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Chainlink Islands (Part I: Forgotten Sanctuary)

Created by U-Crafting

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Map Info:
You have been welcomed into a new civilization of Islands connected only by Chains! But a mysterious thief has stolen all of your islands food supply. 

You begin a perilous adventure through the Forgotten Sanctuary in order to find the culprit, but along the way you find an unexpected secret about this particular thief and must end him!

What this map features:
- Planned events and storyline.
- Puzzles, Riddles and some Parkour.
- 30 minutes of gameplay.
- Redstone and Command block use!
- Beautiful Builds.

Recommended Texture Pack: John Smith Legacy.

If for some reason you don't spawn in the right place, use these coordinates: x: 681 y: 32 z: -424

Play this map on peaceful!!!

If anybody wants to make an LP of this map I would love to watch it, so please tell me your channel in the comments!

Chainlink Islands Part II: Underground Oasis has now been released!

Map Details

Creator: U-Crafting
(12 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 5.2 MB
Added: 2014-01-18
Downloads: 70,943
Category: Adventure Maps


Lowell Gomez AMAZING MAP!! I really love the ending because it makes you feel that you want to continue. Sincerely, the mysteries and levers hidden were impressive! I really don't love a lot of adventure maps since often, they are off storyline or the commands don't work.

This one worked at 100%, the storyline is great, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER, that whole E.A organization is really well found.

Hope to play the second one. LOWELL

2016-02-28 17:53

Fred071202 Quoting Fred071202:
Hey! This was a great map! I played it with my friend Suzie (we both played singleplayer, but we played at the same time) and we really liked it! Videos will be up soon!

Apparently, when I say "soon", I mean "in about a year".
Anyway, here it is:

Only one part has been uploaded so far, but I will attempt to upload daily.

2016-01-28 23:00

Bricked Up Hey U-Crafting,

We're having a ball playing your map. We can't wait to play part 2 very very soon. Check out our game play here: https://youtu.be/jVOQgvr-O1c

Let us know your thoughts!


2016-01-25 06:10

Kairo Wolf Really great map. Absolutely enjoyed playing it. I did have to break a rule because i'm new to minecraft and thus really suck at its parkour :(
I'll keep practicing, but seriously thanks for making this map :)

Since you asked for links, here is my video of it (thus you get to see my fails ^^; ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_-krnQaCjo

2015-08-03 05:02

Fred071202 Hey! This was a great map! I played it with my friend Suzie (we both played singleplayer, but we played at the same time) and we really liked it! Videos will be up soon!

2014-11-26 20:55

TheStarTrekFiles I have made a Let's Play of this map. Here is the first part which I uploaded (more on the way):


Like, Comment, Subscribe! :)

Live Long and Prosper

2014-08-28 02:34

RedstoneRusty So far I'm having a blast playing this map. You can check out the first part here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrl03IDx15w

2014-08-20 14:51

DragonBoy Awsome map ! I liked it :)
For those of you who understand French, here is a Let's Play of it ! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hvrl2-6aWM&list=UUpZHq3XJZjd70h1PTIk5p1g

2014-07-30 22:44

DanOHG I loved this map, but the end room didnt trap me :>

I still had 4 uses on my Flint and Steel

I burned my way out

2014-06-05 01:55

carbuilder88 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzzM1z49bc8
I did this map and I couldn't use the recommended resource pack because of it deleting all the text.

2014-05-29 20:00

Tulio Kip I played this with my brother in my Let's Play of the map, part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLdvf_fNfkM

2014-05-24 22:03

Rails2Revolution An enjoyable run!
Made a video for it here:

2014-05-20 14:50

Angela Awesome map, the only hitch is that i actually realized i would be trapped if i walked into that cell at the end, with the end note in it, so what actually happened is that i was still free when i read the ending :D Otherwise flawless workings

2014-05-11 12:32

Viet Played it for the first ep of my minecraft let's plays, a bit rusty as I haven't played minecraft since 1.4


Gonna do part 2 next week :)

2014-05-08 03:24

Anonymous What should we do after we get the Tower Key? I looked around and tried placing it, but nothing happened. anyone got any suggestions?

2014-05-06 02:38

Voltairev1 This is a super fun map!
Just uploaded the first episode on my channel, join me if you like at http://youtu.be/D41U_oH4Fu4

2014-04-17 09:34

Spacenerd I made a lets play of this map if you would like to watch it here is the link:


I can't wait for part 3!

2014-04-16 06:53

Kevin Othreent I really liked the map but i found a few glitches but we worked past them and still got to enjoy the map!

I'm uploading it to my channel if you care to go watch. its split into three parts.

part 1:

2014-04-16 02:19

RWSDOUG Hey my name is Ryan, also known as RWSDOUG on Youtube and I am a Let's Player still starting out. I just finished a let's Play of your map, and am planning on doing your second one next week!

Here is a link to the video!


2014-04-14 22:24

Tungsten I loved it! had to go to creative mode after I placed something and couldn't pick it back up or accidentally broke something. But the puzzles were all fun and only a few frustrated me for about 10 or 15 minutes. Pretty good level of difficulty! thank you

2014-04-13 02:42

Caylex For all of you people that are struggling with that last room, you gotta backtrack just a little bit :P

Said hidden lever opens the path to a tunnel that is WAAAAY back down the staircase leading to the room. You go up the vines at the end of the tunnel, then you see a chest with flint and steel, along with 2 wool blocks just ahead. I'll leave that easy solution out of the comment :P

2014-04-13 02:35

Eirynn I'd really like to know what's up with the room near the end--the one with the hole blocked by fences. In all the playthroughs I've watched, the players changed to creative mode to get past it, but I can't help but think there should be a way to solve it. Is it broken?

