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Islandia - The Blackened Sea

Created by Stellarelf/Timmyn8or

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Map Info:
An exciting new fantasy world - an incredible adventure. Journey through a land that will take you from the highest peaks to the depths of the sea.

Set in a world of water and floating islands, a poison threatens all life on the sea. As a humble fisherman, you're not exactly "hero" material, and only time will tell if you have what it takes to save your island home.

Rather than powering through a series of dungeons, this adventure is created like an RPG where you'll engage in the world and get yourself equipped before moving ahead. You'll have to earn money, find a place to stay, and upgrade your gear as you go along. You can also take time to explore the land, jump on side quests, meet the locals, and learn about the back story.

Focusing on trading, travel and adventure, the game features 3 major hand-crafted islands (plus other minor locations), 3 dungeons, an underlying world story and an engaging setting. And don't forget about pirates. And ogres. And frost spirits. And horse racing.


  • Expected play time is around 3 hours.
  • Designed for 1 player, but able to accommodate 2.
  • Optimized for Chroma Hills resource pack.

Game Rules:

  • Adventure Mode.
  • Normal / Hard difficulty.
  • No breaking / building (except farming if you want).

Made by Stellarelf & Timmyn8or.

Map Details

Creator: Stellarelf/Timmyn8or
(74 votes)
Version: 2.2
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 8.3 MB
Added: 2014-09-02
Downloads: 148,184
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Veljko It spawns im in the middle of the ocean, does someone have any coordinates to get to the specific point???

2021-09-01 10:05

0 name nevermind, I guess that this project is old...

2021-05-31 21:02

0 name Hello!
I went to the mayor's house and pulled the lever. I found the rotten fish, and it says to warn Grandfather, but I looked all over the island and none of the villagers will interact with me other than some who will trade, and there's no house for Grandfather!
It's been really hard for me to go through this map without asking for help every step, so next time can you make it less vague?

2021-05-31 21:02

+4 Evan cool! i like trading with the villagers and exploring

2016-08-09 02:39

-14 GamerGirlIcy Map Creator, does a MCA (Minecraft Comes Alive) mod will work? or not? :(

Map Creator, could i play in peaceful im very bad at killing (mostly players) pls :

2016-07-04 09:15

0 Lowell Gomez The map was interesting but unfortunately, I didn't know what to do? Where was the grandfather's house? I didn't really understood where to go, what was the storyline? I would have more classified it as an exploring map. I give a 4/10 for this map.

2016-02-27 20:42

+2 Lowell Gomez Quoting the one:
loved the map, but you need to fix having the ability to change gamemodes 9/10

It won't change. You can change gamemode on every map! You just Open To Lan your world intro Creative With Cheats and then you can do whatever you want.

2016-02-27 20:27

+6 TheMapReviewer I can't find Grandfather? Please help

2016-02-06 22:00

0 The Idiot Farm Well made, enjoyable and a real laugh to play through, we did a video on the map if anyone wants to check it out...

2015-12-10 09:45

+2 Chrustee96 Me and My mate played this map, it was great fun, we even filmed it so feel free to check that out
here---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOpqK0SzpX4

It was really fun thanks creators!

2015-11-13 04:42

+3 Some1 I went into the cave where the ogres were and I went to the place where the music man shop was. I didn't see the music man anywhere is that supposed to happen?

2015-08-10 23:08

-3 Stellarelf FEEDBACK

Well, I don't have any replies for outright flaming, angry posts. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. Can't please 'em all, huh?

Spencer - game glitch; that happens every now and again. Perhaps restart? If you die, it should take you back, but yeah that's not supposed to happen.

Explorer - good on ya! There are sooo many ways to make money and I suppose a few are nearly game-breaking exploits. As long as you have fun!

LAG - We built this on 2 different computers and it ran fine during testing. Obviously, there's no way to account for everyone's system and settings though, so. Drat!

LASTLY: We are not actively updating this map any longer. It was our first creation and we're so glad that a ton of people enjoyed it and thought it was different. What a great experience! As always, thanks for playing.

2015-08-08 22:21

0 InfinityV0rtex I'm currently playing this game on my YouTube channel. Check it out here:
It's in 1080p at 60fps!

2015-08-05 04:06

+1 Spencer I couldnt find grandfathers house and then randomly got teleported to some place in the sky where they asked me why I risked my life. Was that was supposed to happen?

