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The Mystery of Herobrine Chapter I

Created by Nolan414

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Map Info

A Story planned out since early 2016... In this 6 chapter adventure you will explore many rooms, boss fights, mysteries, and more.

This chapter takes place on October 17th of 2008 and Herobrine found the opportunity to kill you before you get in his way.


  • No breaking blocks unless told too.
  • New objectives will appear on screen that will tell you what to do.
  • This is a story map made for 1 player but you can play this with multiple people. (1 - 3 players).
  • Render Distance: 15+ Chunks.
  • Brightness should be 85% - 100%.
  • Smooth Lighting should be OFF.

Additional Info

  • This is actually my first ever minecraft map so I hope you guys like as I put a lot of time and effort into this.
  • And in case if you guys are wondering, this is not a fan made map of Hypixel's Herobrine's mansion or Herobrine's return (Even if they share familiar elements). This is my own universe with new Characters to meet and puzzles to solve.
  • 5 Boss Battles with unique moves
  • 5 Different Armor/Weapon Sets
  • Around 1 hour of gameplay
  • No mods are required to play this map
  • Version for this map is 1.16.2


- Render Distance can now be set to 15+ Chunks instead of 25+.
- Once the Withered Zombie is dead, you can no longer go back to the previous section. (This is to prevent the player from getting stuck).
- And 1 or 2 changes to some of the builds. (Again, this is to prevent the player from getting stuck).

- One of the spawnpoints didn't work.
- Bossbars now appear when doing the boss fights.

Map Series


Map Details

Creator: Nolan414
(381 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.16.2
Size: 55 MB
Added: 2020-05-24
Downloads: 30,550
Category: Adventure Maps


Happy2690 Quoting Leon Skywalker:
Could anyone give me a tip where noahs secret message is?

You need to get the paper in the chest in the room before alistair boss fight. The paper named "That is why i am alive".
Now backtrack to the graveyard and throw the paper at Noah's grave. That's it.

2021-11-29 19:49

yt12353 I somehow got a wither skeleton skull while playing the map! how rare is that, by the way?

2021-10-14 14:47


2021-09-29 03:45

Dreadmare A decent first-time map I've have to say. I certainly feel engaged to play through the whole thing. Though it is not without flaws. I've listed here some of my major criticisms with the map

1) gear progression felt way too fast. A gear set only last till the next boss fight, with relatively minimal combat in-between. My suggestion is to either increase the enemy count or reduce the amount of gear tier you can get. Both will require some re-balancing, but I do think it will help with gear progression

2) datapack is a lot faster than command blocks and redstone. Delayed actions can be done by using schedule function command. I suggest that future map are made using datapack instead. Here's a guide on setting up a datapack:

3) barrier block is kinda a cheap way to prevent players from wandering off. It would be better to put in trees, hills or basically anything that visually imply that you can't go past that. It is a tedious task to do that though, so I totally understand.

4) alistair's betrayal doesn't feel as impactful, and this is because we don't really get to bond with him. It would be nice if Alistair was there in the beginning, with his betrayal apparent only in the end.

5) combat felt old and frankly I've never used a bow in the whole map. Maybe that's just me, or perhaps due to the lack of need to do so. On that note, skeletons are really annoying in enclosed space, because as soon as you shoot at them, they begin to attack you. It certainly makes the combat felt very old and not what the map version would suggest.

6) bosses need a lot of work imo. Using thorns is admittedly annoying, as you're getting punished for attacking something that you're supposed to kill. Bosses in general felt way too short and not terribly engaging, although they aren't broken or bad either. Also, using subtitle(with an empty title) to display the boss name is better fitting. Telling the boss' special moves is also a no-no. As they're a major component to a map(as well as one I'm most comfortable with), I'm gonna analyze each bosses and tell you how I feel and what I think could make it better

i) Golden Knight have some interesting idea. However, the spiders are way too big to fit in the maze, thus making them far less threatening. You can practically ignore them. I suggest either making the maze bigger to accomodate for the spider, or putting in cave spider inside the maze to keep it engaging. You can choose to constantly remove poison effect or not. Once you get teleported, he's pretty much just a fast zombie with more health. Adding in those spiders from earlier is a good way to start. Boss also need more health tbh

ii) The adds that spawn before Withered Zombie is kinda underwhelming. Except those fast guy. They're really annoying to deal with. Make them slower is what I would do. To compensate, increase the amount of enemy there are. There's too little add before the boss actually spawn. And once he do, he suffer from the same fate as Golden Knight. Those adds should be allowed to spawn in past that moment. As a side note, it would be cool if Midnight Skeleton somehow helped. I didn't really notice anything relating to "Assistance" when it comes to boss ability. So if he can either shoot down on the player(and maybe even join in periodically to attack with melee), that would be sweet.