2014-03-27 11:44

TheRedHeadHD Hey man, I really liked the map. I just finished recording a Let's Play on it that will be going out in two parts starting tomorrow at around 1PM. If you would, could you showcase my video on this page (Youtube Channel = TheRedHeadHD) ? I look forward to recording part two!

2014-03-05 22:53

Enderchicken28 I Played this from start to finish but only had to cheat on the last room b/c I couldn't figure out how to move the fences i even flipped the hidden lever :/ oh well over all i think it could have used a little more action and this was enjoyable.

2014-03-03 16:15

Crout_Hunter Awesome map dude, it was fun and well done cant wait to play part II

2014-03-02 07:35

SwagLord It was alright, but the story was a bit strange. A few flaws , like the ability to skip part of the map, but overall, good job.

2014-02-28 04:42

fallofbloodtears Hai! Okay so -
This map was really good, you can tell a lot of hard work went into making the buildings and such, and the redstone wiring was well thought-out with no glitches c: The story, I have to admit is a bit random, but that's why it's a good map xD Me and my boyfriend did a play through of this, and we shall be attempting the second map after these videos are all uploaded c: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4nfsEmsIi4

Hope you enjoy! (p.s. this map really was awesome)

2014-02-26 01:33

Ina-sama I thought it was a pretty good map! It was an enjoyable experience. But if you added mob fights it would be more exciting.

2014-02-23 23:35

U-Crafting Quoting Mimi:
Is this map okay to play with two? Or is it only meant for one?

You can play with two if you would like!

2014-02-23 17:59

Mimi Is this map okay to play with two? Or is it only meant for one?

2014-02-22 09:37

TheCobraNZ Really enjoyed this map great job

2014-02-21 19:41

cude This is my Lp of this map:

I'll thank you if you'll watch it! :)

2014-02-20 13:01

ElectricFunkMonkey Really enjoyed this map. Very well done and some nice builds.


2014-02-17 14:59

CanadianCowboy my play through

2014-02-15 00:57

8BitEvolution This was my first adventure map and was good fun. Can't wait to play part 2.

Watch my play-through and other videos here.


2014-02-12 02:29

Zebrous Me and a bud are making a playthrough on this

2014-02-11 21:42

CromlixLegends This was my playthrough with my friend! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdTKw9oSC0z46tRGzlEFHqg

2014-02-08 09:47

Ryanb96 Hi This is my play through with my friend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA30yP4a7uM
Awesome map chapter 2 will be up soon

2014-02-05 22:35

Miguel I guess I surrender...tha t tower is impossible to climb, even after 45 minutes of trying

2014-02-04 13:35

cechong I recorded it and it wasn't 30 minutes... It was 50...

2014-02-02 19:08

asdfghjklabcxyz Hey guys! I've recorded a playthrough of this map and here's the first episode if you'll like to see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kEjxYIcHm4 Awesome map!

2014-02-01 23:31

Kaijuart ello there! Im with Bear puncher and as you are aware we have played through your adventure map. We recorded it from both of our perspectives.

We really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun to do and very very lovely to look at when it came to map design. Cant wait for part 2!

2014-01-31 07:10

The picture official trailer of Part II (Underground Oasis) has just been uploaded! It will be uploaded to download in just a couple more days!
Go to my channel to view it :D

2014-01-31 04:16

Bear Puncher A few friends and I played this map while drunk and recorded our adventure (some adult language is used, you have been warned).
I broke it up into 2 parts and for anyone interested, you can see them in the YouTube links below.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdw1vfQMlsY&list=PLu6BZDEcsimFHUNaW_ttFCbJCBLmSul2u&index=1

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBfyKtuwF9g&list=PLu6BZDEcsimFHUNaW_ttFCbJCBLmSul2u&index=2

2014-01-30 16:24

TheCheeseNetwork Hey man, you subscribed to my channel. Thanks I really appreciate it! You are awesome.

2014-01-29 23:29

GameIndustry youtube.com/use r/GameIndustry4 20 We just posted first part of chapter 1 let's play on our channel. Can't wait for chapter 2. Thanks for making the map :)

2014-01-29 21:00

LEGO383 I am gonna wait until you come out with the rest so I don't have to wait ;)

2014-01-28 12:25

Jessica *updaye*
i finished the map! what a cliffhanger!
but the part i didnt get was near the end of the game, where you go down this ladder, and there is a lever that does not do anything when flipped. so i took that lever, and i didnt use it (so i guess there isnt a need). but when at the end, the book read that i was trapped forever... the funny thing is that i have that extra lever to get myself out. LOL i guess i cheated. but i cant wait for the second!

2014-01-27 02:56

Ryan awesome map had a lot of fun with my friend

2014-01-27 02:45

Jessica I love this map! it has a really interesting plot, and i love mysterys. im a noob at adventure/parko ur, so im glad this was quite simple (even though it took me over 30 minutes to get to the top f the tower).
but right now, im stuck on the white-down red-up! what does it mean? does it mean torches? or what?

2014-01-27 02:05


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