2015-07-27 21:06

0 map explorer135 READ THIS!!!!!

how to get ALOT of emeralds!!

first, go to mainland.
then go to the stables villager at the shops. buy as many leather as u can BUT SAVE 3 EMERALDS FOR TICKET TO TURTLE ISLAND!!!

after u are back at turtle island, talk to this guy called richard corr.. its house is on the right: very first house with a sighn, (not your house). trade all the leather u got and BOOM! go back to mainland to buy dat RIP-OFF DIAMOND CHESTPLATE! :D enjoy being rich! XD

-minecraft map explorer

2015-07-22 20:26

+2 Em This Map is really hard its not very laggy for me but im at the northern shore place where it snows and i dont know what to do right now im in the hut with crill can someone help???

2015-07-20 13:33

-2 XxTwinkleStarz I Agree With The Person Who Said It Was Laggy, I Was Way So Excited To Play This, But Now Its Too Laggy That I Can't Even Move, After The Those Blindness Effects It Started Lagging, If Its Not Lagging For Windows Please Tell Me, Im Using A Mac! I Hope I Can Play It Soon! :D

2015-07-09 16:58

+3 SadGhoster87 Geez, the haters. I think, so far, the map is great! I just published a Let's Play on it right here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSIiV322EuM

2015-07-03 15:42

-3 Farkhman I just finished playing this map with a good friend of mine. Oh what a time we had. The map is cryptic as hell at the beginning which seemed to be quite charming. As you progress however you notice how massively flawed it is. The mob spawns are terrible, simply terrible. The story reads like it is written by a 5 year old, though we liked the grandfather. We noticed poorly placed redstone in several places, which really shouldnt be visible to the player ever, right? Just lazy. I really dont know what else to say, if I had played this alone I wouldve quite after about 30min because the maps biggest flaw is that it is just boring. However, if you bring someone you can even laugh at the weird things in life with, you will have a blast. We ended up blowing up the market place riddled with annoying moaning merchants in a firework of laughter. Best part of the map: Sponge blocks covered with Signs that say: "TNT", well played! 2/10 Would laugh at it again.

2015-07-03 12:39

+5 Daxter_Flamehand The lag on this map made it unplayable for me.

I couldn't fight mobs correctly and I almost crashed in the Marshlands.

2015-06-06 19:50

+4 the one loved the map, but you need to fix having the ability to change gamemodes 9/10

2015-06-01 22:59

+1 heisenbooger Hi, not sure if I'm coping something i said a while ago about the map, but the texture pack doesn't work. everything is white and green, with no real textures! please help!

2015-05-30 02:59

+3 TehBlacNite I really don't understand why this map is so popular.

No offense to the creators, but it was mediocre at best. There were many problems with it, many of which frustrated me to a point where I had to stop playing it.

One of my major problems with this was that the combat and amounts of enemies was not that balanced. In the Ogre tunnel, it's easy to skip by the zombies, because they are all huddled in one spot, trying to get to a door.

Another example of this was the swamp. There were simply way too many slimes there, causing massive amounts of lag, and making it extremely difficult to pass through, when you had no armor and only a sword.

I feel like this map had potential, but that if the mapmakers had maybe slowed down and focused more on balancing it out, that there would be less problems.


2015-05-26 16:53

+1 Stellarelf KeithMusic - It should be OK. We didn't think about multiplayer on this, but people have done it and it seemed to work.

The sequel map was made for up to 4 players - we thought ahead that time!

Have fun!

2015-05-24 22:20

0 KeithMusic Me and my friend are thinking about recording this for a youtube video and im wondering if it wont change to much if we do multiplayer? But other then that im excited to play it. Looks epic!

2015-05-23 14:58

-1 Ed Miner Played this map recently and had a lot of fun. There are some parts that aren't exactly straightforward , but it was a nice change from all the maps that are very linear. I did a video for the map starting here: https://youtu.be/dzBcpy1Aa78

2015-05-21 21:29

0 Stellarelf Answers!

Yunie - so glad you and your family liked it! Try the new map in a group if you can. It's 2x as big and designed to support multiple players.

cait1233593 - We've got an official walkthrough video on YouTube that may help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebZy_wecry8
(It's funny that our YT says "wecry" in it)

KingArthur232 - What??? After the Watchers specifically said to do that? haha - it's no biggie, but if you want to hear him, you can fly up past North Island. Go toward the blue dome and up to find them. (Technically, they're on another plane of reality, but physically they're up there.)

Thanks for playing!

2015-05-13 15:12

-1 KingArthur232 What would I do if I forgot to talk to the envoy...

2015-05-12 16:26

+1 Yunie This was a great map. Good job even my brothers loved it. Im downloading the second part of the map right now :D. (SO EXCITED)

2015-05-12 14:08

-3 cait1233593 i can't find the grandfather and some of the villagers speech confuses me and books seem to have missing pages or words?

2015-05-10 17:39


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