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The Mystery of Herobrine Chapter II

Created by Nolan414

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Map Info

A Story planned out since early 2016... In this 6 chapter adventure you will explore many rooms, boss fights, mysteries, and more.

This chapter takes place on October 18th of 2008, you and Herobrine are both on the hunt to find a certain character.


  • No breaking blocks unless told too.
  • New objectives will appear on screen that will tell you what to do.
  • This is a story map made for 1 player but you can play this with multiple people. (1 - 3 players)
  • Render Distance: 15+ Chunks
  • Brightness should be 85% - 100%
  • Smooth Lighting should be OFF

Additional Info

  • 6 Boss Battles with unique moves
  • 5 Different Armor/Weapon Sets
  • Around 1 hour of gameplay
  • No mods are required to play this map
  • Version for this map is 1.15.2


-Hoppers have been changes so you can no longer glitch them
-Gold ingots, diamonds and torches have been removed as an inventory item.
-Added items into the barrels for design.


Map Details

Creator: Nolan414
(73 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 60 MB
Added: 2020-06-05
Downloads: 1,802
Category: Adventure Maps


+7 Sheol I can't find the third pipe, can someone help me?

2020-06-13 10:04

+5 Jara This map looks great I'm going to play it.

2020-06-12 08:29

+4 Mixxel After I completed the map, I turned on creative mode and found, that the spawnpoint below Noah's grave wasn't working.
But it's really good map an i can't wait for chapter 3.

2020-06-08 18:13

+3 MohamedGamingArabic plz help i in combat with commander i has kill commander i drop heart in hopper what i doing?

2020-06-07 09:36

+2 Llama Lord Very well designed. It works well and is pretty fun to play. There are some bugs though, such as grabbing items out of the bottom hopper. At the end of the game, I had almost a stack and a half of diamonds. You can also use this to cheese all the boss fights, but I didn't do that. You can also grab items out of armor stands. Anyhoo...... very good job have a llamaful day. ★★★★★

2020-06-07 02:46

+4 Brendino In matildas place when i picked up the axe that breaks birch planks the axe disappeared when i took it out of the chest

2020-06-07 00:45

+4 Dead465joe Im not sure if im just not finding the correct things but there seems to be barrier blocks in the places we are supposed to go

2020-06-06 23:22

+3 e Hello, this is a good map but I got stuck on a place where I had to find an lever, but theres anything nowhere, any help?

2020-06-06 14:33

+3 Bill it pretty good
i loved it
make more maps like this


2020-06-06 10:37

+3 BeachFairy20 WOW. Such a great map. its so amazing and so fun!! im looking forward to the next one!!

2020-06-06 04:11

+2 Donovan Lets goo i literally just played the first one and loved it part two here i come!

2020-06-05 23:03

+4 Jedi gaming I was waiting for this and was very excited i played its first part its story was amazing bro pls make all parts soon

2020-06-05 15:24


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