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FTZ: Endgame Vol.2

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Map Info

FTZ: Endgame Vol.2 is a PvE Multi-Gamemode map where you can use Guns or Magical Weapons/Tools to fight thought modified enemies and bosses.

Although this map is meant to be played by 1 player, it can support more players(with a super good server)

No Mods required!

Resourcepack for Servers

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  • 1.  Don't cheat!!!!!!!! - Requies open cheats to work
  • 2.  Play with Minecraft version 1.19.3 if you are playing the newest version(MUST)
  • 3.  Click the signs to play
  • 4.  This map is super heavy. If you are using Aternos or any server hosting that has low-medium RAM. It is going to be Super Laggy especially when using rapid-fire weapons.
  • 5.  For guns, Right Click your Mouse to shoot and Sneak(Shift) to Reload
  • 6.  Suggest not to play it on multiplayer as the other player(s) may have bug and heavy lag on server.
  • 7.  Set the Render distance(Including the Simulation Distance one) to 18 or more if you can. Otherwise around 5-10.
  • 8.  Highly suggest not to use any modpacks(Except some mod that it can reduce mob lag), datapacks or resourcepack
  • 9.  Turn up the master voice to hear the gun sounds(Around 30%, and not to high up for Computer Volume)
  • 10. Don't try to grind mob spawners/spawning too many mobs in ColSkyBlock Mode, it will cause extreme Lag. Also, it is singleplayer only
  • 11. If found carrot on a stick skin for guns/tools, please download the resourcepack and equip it
  • 12. Be aware of random lag spikes......

 Map Features

  • 27+ Custom Guns
  • Ammo System
  • Massive amount of Unique Weapons/Tools/Armor
  • Custom Healing System
  • Purchase System for Zombie Apocalyse Mode
  • Stamina System(Because no food required for most modes)
  • Shop for Classic, Zombie Apocalyse, ColSkyblock and Block Defender
  • Gamemodes which all of them are unique in thier own ways
  • Custom Death System(for Multiplayer)
  • Mostly used Functions to create
  • Unique Enemies(With abilities)
  • Custom Gun Skins
  • Custom Advancements & Loottable for ColSkyblock

List of Gamemodes

  • Classic Mode
  • ColSkyblock - Singleplayer ONLY
  • Zombie Apocalyse Mode + Plane Crash Mode
  • Block Defender
  • Tower Protector
  • Boss Fight
  • Cave Mode


Inspired by:

  • Hypixel Server
  • Chunk Defense from
  • Newbie Difficulty of Boss Fight - Clash Royale

Tool Used:

3D Models:

  • Blockbench

Tips and Notes

  • 1.If you found any button or lever in the classic mode, try to activate it, you can get a weapon from that or something else will happen.
  • 2.The Map in Cave mode is to guide you to explore it
  • 3.Most gamemodes require some skills to win.
  • 4.Always to remember to search those houses as there may have buttons to click when in classic mode
  • 5.The locked doors in the Zombie Apocalypse requires sneaking to open.
  • 6.try to use shaders if you computer is (VERY)good, it is much better then normal one.
  • 7.You can use Optifine to make the experience even better.
  • 8.Use your coins wisely as the shop items will not have a refund
  • 9.Don't try to summon too many Dummies(Skeleton) if you computer cannot handle this



2022-11-17 - Map Released.


  • Improved the datapack unloading while entering Block Defender mode
  • Fixed a issue where non-mob entity will count in the mob death system while in Block Defender mode
  • Removed a lot of armor stand from the game [by accident](don't worry, all of the importants will generate back once you enter the game)
  • Which replaced all armor stand display to item frame in block defender mode
  • Fixed the issue where some mobs would keep spawning for no reason when entering ColSkyblock mode
  • Updated the Minecraft version to 1.19.3
  • Added a code that disables unused datapacks when on Block Defender mode(It would take a while after game ends or b4 entering)
  • Added Durability system for most weapons/tools/armor for Block Defender
  • The LEVEL system!(in case it didn't work, type /function zombies:levelsetup)
  • Revamp to Classic Mode Secret Buttons: Now it will randomly select 20(40 in total) secret button locations and you can now win by finding all of them
  • 3 gun upgrades: Old Rifle(1), RPG(2), Flamethrower(+2)
  • Balanced the ammo supply of guns in Zombie Apocalyse Mode
  • Replaced Sheep Spawn Egg with Warrior Piglin Spawn Egg: Can switch to melee/ranged mode
  • Replaced bookshelf with white wool
  • Added 4 new music to different parts of the game(There is an extra one which isn't used for now)
  • Zombie Apocalypse mode will now show the current wave below the coins section

Changed the way of difficulties:

  • Normal will be the same as before
  • Easy difficulty will now also gain 25% Attack Damage(not guns and magic tools) and -25% less Mob's health(including your ally[insert evil noise])
  • Hard difficulty will now also reduce player attack damage by 30%(not guns and magic tools) and +50% Mob's Health


Map Details

Map Creator: LPMC2
(16 votes)
Map Version: v1.82
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
File Size: 27.08 MB
Date Added: 2022-11-17
Downloads: 4,845
Map Category: PvE Maps

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