013-03-07 06:56


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