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Welcome on this fabulous and fun pvp map !

This map must be played in teams, so 4 players are needed for a minimum of fun. You can choose your kit beetween two : Sniper and Soldier, a distance and a melee class. The map has been upgraded to 1.17 !

This map has 4 game modes :

- Capture the Point : There are 3 points on the map. Capture them by standing on them and win energy ! Reach 100 % to win. But, be careful to the enemies who can drain your energy in your base !
- Capture the Flag : Capture the enemies' flag and carry it to YOUR flag without dying !
- Core Wars : Both team start with 100%, your goal is to destroy the enemy core
- Team Deathmatch : Do I need really to explain ? Seriously, first team which makes 25 kills

This map has 6 maps :

- Asteroids : A medium sized map, but don't fall in the void ! It can be quite hard for players who are not very good in parkour
- Space station : A flat map, but a little labyrinthic, like in a space station. Close the doors to the ennemies to stuck them !
- Ancient village : A circular / donut map in a medieval atmosphere.
- Town : A small map, but higher than the others. Fight in the buildings !
- Ancient village : A circular / donut map in a medieval atmosphere.
- Planet : A map with biomes of minecraft universe.

There is an option panel which offers a lot of possibilities, for exemple many bonus, kill streak items, team randomizer, leaderboard and many more !

Good luck and have fun !

The mapper, Robofox

Sources of inspiration : Infinitri (1.8 map : Idea, game modes), Blast Off (1.12 map : Idea of bonus)

Disclaimer : This map has been tested some hours and it seems that there are no major issues. But if you have minor bugs just run the command /reload. If the bug is not fixed with reloading, please report me the bug.

Map will NOT be updated to 1.18 and later versions for performances reasons.



2022-05-23 - Map Released.

Version 1.5:
    Updated to 1.17.1
    Release on
    Bug Fixes :
        - Capture The Point, map Town : Blue team couldn't lose points in their base beceause AEC was missing
        - Player could be killed in spawn during starting game, and this player wasn't able to play
        - Randomize team in panel works even for players who didn't choose a kit

If you have a bug please report it, I will try to fix it in later versions

Have Fun !

Map Details

Map Creator: Rob0fox
(19 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.17.1
File Size: 44.82 MB
Date Added: 2022-05-23
Downloads: 8,783
Map Category: PVP Maps

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