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The Abandoned Temple Mystery

Created by Diamond

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But be careful... the abandoned temple is full of mysteries and traps - it won't be easy. Are you ready to experience the adventure of your life?

This is an adventure map for Minecraft 1.16.5 version.

Don't forget to take all you'll find and look thoroughly for hidden objects.

There are hidden diamonds along the way (11 in total).

If you can find at least 6, you will have the opportunity to play a bonus level at the end of the game.

Search properly and good luck!


Map Details

Creator: Diamond
(64 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 13.8 MB
Added: 2021-06-26
Downloads: 3,821
Category: Adventure Maps


0 tinman770077 Looked promising in the beginning, loved the diary notes at the start, a good set up for the story, however there were issues in the temple. Firstly, absolutely no hints at all for the paper number code. The answer was 108, which made no sense. The 'Light at the End of the Tunnel' riddle was irrelevant. The dumbest thing was putting back the statues once you killed the Guardian Zombie, I put them back and nothing happened. Found myself going into Spectator Mode multiple times to figure things out. Didn't end up finishing.
Most definitely NOT the best creator ever.

2021-07-19 13:38

+1 MC_BR1N3 Not the best of maps. I'm not trying to be mean, but the redstone wasn't entirely working, I couldn't find all four "statues" and I couldn't find a way inside the temple. Maybe a little work on the map, and it'd be great. :)

2021-06-30 16:37

+2 Tamo Maybe I'm just dumb but I cannot figure out what to do in the beginning of the temple after the guy gives you the sword. There's nothing I can do! I've tried hitting everything I can but nothings working. I've jumped everywhere and i don't have any blocks.i know it's meant to be a puzzle but there's literally nothing I can do. I see in a picture for this map in the temple it's a little different behind the lectern but I really cannot get those things? What the hell am I suppose to do. I'd really like the option to have hints for those of us who are really that stupid or are just stumped

2021-06-30 02:23

0 Finalle43 There is a bug in the bonus section. The final does not open when a "diamond" is thrown into the hopper. It gives off a light gray stained glass pane. Other than that, it's a bit difficult but enjoyable map. Thanks to map creator.

2021-06-29 21:10

0 JadedStars This map was great! There was one small part that I had to look up a walkthrough for, only because I wasn't aware of a mechanic within Minecraft. Aside from that, the map is great! You have to look carefully and thoroughly to find items needed to progress, and it's a short but fun map.

2021-06-28 16:42

0 Cheeto_Inc Well if somone like me stuck somwere can you give hint tutorial to complete map?

2021-06-27 18:19

0 BlokVader Eh, the pictures looked really cool, but it was kinda basic.
Nothing really stood out, and it was really difficult figuring out what to do next with the little information given.
I still have absolutely no clue where you get "108" from
Some parts like doors opening looked kinda weird, as there were little particles or sounds used.
Also the boss, way too overpowered, the fight was a huge drag.
And lastly, WAY too much of "I'm the best map creator" seems a tad bit egocentric.

2021-06-27 17:07

0 Marco OMG I don't know the code

2021-06-27 08:03

0 KingWaffles427 The map was amazing and really fun overall!

2021-06-27 05:20

0 KingWaffles427 Ohhhhhh... Nevermind It doesnt work on servers im playing on singleplayer now

2021-06-27 02:08

0 KingWaffles427 The Map is not working i spawned outside of the map and once i found it after going in spec mode for a bit i found it and the function starters arent working :( i was looking forward to playing the map (and yes i was in 1.16.5)

2021-06-27 02:05


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