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Dirge of The Sky

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After 3 years of hard work, its finally here! Dirge of the Sky is a Cooperative 3-6 player raid map, inspired by Destiny 2's raid designs and implemented in a Minecraft environment.



  • Minecraft version: 1.20.1 ONLY!!
  • Fabric + Sodium is highly recommended for optimal performance
  • players required to play: 1-6 (run will not start if any less than that)
  • Minecraft vanilla server is best, you may try spigot or any other server but run at your own risk, but vanilla is preferred.
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Make sure you have the resourcepack installed or you won't be able to play the map!!!
  • Set your allocated RAM to 4 GB Minimum, any less will crash the game


Dirge of the Sky is a map and property of Ash and ChaoticImme. Do not re-upload or alter the project. YOU MAY NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS ON A SEPARATE MAP WEBSITE.

If you would like to record the map game-play, make sure you include the map's main page on MinecraftMaps, curseforge, planetminecraft, ko-fi, or stickypiston including both names of the owners in the video description "Created by Ash and ChaoticImme."

Map Trailer


  • Clouds: Preferrably OFF
  • Render Distance: 12+, if you are not getting enough FPS for it, you can reduce it but it will hinder the gameplay
  • Particles: ALL
  • Music: ON
  • Sounds: ON
  • Brightness: Preferrably 100%, this really depends on your screen brightness, so change accordingly.

NOTE:  Unlike the previous map, Castle to None, you can finally allow more players to join for an ongoing session! just type '/trigger request_drop_in' and upon the players' approval, you get to select your class!


How to Install if you will host the map (server)

1- Download DOTS_V_any
2- Extract the compressed ZIP archive.
3- Move "Dirge of the Sky" to your server on the saves directory.
4- Without extracting, Move the "DOTS" compressed file to your resourcepacks file
5- Run minecraft and change the resourcepack from default to DOTS.
6- Press done and you're good to go.

How to install if you're a client

1- Download DOTS_V_any
2- Extract the compressed ZIP archive.
3- Without extracting, Move the "DOTS" compressed file to your resourcepacks file
4- Run minecraft and change the resourcepack from default to DOTS.
5- Press done and you're good to go.


Special thanks to our beta testers: SralSaeed, Blackmagicmen, barasel321, Banaenae, fluxi, NotZiad, Crimsy, Frac, Chocopanda97, Reaper, NeRv, Miedo, Wicked, Cookie_Cyclone, Arsalan2356, Ellie, Sadman.

If I forgot anyone, please dm me on discord oops.

  • Schematics taken from:
  • Custom sound effects resources: Pixabay,, (subscription required), Mixkit, Zapsplat, freesfx
    music is original, VFX used were all free and can be found online!
  • Screenshots in shaders are from Skolas's shaders!


Donate? We enjoy making Minecraft maps, and donations are not needed but highly appreciated! Here's a link to our Ko-Fi:

Created by Ash and ChaoticImme, goodluck!

Join our discord here:



2023-08-02 - Map Released.

- Fixed a huge bug in the garden entrance puzzle not linking at the end
- Added class tooltip command
- Added French language support resource pack, LINK HERE
- Added Chinese language support resource pack
- Improved pathway for terminal area to show players where to continue

- Updated Chinese language to Version 1.1, Link here:
- Fixed a bug that can make players stuck under the aquarium in the greenhouse
- Fixed a bug with the foreboder's ultimate not registering correctly
- Map release on MCBBS
- Fixed a few phrases / words not translating completely for other language packs



Added singleplayer support and multiplayer (2 player) support.
Those who decide to play as 1 player or 2 players will automatically be placed in Arcade mode
added more damage to the duelist class
increased zealot spawn time for 1-2 players only
increased hollow spawn time for 1-2 players only added achievements for 1-2 players
fixed a spot where you can get stuck at white peak by climbing over the mountain
Updated Chinese to version 1.2, link HERE:  Link:
Updated French to version 1.2, link HERE:  Link:

Map Details

Map Creator: Ash_47, ChaoticImme
(70 votes)
Map Version: v1.4
Minecraft Version: 1.20.1
File Size: 179 MB
Date Added: 2023-08-02
Downloads: 9,815
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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