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Worlds Collide

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  • This map is designed to be played in Adventure Mode only
  • This map is designed to be played on the player's choice of difficulty other than peaceful (setting the difficulty to peaceful at any point will break the map)

Helpful Game Tips

  • Gold and other items will be hidden throughout the map, in barrels for players to find
  • Gold can be used to trade for items with villagers
  • Some villagers have quests for the player, these villagers will be standing next to a blue sign
  • Players are encouraged to do anything available to them in vanilla adventure mode
  • It's recommended to turn off clouds

About the Map

Worlds Collide has a Vanilla Adventure Minecraft feeling to its gameplay; dungeons are gated by Minecraft mechanics, there are no command blocks, no teleportation or tricks and there is no dedicated resource pack. The map consists of an expansive open world island that spans a 750 block radius and is populated with interesting lootable locations and 9 dungeons. A lot of attention was put into not only having good interesting gameplay that varies from dungeon to dungeon but also that each of these dungeons, and the rest of the map, looked nice too. The length of the map is about 5 to 10 hours but will probably take adventurous play longer. This map took a little longer than a year to make and was the first Minecraft map any of the creators have attempted to make. We truly hope you enjoy Worlds Collide and share any feedback you have.

Credit to

  • Beetle288
  • Noelle_the_Druid
  • Tanner_L

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2022-03-27 - Map Released.

-Necessary bug fixes

-Added/changed dungeon bosses
-Added new NPCs
-Added new secret areas
-Balance changes
-Quality of life changes
-Updated the map to 1.19.2
-Fixed several bugs

This is the last major update to Worlds Collide. Its a bigger one. I hope everyone enjoys the map now that it is complete, more well rounded and jampacked full of secrets!

- Updated map to 1.19
- Added 1.19 features
- Tweaked some game play
- Added small amount of content

-Made dungeon 1 parkour easier
-Made dungeon 3 easier to find and understand
-Made dungeon 4 easier
-Added more side quests
-Added more loot
-Changed some loot to be more interesting
-Made saddles available earlier
-Added more information to introduction book to make the map easier to understand
-Fixed several bugs

-Added more secrets.
-Created and Overhauled several parkour areas.
-Added hot air balloons that contain new shops.
-Fixed several bugs.
-Fixed several spelling errors.
-Changed several shops.

- Fixed bug that let players skip half of dungeon 5.
- Fixed several small bugs and visual oddities.
- Balanced loot distribution.
- Updated all lore to look more professional.

Map Details

Map Creator: Tanner_L
(238 votes)
Map Version: v1.10
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 148.6 MB
Date Added: 2022-03-27
Downloads: 22,483
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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