iii) Midnight Skeleton is nothing special tbh. The poison cloud only ever hit the middle, which doesn't really make it interesting. Allowing them to spawn on any part of the map would make it more engaging and fun. The adds themselves aren't that special either and feels kinda repetitive at this point(the two bosses prior already have this). You can have splash/lingerin g potions ride on a mob, and when said mob is killed the potion will drop and splashes as if it was thrown. This could be interesting(lik e killing an add will leave behind a poison on the ground). As for the boss himself, previous abilities should remain. I don't remember if poison cloud stop but if it does, it shouldn't

iv) Alistair is very much a miniboss. With the only real mechanic is Herobrine shooting down at you, it isn't as memorable. It's okay if it was indeed meant to be one, as there's no combat between Midnight Skeleton and Alistair.

v) the second battle with Alistair(as well as the last one of the map) doesn't really met the expectation of a final boss(though it does hints at it). For starter, both Withered Zombie and Midnight Skeleton rarely even try walking in. I believe this is caused by barrier completely obscuring their vision meaning it is purely luck that they would even walk in. Removing the barriers on eye-level will allow them to chase after the player, and thus forcing the player to be more environmentally aware. And while we're at it, it might be interesting if the other two bosses get faster each time they fell.

That concude my criticisms with the map. Certainly have potential, and with more works it could be a great one.

2021-09-28 23:44

PsyElf42 I played with my 2 kids, we loved it. We can't wait to play the next chapters. Good for solo play and worked well for 3.

2021-08-13 18:19

Doodle Amazing, really compelling story line :D

2021-06-13 18:43

Leon Skywalker Could anyone give me a tip where noahs secret message is?

2020-08-26 20:14

McDreng Hm. The map seems competent enough, but it feels a bit "old school" to me. Like, your map feels to me like a time capsule Herobrine's Mansion-era map. Herobrine's Mansion has the advantage of having been a huge innovation in mapmaking, where this feels derivative. I am going to continue playing, as it's always possible that they'll get better. However this one feels like it wishes it was in the 1.4 days when it would have been fresh.

2020-08-16 22:59

DarkZoomy This map was absolutly bad. Barriers without an end, no gameplay and no storys. The system of your map ist trash too,

2020-08-15 14:39

Levi It's a very ambitious project and definetly good for your first adventure map! But there are a lot of flaws:
-The story elements are very forced with teleporting and triggers which ruins the entire immersion.
-Everything is full of barriers, which is a very cheap way to block the player from going to certain places
-The enemy placement is not thought through, and very repetitive
But still a very nice project, maybe I'll check out your newer maps!

2020-08-13 16:35

CylinderBox Where is herobrines' castle?

2020-08-08 14:26

DeathEater26 I can"t unlock the last achievement no matter how hard I look I can't find the secret at the end!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!

2020-08-04 00:38

Person Is this for 1.15 or 1.16? Under additional info, it says 1.15, but in the map details it says 1.16.1. For now I'm going to assume it's 1.16 and you forgot to update additional info, but please reply if you get a chance so I know what version to play on.

2020-07-30 21:26

Luke This map is the best I've played so far. Keep making maps!

2020-07-09 22:18

Luke This map is addictive and fun and intriguing. If someone asked me what my favorite Minecraft map/maps are, I would say The Mystery of Herobrine series in half a second!

2020-07-09 22:12

SAM_Agent625 Quoting Lady Parrot:
Where is Noahs secret message?

Inside of Herobrine's dungeon/castle in the room that has the button to fight the 4th boss battle inside one of the chests, there is a map and a piece of paper named "This is why I am Alive...". Follow the map, and once you reach the location of the big red X on the map, throw the piece of paper onto the half-slab. The piece of paper will disappear immediately as there is a hopper underneath the half-slab.

