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Sun Guardian CTM

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Sun Guardian CTM is a massive survival islands adventure map with loads of datapack magic.  

Enter a strange land filled with crazy loot and even crazier enemies that defy vanilla behavior. 

Bring light back to a dark world by employing custom swords, magic scrolls, and even mechanical crossbows.


  • 12 Distinct Areas/Dungeons
  • 8 Scripted Boss Fights
  • Interactive World: Two-way dialogue NPCs, towns, shops, and lore
  • Mechanical Crossbows: Unique weapons distinct from vanilla bows/crossbows featuring a reload system
  • Magical Scrolls: Summon fireballs, lightning, and more
  • Strange Enemies: Zombies might shoot arrows, skeletons throw tridents - cheeky skeletons snipe you from across the map
  • Secrets Galore: Loads of optional areas, quests, and hidden treasures

Still not sure if the map is your cup of tea?  Totally understandable! 

Starting a new CTM map is a major time investment, that's why this map features a good deal of the custom content in the tutorial area.

Give the map a download and test out the features before diving into the map itself.

For Multiplayer

  • When starting a multiplayer run, try to get everyone in before starting the map
  • Remember to enable command block functionality in your file (or equivalent if running on papermc, spigot, etc)



2023-02-08 - Map Released.

        - Chunk border lag addressed, should be significantly improved
        - dunk quest functional again
        - Fixed error with low render distance and D12 Boss not starting
        - Fixed errors with give/take keepInventory on boss starting/stopping
        - Eliminated most earrape sounds
        - Ghast teleportation now makes sense, isn't as jank

-Fixed mechanical crossbows and spectre eyes not working in the tutorial area

Map Details

Map Creator: SwarmOfBears
(154 votes)
Map Version: v1.3
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
File Size: 190 MB
Date Added: 2023-02-08
Downloads: 16,495
Map Category: CTM Maps

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