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Sword of Light

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This is Sword of Light! A traditional style, Zelda inspired adventure map designed for 2 players that has been almost four years in the making! Featuring six unique dungeons, challenging bosses, over 5 hours of playtime, and scenery built block by block with no use of world editors whatsoever!

You are both simple treasure hunters, and have come to this land in search of a treasure that is supposedly hidden inside the "Cliffside Temple". Lately however, there have been many people across the land speaking of "A Dark Power", that is causing many more monster sightings, but you both believe that this is all just rumour and superstition, and so intend to continue with your journey regardless of this supposed threat...

Travel across different landscapes and make your way through six unique dungeons while fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and jumping across parkour obstacles in order to defend the world from a hidden darkness. This map has been in development for almost four years, and every block in the map has been placed by hand with no use of world editors to give it a traditional Minecraft adventure map feel.

  • This map must be played with 2 players.
  • Please read the included "Read First" document upon downloading the map.
  • Because of the lengthy development time, there may still be issues in the map that have been overlooked, feel free to suggest fixes and additions that could improve the experience of playing the map!



2022-08-27 - Map Released.

- Improved some more minor aesthetics around the map
- Removed a puzzle skip in the last dungeon
- Improved more player dialogue
- Redstone fixes

- Fixed various lighting errors
- Tweaked some character dialogue
- Changed aesthetics of the cave in the second area
- Slightly altered the landscape in the third area
- Added chat hints when certain switches in the third dungeon are pressed
- Fixed a bug where the fourth dungeon gate would not open at lower render distances
- Improved aesthetics and lighting in areas of the fourth dungeon
- Added lore to certain items
- Added more dialogue spoken by the players to improve story flow
- Fixed a bug where buttons/pressure plates would be unintentionally dropped in the fifth dungeon
- Fixed a bug where some traps didn't affect the players in the fifth dungeon
- Removed the darkness effect from the fifth boss fight
- Added various extra hidden chests throughout the map

Map Details

Map Creator: Spaniel
(179 votes)
Map Version: v2.3
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 95.2 MB
Date Added: 2022-08-27
Downloads: 18,775
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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