2020-06-22 02:21

seth I've encountered a major bug which forced me to make bypasses in the circuitry for each hopper for some reason the quest item wasn't going into the last hopper in the chain otherwise enjoyed the map and had fun though maybe see what was causing that bug don't want anyone else to experience what I went through cause it for frustrating until I figured out the by pass making think I did something wrong also you wanted circuit inverter hook up to the door other wise it would stay lock cause rising by torch inverts the circut

2020-06-19 03:38

Lady Parrot I loved it! In most maps its really hard to figure out what to do next, but this one gives you goals and gives you genral direction for what to do next.
There are only three things that I would change:
1: Make the secret message easier to figure out. I dident get it. Whats down the hallway!?
2: Give us a little time to read the dialog! I fought the battles and then read it.
3: Everytime you die fighting a boss, it would be great if their heath started from the top again.

Keep up the great work!

2020-06-18 00:44

Lady Parrot Where is Noahs secret message?

2020-06-18 00:24

Johndon It is a difficult thing to take a myth such as Herobrine and retell it while still achieving the same thrill and suspense as previous renditions. This map has seemingly no strengths; while it isn't horrible, it doesn't excel at anything either. There weren't many bugs - however, the description states that you can play with up to three friends, but I can tell you firsthand that this is a single-player only map (all three of us would be teleported to the same block and we couldn't see anything). The writing is laughable, and the grammar doesn't do it any favors. There isn't any variety in the gameplay. Technically, this map is competent. The use of command blocks and dialogue triggers is passable, and the construction of the map was interesting, even if it was small. In the end, there is nothing that should drive anyone to play this.


2020-06-17 20:51

SAM_Agent625 I'm really enjoying playing through your map. I'm recording myself playing the map and uploading the videos onto my channel. Here's the link to the playlist if you're interested.

2020-06-17 00:17

emmaaas Amazing map!! I've played a lot of adventure maps and this is by far one of my favorites! Nice job!

2020-06-14 22:57

NEO Meifwa Made a quick speedrun/tutori al sorta of this map. The only thing I didn't show was where Noahs book was cause I didn't find it myself :P

2020-06-13 18:04

Anothuor Quoting Cockwarrior:
This game traumatised me, especially the part where alistair betrays the main character. super relatable because I too had once been betrayed, but it didnt hurt as much because I no longer considered him my friend. this game brought up past memories that i tried to hide from the world because they were too dark for normal people. 2 stars.

Not his fault you had some trauma. Stop spreading hate on other people just because you have your own problems.

2020-06-12 03:58

Classic Cookie Hello! I really enjoyed your map! I recorded it for Youtube and the first and second videos are already up for it and the rest coming this week! If you would like to check them out:

2020-06-10 03:08

Nécrotoy I just finished it.
It was great, the dugeons were cool, the gameplay varied the story ok.
The only problem I met is 2 places I got soft locked in.
The first one at the intro, the fire destroyed the floor of a house and then you can be stuck in a redstone section. (you probably just forgot to turn off the fire ticks)
The secound one is in the secound dugeon. There is that gravel pillart that falls at the middel of the dunjon to unlock a path, once you clear the dungeon, you still can fall in and there is no way out after this. You can just end up at Herobrine's first chace except this time, the event isn't trigered so maybe you should block the way to that part of the dungeon once it's cleared.

2020-06-09 14:03

wathezz hey I'm stuck at puzzle dungeon because there is an iron door and the lever doesn't exist
when i see on youtube, he got the lever in the hidden chest but the way to the hidden chest in his maps is a wooden door but mine is iron door and doesn't have a lever or button.
are the new update made this mistake?

2020-06-08 13:49

Omer1234aaa i cant get the last achievement with the secret message help

2020-06-06 11:15

e Quoting Ksen:
Really like the map, but stuck at "to do: find Alistair's village and disgusting path next to it" found what seems to be the right location (and maybe even another one) but nothing happens and can't find how to progress. Any hints or walk through? Thank you!

Go to the ugly path and go to the graveyard, then use cheats if you cant enter the graveyard structure

2020-06-06 01:00

e Quoting christian:

Go where it says there is another graveyard and go towards a ugly looking path, then use cheats if you can't enter the graveyard structure

2020-06-06 00:59

Someone This was a pretty good map considering it is your first time. A couple of flaws that can be flushed out in the story telling. The progression in the tiers of armour and weapons are WAY to fast and the thing is, is that the armour is not even rare you can constantly find it leaving no reward for the people who actually explored the map and found hidden secrets. The boss fights, the biggest flaws, in my opinion, my game bugged to where the boss bar for the withered zombie stayed for the whole game. There is also a bug at the end with finding all the achievement. The DOOR DOSENT OPEN. I found this honestly to be pretty funny but a very easy fix at the same time. Good game overall :)

2020-06-04 04:03

RiptideTrident Quoting christian:

Just keep going down to the path where it says don't go or go back leave etc...

