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This is our biggest update yet, We added real-looking metro stations a huge ferry network, and many urban design and planning elements to our world.

The level of detail increased drastically with many small outdoor cafes benches and trees. Moreover, we added a lot of new districts reaching from medieval to modern styles with thought-out interiors and beautiful decorations.

We also included some buildings of the world's most famous architects, whilst keeping the attention to red stone and small secrets ready to explore.


Update 11.0:

Capital City

  • -Bruno Taut apartment buildings behind the Expo Center
  • -Greek Modernism apartment building
  • -Farnsworth House by Mies Van der Rohe
  • -Two 19th century apartment buildings behind the central station
  • -new area behind the central station with a more idyllic vibe
  • -Le Corbusier apartment "lĀ“unite dĀ“habitation" block with mall and a swimming pool
  • -art nouveau villa
  • -4 new European apartment buildings infant of Wiesendorf
  • -neoclassical cafe next to the opera
  • -50ies office building in Neustadt
  • -redesigned waterfront buildings at the promenade
  • -new huge mansion near Stranddorf and the horse express way
  • -Barcelona Pavillion at the horse express way
  • -Corbusier buildings at monument valley
  • -Villa Savoye and smaller apartment buildings infant of the Expo Center
  • -Huge improvement of the urban planing in the modern district
  • -school in the modern district
  • -utopian apartment building
  • -modern villa
  • -New District behind the Bank of Capital city
  • -new classical plaza with two new buildings
  • -italian gate apartment building with many rooms
  • -large extension of the street at the bank with 7 new European apartment buildings and urban planing
  • -Brandenburg Gate behind the gate building
  • -two art nouveau buildings at national park
  • -new teleports
  • -new subway line
  • -improved old subway lines
  • -new Art Deco McDonalds building
  • -bugfixes
  • -fixed ferry ways


  • -Falling Water House with surroundings
  • -viaduct
  • -grand Moscow metro station as the new hub of Walddorf



2020-05-15 - Map Released.

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Map Creator: Sebalp, Orelued
(1712 votes)
Map Version: v11.0
Minecraft Version: 1.18.1
File Size: 448 MB
Date Added: 2020-05-15
Downloads: 32,290
Map Category: City Maps

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