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Created by atmosFear Team

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Map Info:


Something has gone terribly wrong... You are stranded inside a failing mining base on a strange moon, surrounded by evil... Are you prepared to do whatever it takes? Whatever it takes to escape... the atmosFear!

atmosFear is an adventure style map. Single player is recommended but it can be played as multi-player as long as you aren't using voice communications, as it sometimes interferes with in games sound you must hear.

This is a one of a kind map using new and old methods to bring together a challenging and scary game.

Three main things you need to know to play this map properly.

1. You MUST use the resource pack provided in the download.

2. Command blocks MUST be enabled.

3. NEVER play in peaceful mode.

This map was made in 1.8 to be played in 1.8

The map has been tested for bugs and errors but we know things still happen, so if you experience any issues, please post it and we will attempt to address the issue.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions concerning the map.

Update v1.1
Added more armor and weapons.
Reduced amount of infected.
Extended timer for nanite spawning.
Added a map!!

Map Details

Creator: atmosFear Team
(17 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 217 MB
Added: 2014-09-28
Downloads: 48,910
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Whitefang Walker Hello all. I played this map when it was first introduced. I am replaying it, and have an issue when I first spawn in in the barracks. When I spawn in, I last no more than two to five seconds before instantly dying and being told I was killed by magic. Anyone have this issue as well or know a workaround? Thank you in advance.


2017-11-03 06:43

0 Devoestator11 I have to say I'm disappointed. Would have loved to try this map, sounded really fun. However, I tried to play this map with a friend on LAN. I wait for her at the chest before you even begin, when she joins she is already in the game, while I am still standing above it. If i hit start, she dies immediately as she has no helmet. I tried switching to creative and see if I can get her a helmet and of course, there isn't one there. We have tried switching host, searching the two chest, etc. I am quite upset. Do fix and let me know a possible solution.

2017-06-10 06:42

-2 gameplayer i hate this game with a passion. it is too hard for a single player like myself to do anything, there should be an option to lower the difficulty according to how many player are in this game. i was hoping this game would hold up to my liking but it feels like i'm a child trying to fight a army. i rate this game 1.

2015-09-02 01:35

+3 Aran This would be the first minecraft animation
I have made so it may take a while. Oh and by the way I will give you full credit. Thanks again. :)

2015-07-01 15:42

+1 atmosFear Team Quoting Aran:
Dear atmosFear Team,

I love how you put so much effort in to makeing this map. I liked it so much that wanted to ask you if I could make a Minecraft atmosFear Movie? Thanks For a great map.


Sounds great, keep us updated on the progress. We'd love to see it.

2015-06-30 13:59

+3 Aran Dear atmosFear Team,

I love how you put so much effort in to makeing this map. I liked it so much that wanted to ask you if I could make a Minecraft atmosFear Movie? Thanks For a great map.


2015-06-29 23:16

-1 ethan i used all the cure on nainites... what do i do?

2015-06-19 04:48

+1 Calo170 Forgot to mention that you should also give a little hint at the beginning on how to access the research lab, maybe it's just me overlooking details but I've gone through most of the game without the synthesizers active! XD

2015-06-14 22:39

+2 Calo170 Although I understand your desire for the monsters to be very tough, could you maybe tone down their health a little? When I have to hit a single enemy 10+ times with a hatchet, things get a bit...annoying. Otherwise, great map so far, I'm pretty close to the end(I think?). Just having a bit of trouble finding the last ship part to complete the ignition, and it probably is wherever CS Omega is...still combing the map for that place. Also, any hints as to the general whereabouts of Star Fragment 3? Or will I find that in CS Omega?

2015-06-14 22:37

-2 SnipuProffa ist not a adventure map its horror map.

2015-05-23 14:21

0 dllee it's well made map using custom sounds, cool effects, etc. but it's pretty boring in my opinion. You must run from A to B from B to C and running here and there takes the most of time. I hope you will go forward and make more good maps, because you have a potential ;)

2015-05-02 09:58

0 random name what is the 6th ship part? i have the battery, wire, fuel, cog, and coil, but i don't evan know what i need and where to find it.

2015-04-29 22:48

+3 atmosFear Team Quoting Redstroke:
Ummmm Im stuck. Where exactly is Dr. Sharose's office?

Delta Level in the Staff Lounge

2015-04-01 10:34

-1 Redstroke Ummmm Im stuck. Where exactly is Dr. Sharose's office?

