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Quickfire #23: Jinglebell Jamfire

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Jinglebell Jamfire is the 23rd entry to the Quickfire Event Map series from the CTM Community. Quickfires are Map-Making events in the CTMC where participants must build a CTM Dungeon in one hour given a random theme.

Like most CTMs, the gameplay primarily consists of several dungeons filled with loot and monsters, featuring an objective that must be retrieved and safely returned to the monument. This map puts a twist on that concept. An additional time limit and coin system is featured in this map, quantifying the players' speed, completion, and survivability.

CTM Dungeons:

In typical CTM Dungeons, you will ordinaruly be faced with Monster Spawners, Loot Chests, & Environmental Obstacles.

How to Play

  • Your Objective: Collect the bells at the end of each dungeon and return them back to the dungeon's mini-monument. Each bell is locked behind a set coin quota.
  • Obtaining Coins: Spawner Shards & Spawner Gems will be your primary source of coins. They can be obtained in various ways.
  • Dungeon Timer: Each dungeon has a set time limit (10m Default). Magic Clocks can be found to add more time to a dungeon. Running out of time in a dungeon results in a dungeon loss, losing all coins from that dungeon.
  • Dungeon Types:
    • Standard Dungeon: Default dungeon with standard dungeon timer, monsters, and loot.
    • Coin Rush: Occurs every 4th dungeon with reduced dungeon timer, no coin quota, no loot/mobs, and only has coins
    • Coin Gauntlet: The Final 4 Dungeons. Has no standard loot or coin quota, contains high mob density, high coin density, no attack cooldown, and very powerful consumables.
  • Coin Bonuses: After completing a dungeon, you have the opportunity to earn bonus multipliers to your coins:
    • ? +25% Bonus for deathless dungeon completions
    • +50% Bonus for completions with 5+ Minutes Left
    • +1% Bonus x highest Spawner Mining Streak
    • +5% Bonus for Most Mob Kills (Multiplayer Only)
    • ? +5% Bonus for placing the objective for your party (Multiplayer Only)

Difficulty Settings: The difficulty settings of the map affect how impactful the time constraints are

  • Casualfire: 15 Minute Dungeon Timer, 60s Magic Clocks, 10m Coin Rushes
  • Quickfire: 10 Minute Dungeon Timer, 30s Magic Clocks, 5m Coin Rushes
  • Hellfire: 10 Minute Dungeon Timer, 5s Magic Clocks, 3m Coin Rushes


  • Some dungeons will have special Area Mechanics that are announced in chat after starting a dungeon.
  • Ores can be mined with any tier pickaxe and have Cleaner Drops
  • Hay Bales drop 1 Bread and can be mined with an Axe
  • Monsters will drop more useful utility items (Food/Arrows), but more notably Rare Golden Consumables
  • Arrows & Void damage ignore invulnerability frames
  • On death, you keep items, but drop objectives
  • You can also find powerful consumables throughout the map that also have hidden abilities. (Giga Items)
  • The Monument has a powerful Shulker Box Station that can sort your items for you!


  • Coin Milestones: Every 2000 Banked Coins grants all players +1 Max ?
  • Slayer Milestone: Every 50th Mob Kill full heals the player and grants all players Golden Apple Buffs
  • Trade Milestone: After every 4th dungeon, the Monument's Villager will unlock more trades

Multiplayer Features:

  • Scaling Coin Quota: In multiplayer, the coin quotas are increased by 10% per player (+50% max)
  • Scaling Magic Clocks: In multiplayer, magic clocks have reduced effectiveness
    • -10s per extra player (10s minimum) (Casual & Normal Mode)
    • -1s per extra player (1s minimum) (Hellfire Difficulty)
  • Scaling Speed Bonus: In multiplayer, the Speed Bonus is reduced by 10% per extra player (10% minimum)
  • Teleportation: In multiplayer, using the mini-monument will warp players to the furthest player of 16+ blocks.


  1. Do not use commands that are disabled when cheats are disabled.
  2. Do not leave the overworld
  3. Do not mine blocks in the monument
  4. Do not modify the world's files
  5. Do not make save states of the map
  6. Mods, glitches, and exploits are not allowed for record setting runs.



2024-01-23 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: CTM Community
(6 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.20.1
File Size: 26.5 MB
Date Added: 2024-01-23
Downloads: 857
Map Category: CTM Maps

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