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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Created by Rivero7462

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This is a full recreation of Ocarina of Time that works from start to end! Everything from the beginning to there is done other than bosses, minibosses, and a few small sidequests and details.

If you have any questions please ask here!



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Creator: Rivero7462
(287 votes)
Version: 1.0.4
MC Version: 1.18.1
Size: 445 MB
Added: 2019-07-14
Downloads: 24,880
Category: Adventure Maps


XeroDragonlord Man forget the negative comments, This is just amazing, the amount of time and effort that went into this.. Just amazing. yeah there are a few glitches But reporting them in a nice manner might help getting things fixed instead of demanding... Honestly, if you have an issue, go into creative to fix it, then back to survival. I am loving this.

2021-11-29 20:18

Loan Bug warning :
I decided to go back to Hyrule Castle after getting all 3 stones to see Zelda after passing through the guard sequence because I forgot what to do. Then I spoke to Impa to bring me back outside the castle like the first time and got stuck inside the "dirt jail"... I couldn't do anything because no cutscene was triggered.
Also, Barinade got stuck inside a wall but luckily, the problem was solved when I reloaded the map.

2021-10-15 05:48

SHOGUN SHADOW theres only two deku bushes before gohma. also the design is lazy. theres fire animation in van MC but you couldnt burn webs, they just disappear. props for effort, but if youre a zelda fan pls dont play this

2021-10-14 17:22

A dragoon fan Hey fix the oob glitch dragoon find on accident go see his video on If minecraft was made by nintendo

2021-10-03 15:44

Kidgemini100 Hi, I'm in Kakariko Village & the game starting lagging & freezing up!

2021-09-16 15:43

Kidgemini100 Quoting Rivero7462:
Here's an updated discord link. I'm currently on vacation but I can respond a decent amount on here. Hope this one works! I'll try to update the more important one when I get home!
I was right! I only see 2 deku plants in the bottom floor before Gohma's room Inside The Great Deku Tree! There's suppose to be 3. What am I suppose to do?

2021-09-16 03:06

Kidgemini100 So the plants are staying stunned forever! I can't even get into Gohma's room! & I realized there were only 2 deku plants in the room before the boss' room. In the actual ocarina of time game there are 3 deku plants in that room. Is this a glitch something? Whatever you did, please fix this map ASAP!!!!

2021-09-16 02:20

Kidgemini100 Ok, I'm on the first dungeon called Inside The Great Deku Tree & I'm on a part where I'm in the room with 2 Deku plants. & once they fired they're deku nuts at me I used my shield to reflect them back at them. Once the nuts hit them, they got stunned & blue particles started raining onto their heads. They're stunned & they can't even spit deku nuts out their mouths anymore! I'm talking about the room before the boss' room. I left the room & then I went back to the previous room & then I left the dungeon. Then I went back into the dungeon, then I returned to the room before the boss' room & the plants are still stunned!

2021-09-16 02:11

DeathSkins1 so i am running into a problem where i cant use any of the items am i suposed to be in a different version of minecraft instead of 1.17

2021-09-07 19:30

Caiden How do I use the fire arrows?

2021-08-24 21:48

prolink20 this best map i ever played i completed hey Rivero7462 please complete your maps like this

2021-07-22 16:48

SilentAngel So I made a video, of course I only got about halfway through the first dungeon. Can't have videos going on forever. Anyway, here's the link if you want to check it out.

2021-07-22 09:17

rabbitVeg This is the best map i have ever played! It even surpasses the commandblock recreation of pokemon red. I did find a way to use the shield with the megaton hammer though. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

2021-07-15 09:01

walt1n_g4mesplaces Quoting Jenny:
How do ya learn to play the songs?

advance the game and you'll know

2021-07-15 01:13

Jenny How do ya learn to play the songs?

2021-06-21 18:56

Mcreeper414 This is a godlike map except for 1 thing:there is a bug where u cant go in kakarico vil and i cant go into the fire temple

2021-06-14 10:02


2021-05-27 17:32

RedBaronMCPE Wen i go talk to the scare crow, he ask for my to play a song but i don't have the song!

2021-04-26 01:21

TriMega12 I can't use my bow anymore. I only have the arrows but when I hold them, the bow doesn't show up. This happen when I got the light arrows

2021-03-17 13:14

DerGuteDemon Very VERY Nice
I love it

2021-03-09 09:21

FanMade hey i am stuck trying to light up the torches but i don't know where to get them lit

2021-03-04 15:07

Karateboa This is my favorite game of all time recreated in my second favorite game of all time. I have very fond memories of playing Ocarina of Time on my N64 when I was a little kid. Even with the few bugs I ran into, this recreation was truly a joy to play through. I completed the entire game, start to finish. Thank you for recreating this iconic game.

2021-02-24 04:03

montez66 In the past, the carpenter in the Kakariko store says "I heard that out boss's house is just behind this house. He doesn't want any of us to know, though. Shouldn't it say "our boss's", not "out boss's?"