2020-06-03 17:22

HedCrafter Nice map with a lot of very cool ideas, definitely very nice for a first map! If you want some constructive feedback, I do have three little things for you:

Firstly, as a player, I was missing context a few times. The villagers and Steven all seem to have a history with HeroBrine but that's never really explained. The Withered Skeleton and Zombie are interesting characters, but again, it's hardly explain where they come from. I *assume* they were experiments of HeroBrine, but who knows..? You probably do though and you can use that to make the story more enticing!

Secondly, in fights, you start with some dialogue, but spawn the enemy pretty much immediately afterwards. Give us a bit of time, okay :P. It's hard reading the dialogue between Steven and HeroBrine if HeroBrine is already sending arrows at you.

Lastly, think about having someone test your map just for spellchecking next time! Everything worked very well and it seems you know your way around command blocks, but bad interpunction or mispellings in the tellraw commands can have a larger impact on gameplay than it should be allowed to. It's basically a waste to let such a small mistake interrupt the smooth experience like that... So have someone else read through the signs and dialogue in the map so you know it's all perfect!

Finally, some words of encouragement. You used all kinds of interesting elements in the map so please do continue making them! I think we can expect some pretty cool adventure maps and map making concepts from you. Nice job!

2020-06-02 21:02

Das3Tins It looks nice and all but where are the right of the graves? WHERE ARE THE GRAVES EVEN??????????? ??????????????? ??? AM STUCK AT THAT OBJECTIVE AND I SPENT 2 HOURS TRYING TO FIND THE GRAVES AND I CAN'T

2020-06-02 03:06

PalmJuice I don't understand why do you have to turn off smooth lighting?

2020-06-01 16:35


2020-06-01 08:12

Larry Great map, really enjoyed it. I got all of the achievements except Noah's secret letter and now i cannot go back :/

2020-05-31 00:18

Nolan414 Guys if I being honest, its hard to determine the "I am lost" comments because it's hard to know where you guys are at. The 2 questions that I have been receiving are:

Where is Alistair's village?
Can you turn off the command chats?
Where is the lever at the library?

Answers: Alistair's village is on the path leading to the haunted graveyard. Command Chats are something that I CAN turn off but... I already have all 6 chapters finished so it's going to seem repetitive if keep updating the maps, but I will update the feature into Chapter III. (I already submitted Chapter II). And for the lever at the library, Once you get out of the elevator, go straight. You will see a tiny little cave that has a lever.

And for the people saying that 2 players means that you can only do 16 chunks. I never knew that... so I am sorry... If you set the map to 16 chunks, then there is possibility that it MIGHT work. But I am unsure of that.

2020-05-30 01:20

Darealxxmagic Wow, really liked the map. 10/10 Loved it can't wait for chapter II :D

2020-05-29 04:44

Cockwarrior This game traumatised me, especially the part where alistair betrays the main character. super relatable because I too had once been betrayed, but it didnt hurt as much because I no longer considered him my friend. this game brought up past memories that i tried to hide from the world because they were too dark for normal people. 2 stars.

2020-05-29 03:54


2020-05-29 03:07

frost what do i throw im so lost

2020-05-29 01:43

StormDracyan Quoting Person:
Can you play with friends?

Because of how multiplayer servers only load chunks of 16 render distance and not any higher, The map requires a little bit of gamemode to do as i had to break the barrier blocks to progress to a new dungeon or i went to the redstone using gamemode and spectator.... so you can play with friends just remember to have op or something.

2020-05-29 01:37

jaogbr pls do part 2 this map is so good and mysterios

2020-05-29 00:25

frost how do u get the chest on the roof

2020-05-29 00:16

Msiobella It is a brilliant but I am stuck on the part were you are in the library and need to find the elevator key!!! I really want to carry on this map so please help

2020-05-28 19:43

StormDracyan You do realize, if you're gonna say we can play with multiple people, multiplayer only allows up to 16 chunks render distance.

2020-05-28 04:33

c where is the start exactly (i put the map on a ul world so i don't spawn in the worldspawn)

2020-05-28 03:07

LukasA2012 Quoting Person:
Can you play with friends?

its a 1 player map but u can have up to 3 if u want

2020-05-26 17:38

LukasA2012 wheres the button in the library?? i cant find it

2020-05-26 17:28


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