2015-03-31 19:09

+4 Mcdude1 Does anyone know where Dr. Sharose's office is at. I've looked all over and can't find it. Other than that I love the map, very well developed. The monsters are way too hard to kill though, hope you guys fixed that in part two!

2015-03-22 07:09

+3 Zhearun I don't know if the creators of the map visits this web, but: it's possible to make a spanish translation? Maybie I can do it. It' difficult to me the spanish to english, but the english to spanish it's easy

2015-03-21 19:19

+3 Dororo73 Quoting Dororo73:
Hey, I just got the cs omega keycard but the station is destroyed so what do I do??

Nevermind, I found a way forward :D P.S. Great Map! Awesome mechanics, indirect storytelling, and the general texture of it all! 9.9/10

2015-03-07 21:32

+1 Dororo73 Hey, I just got the cs omega keycard but the station is destroyed so what do I do??

2015-03-06 00:04

-3 Photox i found a small bug. when i left the game and came back the "WARNING oxygen refill required" showed up but it was blinking and not very bright. when i refilled my oxygen it showed up bright, stayed there for like 2 seconds and then disappeared. relogging doesent help. i can play the game but its a bit annoying though.

2015-02-19 08:32

-4 Daniel How many ship parts are there, and where are they?

2015-02-15 00:04

0 atmosFear Team Quoting KILLERROBOT99:
.....where do i go and what do i do?

There is a labeled crafting table on the bottom floor of Mission Control, the parts go there to create the part you need for the rocket. You need that part along with fuel to activate the rocket.

2015-02-14 02:24

-3 KILLERROBOT99 I got to the end of the map and i had all the space ship parts but there is a problem. You have a hopper that leads nowhere and activates nothing but before that you have 6 ship parts and the hopper only holds 5, where do they go? There is no clear directions on if there is an order or where to put each one. So as of now I'm stuck in the ship with nowhere to go. Also if you think you can battle near impossible mobs that take more than 20 hits each, while your oxogen is depleating at a rate of 100 per second you are insane if you think this is possible. Half the time while fighting i died from being killed by oxogen depleation. Still leaves the fact that i finally got to the end and there is no clear way to finish the game so......where do i go and what do i do?

2015-02-12 22:18

-1 RondHell Where is the all ship parts can someone help me ?

2015-02-03 20:58

0 Larry Kiddle Quite a challenging map. This map consists a large amount of action. The map is well constructed and the resourcepack is spot on.

But once leaving the laboratory, there is NO clear direction on where to advance. Once leaving the building there is nothing but hostiles to fend off. It is very unclear, with no clues to assure the mind.

Oxygen decimates too rapidly, developing a challenge difficult to overcome. Too rapid to the point where it is unneeded.

If directions were clarified and oxygen was revised, this map will dominate over others.


2015-01-31 23:05

+4 Bastilton Could you possibly link a walkthrough for this map? People, aka me lol, get stuck and have absolutely no idea how to continue. . . i dont want to spend the next 12 hours puzzling over something obvious that I probably missed lol

2014-12-28 00:58

+1 Astantos There's a problem where if you accidentally destroy the map outside Alpha base, you can't put it back so you are left without a map...can you make it indestructable or something? I don't even know how I destroyed it...

2014-12-27 23:09

+4 dblhattrick I have managed to complete this map and it was cool! good story, abit hard to follow at times but still good nonetheless, love the space helmet! thats so cool! come and check out my letsplay youtube.com/dbl hattrick

2014-12-22 16:02

+5 Commenter #999 This map is pretty damn flawed.
1. Monsters are near impossible to defeat.
As such, it is common to run out of O2 while fighting mobs.
2. No clear direction on where to go.
Nothing. Everything is based on intuition.
3. Random Nanite spawn extremely annoying. Especially right before you head into the armory.
4. Easy to get lost. Kinda like pt. #2, you have absolutely nowhere to go and if you end up in a corridor with one mob in it, you get screwed in the butt.
5. Weapons are too weak. What are these guys? If being infected makes you super freaking powerful and nearly completely resistant to plasma rifles, then sign me up please.


2014-12-18 00:28

0 Akin White its a good map altogether, a few tweaks needed but at the mo im stuck with dr sharose's card and dont know where to go can someone help

2014-11-30 14:59

+2 Derpykiller2000 This was a very good map and had a good story. Could you please make a survival version for this so you can survive around this forgin world for eternity and become the king of the world you make yours? Ether way, see you in the next AtmosFear Map.

2014-11-08 03:23


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