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Deep in Dungeon

Created by MrKisiel

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Years ago, Castle Ooaran was a powerful and safe fortress. It was.Today it's only abandoned ruins and their dark legend. Legend of a powerful demon, summoned by Lord Ooaran and his wizards 15 years ago in an ancient underground temple, deep below the castle.

The legend says, that right after going trough the portal to The Void he the killed summoners, and almost all dwellers of the castle.

Henceforth, lots of adventurers entered the castle's dungeons, some for treasures, and others said that they wanted to kill the demon.

Only a few have returned, and even fewer was able to tell anything about what they found in those damnated corridors.

To this day Ooaran Dungeon holds dark secrets. Underground chambers became a tomb for countless adventurers, and the demon called Maze Master still awaits somewhere deep in dungeon.

Deep in Dungeon is a challenging roguelike map inspired by The Binding of Isaac. Players goal is to survive in Ooaran Dungeon controlled by a legendary demon and reach its end.

However, on the way awaits a lot of monsters which will make this quest harder, and a lot of items, which will equalize the chances. Death is permanent and forces you to start the whole adventure again, and the dungeon will be different every time.

The map stands out with high difficulty level, replayability and rather extensive lore.


  • 5 floors where you can die how much you want
  • over 20 monster types which are willing to end your misery
  • 11 bosses which will tear you apart
  • 4 playable characters, each with unique mechanics and motivations
  • 25 passive items to help you in your adventure
  • 5 challenges that will destroy even the best ones
  • lore of the universe developed more than necessary
  • achievements
  • 3 endings
  • original soundtrack



  • New and easier ways to unlock characters.
  • Some bugfixes.


  • Napalm no longer works during boss battles and arena.
  • Arch wizard hat no longer works during arena.
  • ,,Victory" should no longer appear outside the boss battles.
  • In downloaded .zip you will find now .txt file with item list.


  • Fixed bug caused by fixing another bug.


Map Details

Creator: MrKisiel
(299 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 35 MB
Added: 2017-12-19
Downloads: 17,375
Category: Adventure Maps


davivinto hello i want know what the clock do why i just buyed he and nothing happen

2021-12-16 17:36

Drollax the map has a bug arena button and the boss fight button isn't working (sometimes working but not every time) when I tap the boss fight button I saw only darkness boss fight music came too but some reason boss fight music stops and dungeon music starts I don't understand but map awesome (I guess I'm the only person that bug I have)

2018-06-22 07:51

rocketjake1 This map is really well-designed and cool! The soundtrack is great, kinda reminds me of binding of isaac. Only issues I have with the game:

The piston noises whenever you enter a room are kind of annoying. It'd be nice if they were disabled/destro yed after entering each room the first time. Or, they could just be placed a little lower below the map
I encountered a bug where I spawned in a dungeon that had no bossfight, so I couldn't progress to the next room. Please fix this. I was doing really well too =(^;_;^)=
The dungeon is difficult to navigate in, and it sometimes takes me 5+ minutes just to find room i haven't been in yet. Could you add a map so that it's easier to see which rooms you've cleared?

Other than that, I have no complaints. Great map! Keep up the great work!

2018-06-22 05:04

redbommer Quoting potato:
is this possible to play with friends? (for example, 2 or 3)

no, it isn't

2018-06-19 22:14

Luna Quoting MrKisiel:
Sup guys. Yes, I am still reading comments here, and I just want to say, than even my laptop can run this map, so if you have a problem with lags instead blaming me you should think about better PC.

Maybe you should realise that not everyone can afford a new computer or is willing to buy one, Try suggesting video setting changes instead.

2018-06-18 10:48

MobSlicer152 I play a game called Faster than Light, and this is similar in a way.

2018-06-13 00:35

CaptainCreator13 I had trouble picking up material dropped from the Mobs. And one item I picked was doubling itself in my inventory. I thought to let you know as a owner that it is having issues. Your Welcome for Info of issues to fix.

2018-06-11 20:29

CaptainCreator13 The game is not multiplayer as it says before you drag the map folder in the saves. he made a notepad to click on and read for spoilers and questions answered. Your Welcome.

2018-06-11 20:24

MrKisiel Quoting Meeper:
How do I unlock Erena and Seenvrel (the other characters)?

Check ,,Better read this file.txt".

2018-05-18 00:11

Meeper How do I unlock Erena and Seenvrel (the other characters)?

2018-03-04 21:55

SuperGamersGames I have not finished the map, but I think it's epic!

2018-03-03 19:14

MrKisiel Sup guys. Yes, I am still reading comments here, and I just want to say, than even my laptop can run this map, so if you have a problem with lags instead blaming me you should think about better PC.

2018-02-27 03:19

minecraft player This map is AMAZING! The music is great, the boss music is great. This is a great map if you want a challenge. This is a little laggy. But it is the best map I have played. Thanks for making this map!

2018-02-21 15:40

ChristianX An amazing map! I love how the map maker made such a nice terrain! It was VERY hard, but still a great map. Although, next time you make a map, try to give a bit better gear. With all the mobs around, good gear would be nice!

2018-02-19 00:15

SomeRandomLagginDude Hi.All i want to say about this map is that it lags like hell. I cannot even get past the first dungeon,and the lag tears all the difficulty and fun out of the map.I've saw how you made the map, so, could you at least destroy the repeating command block that spawns the mobs when you enter a room after it was activated?

2018-02-18 18:16

RedstoneInvader Hi this is a great map so I recorded it here's the link :

2018-02-10 06:35

Krasty Kinda laggy, but otherwise good.

2018-02-07 17:35

OnoraaJ This is probably one of the best maps I've ever played. The combat is intense, the theme is amazing, and the items and their uses are clever and fun. Really enjoyed the lore too, that was a nice touch. Other then some uh... game ending bugs, amazing map. Bravo.

