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The Mystery of Herobrine Chapter V

Created by Nolan414

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Map Info

A Story planned out since early 2016... In this 6 chapter adventure you will explore many rooms, boss fights, mysteries, and more.

This Chapter takes place after the events of Chapter IV and will show you the beginnings of Herobrine's plan.


  • No breaking blocks unless told too.
  • New objectives will appear on screen that will tell you what to do.
  • This is a story map made for 1 player but you can play this with multiple people. (1 - 3 players).
  • Render Distance: 15+ Chunks.
  • Brightness should be 95% - 100%.
  • Smooth Lighting should be OFF.

Additional Info

  • 7 Boss Battles with unique moves
  • 5 Different Armor/Weapon Sets.
  • Around 60 - 90 minutes of gameplay
  • No mods are required to play this map
  • Version for this map is 1.16.2

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Map Details

Creator: Nolan414
(139 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.2
Size: 46.6 MB
Added: 2020-08-06
Downloads: 6,415
Category: Adventure Maps


0 DCQuest I gotta say...that is the only problem in the game...It happens to me too!

2021-10-07 07:23

+5 AashishVerma I thought only I am stuck at castle but many are stuck at castle so please Nolon414 do some thing about this update this map Please fix this glitch

2021-07-22 10:17

0 WavyDekuu Cant wait for Chapter 6 :3

2020-09-02 16:37

-1 WHAM Quoting 69420:
Is there anyway I can contact you privately about the map? Discord or any platform social media.

please make another one so great!

2020-08-28 17:29

+7 PoloFighter Super map keep it up - very fun :D

2020-08-19 10:25

0 McDreng The Clone machine fight is really stupid. Just inevitably devolves into like 20 mobs that all have thorns on their armor attacking you and you dying every 20 seconds.

2020-08-17 18:25

+8 hiben After getting the task to go to Herobrines Castle, i found myself being stuck because i could to go into the castle (barrier blocks), and i could not find a pressure plate anywhere.

2020-08-16 13:19

-1 Koala_keith i Have Not Hunted Herobrine Sadly But i Think He's a Tohgh One How do You download Maps Thogh

2020-08-10 00:54

+4 Morgan Am Stuck at Castle :(

2020-08-09 23:17


2020-08-09 14:27

+1 Spartan This is a great series.
I played all of the series and them all pretty nice but it is just PvE I would recommend more variety and more things like parkour

Again, I enjoyed playing this series and I look forward to chapter 6


2020-08-08 07:33

-2 Help The witches would not stop spawning in the second boss battle. I don't know why they would not stop. All my swords broke so I was just a target for the 15 witches in the room

2020-08-08 01:51

0 69420 Is there anyway I can contact you privately about the map? Discord or any platform social media.

2020-08-08 01:19


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