2021-02-23 23:32

Vic Vinegar I'm not taking any damage from the deku babas

2021-02-18 04:19

Vic Vinegar Just started it, my mind is blown by all the detail and functionality, amazing job! One problem I'm having is that I don't seem to be taking any damage from the enemies, specifically the deku babas, since they're the only ones i've ran into so far.

2021-02-18 04:17

Mr.Flashcat Amazing Map! I have just finished the Forest Temple. I went back to the past and am now stuck. I can take out the master sword but then traps me and doesn't let me move unless I put back the kokiri sword. Am I now softlocked in the past?

2021-02-13 23:01

mcraftcoder I clipped out of bounds in Forest Temple with the Hookshot trying to get the Gold Skulltula in the entrance room and got pushed outside the map. I just played Minuet of Forest to get back.

2021-02-07 23:37

kagoraaa very nice ! I love it ! I did it tto the master sword , but now I cant go on. I don`t understand? Is the map finish or not ?

2021-01-31 23:41

Linky100 Is there multiplayer?

2021-01-23 03:00

seraphneedshelp help!!!! i lost both my ocarina and hylian shield from an item frame in a fairy fountain with the triforce inscription!!! how do I fix this? i really don't want to start over my map since I made some progress with side quests and stuff help me!!!

2021-01-05 07:20

BryceHoodie When I get to the part where I need to throw Ruto in Jabu Jabu's belly, I throw her to the other side and hit the switch, but she just disappears and respawns as if I never even threw her.

2020-12-25 21:17

MegaMorio I got stuck at one point in front of malon and i couldn't do anything

2020-12-22 13:03

EZGaming I got stuck in jabu jabu because the button that makes the water rise in the room right after getting the ability to pick up ruto resets her and the vines were glitching out.

2020-12-21 07:57

Zelda Quoting Such:
Bug report.

If you hop on the stones in the starter village to get the blue rupee and then go to the shop the blue rupee will reset and by that I mean I will give you another one for hoping on the stones

Thats intended, you would know if you played the original

2020-12-18 23:44

Leon920 I'm having a problem in Jabu Jabu's belly when I have to cross the water Ruto instantly teleports back like I left her

2020-12-18 23:13

MillyMcStuffins well i made it to the deku tree but. I couldn't push the last block cuz it dissapeared...

2020-09-25 07:34

mE I got physically stuck in the deku tree. Not even stuck trying to figure out a puzzle, like i just can't get out of a room and i had to start over the map. I hope this gets fixed.

2020-09-23 16:00

Schnitzelberg This is a very nice recreation of Ocarina of Time in Minecraft! I hope you can make the adult dungeons and ganons castle soon.

2020-07-01 07:43

Linky Hey are you going to make more of the map because I love it.

2020-04-18 01:58

Rivero7462 THIS MAP HAS MADE TREMENDOUS PROGRESS! If you are interested in this map or need help, please join the discord in the description! I'm not going to be updating this here anymore so I hope to see you on the server! Thanks for all the support!

2020-03-12 01:12

awsomesurviver how do i exchange blue rupees for green ones

2020-02-29 23:37

fabmoneyy I got stuck in the room with the 3 deku plants in the deku tree. this is right after the platform on water. i got in the room and the doors won't open

2020-02-23 14:44

zachary your map is really amazing but you left a 1*1 hole in the floor in the lost woods so we can fall under the map. it's an easy fix and I thought it might help you to make a perfect map. :)

2019-10-14 20:15

Seolie Quoting PouchCotato12:
I need a little help, i cant get past the inside of the Great Deku Tree, i would greatly appreciate it if someone would tell me how to get through it, i have killed all the mobs and everything but i dont know how to do it.

Also, the two chests inside the Great Deku Tree that say "map" and "compass" dont have the map or the compass in it. i dont know if you need them but if you do i would greatly like tho command to get them.

Other then that, great map! I also like the animated scenes. I hope you can make a "Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild"! Good job!

Same! I have no idea what's going on. I think I'm going to refer to the original game to see what to do... Something seems broken?

2019-10-06 18:53

melinzka i just can't get to find the sword in the forest, someone send help

2019-09-19 17:08

SyyLux Top Tier Minecraft Map!
I am waiting for the full release.
I really want it!

2019-09-01 20:31

Stefanie I cant get Saria to spawn to teach me Saria's song :(

2019-08-27 16:35

VTStreaming I'm very impressed with the map and I'm having fun I have issue i cant figure out how you us the Ocarina If you could add a book to learn how to play the Ocarina

2019-08-23 19:25

tallahasee321 i have played what you have made so far and it is amazing I dont know what your doing but I hope you dont stop

2019-08-19 04:35

Derek Veal Dude, Hats off. You are the coolest guy that has ever walked the earth and I can't wait for you to finish the awesome project. You truly are a dedicated fan of Zelda and I am happy that there are people like you out there, willing to put the time and effort into something like this. Thank you so very much.

2019-08-18 05:44


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