I wasn't content with being an Immortal Lord, so I had to keep playing until I was Lord of the Dungeon. ;)

2018-02-07 03:07

Madaro Hey, can someone say me what's to do if theres no way more? i had this very often :( Beside this ist a amazing map!

2018-01-22 15:29

Christian This is a very hard map. Honestly, I don't think you should download it. You don't even get that good weapons, and have very little health. DO NOT PLAY THIS EXTREMELY HARD MAP (unless you are up for the challenge)!

2018-01-21 19:46

i play to many maps fun map but very hardcore

2018-01-21 02:23

M0D Why In The Readme You Refer To Konosuba As Cartoon And Not Anime...(I Know It Anime is Actually Just Japanese Cartoon, But Sounds Weird...)

2018-01-20 07:08

MrKisiel Hi guys. At first I want to thank you for all your comments. Map is for single player ONLY. The music is free to use, but you have to credit the artist (Grettfm). And those gamebreaking glitches, update 1.1 will take care about this. About this ,,what item X does" - I have on my desktop file ,,Items list.txt" but I totally forget about it. And for you, mr ,,make it more easy - this map SHOULD be ridiculously hard.

2017-12-23 17:19

Dread Other bugs for you to fix:
- After killing the Dead Diggers, the boss music won't stop and you get stuck in their room forever (unless you switch to creative and break a few blocks to access the iron door)... I also unlocked that mage class after killing iron-armored zombies at the crypt, cause it triggered something that made "Victory" appear on the screen, somehow.
- Sometimes, you're stuck forever on a level just because the room with the boss button isn't generated, it happened to me twice.
I won't rate this map until you fix those and the others, at least.
boss music sometimes stops randomly during fights, I don't know why tho.
That's all for today.

2017-12-23 15:06

toby how many players is this for?

2017-12-22 21:13

CaptainGold1 Is the music copyrighted?

2017-12-22 19:28

Dread I've noticed two game breaking glitches:
- When the hat's explosion kills the last mobs in an arena's wave, the game is stuck at that wave and you have to use the suicide potion.
- For unknown reasons, all of the mobs won't drop anything after a random amount of time since you start the game ( reloading chunks / resource pack / changing render distance (still higher than 8 btw) won't solve this issue).
P.S. Spelling mistakes, everywhere.

I was only getting gold on one of my runs, which is annoying (may be due to an item I bought).
Finished the map on my first try without deaths (got revived at some point tho) then everything above happened.
You can kill almost anything by camping at the passages between the rooms, mostly due to the AI of the mobs in MC.
You could've made a room of items (serves almost the same purpose as the room of lore)

I'd like to thank you for the effort you put into this map - even if it could be better - and I'll be waiting for the next update(s).

2017-12-22 19:24

potato is this possible to play with friends? (for example, 2 or 3)

2017-12-22 02:58

ocaz can i play with multiple players?

2017-12-22 02:52

Ponew Its really fun but to many glitches sometimes the victory thing wont happen when I beat a boss and sometimes the arena button wont work

2017-12-21 23:07

legomaniac200 when i used the napalm and the boss was kill by fire it would not unlock next stage

2017-12-21 19:00

Kacper42PL this map NEEDS TO BE LONGER!! BIGGER!! AND HARDER! (jk) Just a more items, class etc x,)

2017-12-21 17:35

CommandWarrior Hey, amazing map! But I got stuck at the spider ("something in the darkness") boss fight, because the spider just teleported away... I checked the walls and ceiling and he wasn't there. Also how do you kill the leech item to regenerate? I tried throwing it, clicking it and putting it in my offhand.

2017-12-21 16:16

ImanUserIus Lag until Unplayable

2017-12-21 10:48

This is the best map i ever played!
-The concept is amazing,
-The music is Undertale-like ( extraordinary boss music ! )
-The game is hard ( what i like )
-The Graphics are wonderful!

-This map is wonderful but i dont understand what some items do like the clock.
P.S. What does the clock do?

2017-12-21 08:19

RbtEnderman Is this map single player or can it be played with two people?

2017-12-21 04:36

Matt10y Sometimes when switching floors I am placed inside my own body, and punching it kicks you, breaking the game. Other times I get teleported back and forth from the command blocks to the dungeon start.

2017-12-21 03:31

Ash Is this map compatible with multiplayer?

2017-12-21 00:27

a person the only criticism i would suggest would be, can you add a map, as i had no idea where i was, and like the binding of Isaac, the map would grow as you explore new rooms

2017-12-20 22:53

AlfieR5 Is 2-player?

2017-12-20 18:49

ILikeCakes There's a secret at the end... if you will not click "Return to the Surface" and come closer to the throne, you can get a secret ending!

2017-12-20 18:40

ImaTheNoob Nice map. But pls make it more esay. And you cal also make the dungeon generating faster? Every else is awesome. Thanks for reading.

2017-12-20 13:25

Cross_stitch When doing the arena, it wouldn't start Wave 2, so I'd be stuck there.

2017-12-20 06:33

Nessu Great concept but the drop system seems to be lacking. I complete the whole bottom floor and get 0 gold and 1 heart drop after kiting minions in each room. I really wanted to keep playing but it wasn't satisfying enough when clearing rooms. I do like the random items you can get from chests.

2017-12-20 01:52

Darkri Amazing and brutal map!
I would highly recommend this to anyone confident in their abilities.
The music is fantastic, the ideas are unique, and it's incredibly well made!

2017-12-20 00:33

Hello darkness Is this multiplayer?

2017-12-19 22:19

KrulEzhc You can tell it's a masterpiece if it's made by MrKisiel

2017-12-19 19:42


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