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Warioware, Inc.

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Warioware, a fast-paced minigame for 1.19.3 where players must go through a series of quick, random minigames called "microgames," earning a point for every microgame they successfully complete. This map is a recreation in Minecraft of the Warioware series by Nintendo.

There are 7 different gamemodes, all based on modes from the original Warioware games, and as of now, the map contains 82 different microgames, all to be played at random, and more are to be added soon. Overall, the map can be played either by yourself in singleplayer, or with other people in multiplayer. You can have as many people as you wish on the server, but depending on the gamemode you select, only a certain number of people will actually play; the rest will have to be spectators.

The seven gamemodes in the game are as such:

  • All Mixed Up, Classic: Default gamemode, singleplayer only. Go through as many microgames as you can with only 4 lives. The game will start off slowly, but speed up progressively. Every 30 rounds is a boss stage, where the speed will reset afterwards. Losing a microgame will lose you a life.
  • All Mixed Up, Super Hard: Similar to Classic, but instead it starts off going as fast as possible, and the games will go the fastest possible speed the whole time. You have 4 lives, and losing a microgame will lose you a life. Every 30 rounds is a boss stage, and singleplayer only.
  • All Mixed Up, Sudden Death: Similar to Classic, but instead of having 4 lives, you only have one life. Lose one microgame and you are done. The game will speed up as it progresses. Every 30 rounds is a boss stage, and afterwards the speed resets. Singleplayer only.
  • Lifeline/Duel: Multiplayer mode for 2-6 people. There are 10 rounds, and players will take turns doing microgames. There is no penalty for losing microgames, but you won't earn points. Completing microgames will earn you a certain number of points, depending on how fast you were going. After 10 rounds, you will gain a number of Lives depending on how many points you had. More points mean more lives. You will fight each other, and last person standing wins the whole game.
  • Survival/Knockout: Singleplayer/multiultiplayer mode for 1-16 players. Everyone will take turns doing microgames, and they will speed up as the game progresses. If you lose a microgame, you are knocked out and cannot win. The last person standing wins the game.
  • All Together Now: Multiplayer mode for 2-6 players. Instead of taking turns, you are all playing the microgames at the same time, working as a team instead of against each other. For most microgames, everyone needs to complete it to win overall, but there are some where only 1 person needs to do it. It is like Classic but with more people. You have 4 lives, the game speeds up, and every 30 rounds is a boss stage.
  • Pop The Meter: In the main room, there will be a meter that fills with sand. After every microgame, 1 sand is added to the meter, and before microgames, you can add more sand if you want. When the sand hits the top of the meter, whoever's turn it is, is knocked out and cannot win. Last person standing wins.

I suggest you turn on particles for multiplayer, because when it's not your turn, you can use particles to try and mess up the person playing.

If you spot any bugs or issues, please let me know. Thank you for playing and enjoy the map! (Before Nintendo takes it down)



2022-12-12 - Map Released.


  • Patched glitches
  • Fixed the "Break 5 Oak/Spruce Planks" microgame
  • Minor detail changes to some microgames



  • Added 3 new microgames, going from 82 to 85
  • Fixed the lives issue in Lifeline mode, the lives should now go from 6 for first place, to 2 for last
  • If it doesn't work, then the baseline for the wronged players is 3, not 2
  • Some microgame speeds are more balanced
  • Eliminated most possibilities of microgames played back to back
  • Minor detail changes

Map Details

Map Creator: Chhistenn
(13 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
File Size: 7.3 MB
Date Added: 2022-12-12
Downloads: 4,011
Map Category: Game Maps

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