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Ancient Worlds

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Ancient Worlds is a classic minecraft adventure/puzzle. Your task is simple: Visit each area and activate the four Crystals: Water, Forest, Fire and Ice.

You have to find equipment by doing various challenges, and you can buy weapons and armor with currency you find in hidden chests.


Multiple hours of play time

30% challenges (maze, boat race, find redstone pieces,...)
30% riddles
30% combat
10% parkour (pretty simple)

  • Currency that can be found in hidden chests and can be used to buy weapons, armor, potions etc.
  • Checkpoints that you can activate if you found a checkpoint lever.
  • Return to any activated checkpoint for a small cost.
  • 5 easter eggs to collect (very difficult to find - but not impossible)

Difficulty System

Besides changing the standard minecraft difficulty, it will also effect the amount of hints given. Hard means no objectives and no hints, easy means plenty of objectives and hints. Either way the difficulty will ramp up towards the end.


Halls Of Sand

The Halls of Sand are twenty halls made of Sandstone. Each hall is unique, containing something different of interest. Your goal is to find the treasure room, where a special tool is hidden that you will need on your Journey. Watch out for riddles and powerful monsters too.

Sinister Forest
The Sinister Forest is where the Forest Crystal resides in. You will need the tool from the Halls of Sand to reach it. Your orientation will be tested as you reach the treetops. Don't fall down and don't blow up...

Desert Depths
The Desert Depths consist of multiple lakes and the Water Temple with the Water Crystal deep below the Halls of Sand. Strong enemies and difficult trails await you here. Also don't forget to hold your breath...

Snow Dome
The Snow Dome is a dome full of snow. Your navigational skills will be challenged as you dig through it. You will need something hot to do so. Don't get surprised by the icecold enemies here as you search for the Ice Crystal.

Temple Trials
The Temple Trails are the only way to access the Magma Caverns. Many puzzles await you here.

Magma Caverns
The Magma Caverns is where the Fire Crystal resides and is accessed through the Temple Trials. The hardest challenges of the Ancient Worlds are sure to turn up the heat. Jumping, thinking, fighting, floating,... every skill is tested here a final time.


- Don't use external tools to hack the map
- Don't throw away important stuff

Everything else is set up in such a way that you can only do things that you are supposed to do. I have done a lot of runs to check if everything works.

Player Count

The map is balanced for one player but you can play with more too. As a result you might have to share weapons and food. However you can buy additional equipment for your friends when you have unlocked the first shop.

If you play with more than one player I recommend increasing the difficulty.


Recommended Resource Pack:

Conquest_ by Monsterfish_


Sildurs Vibrant Shaders Extreme


2020-02-16 - Map Released.

-made library puzzle slightly easier
-fixed sword puzzle bug which made it impossible to complete it
-added more checkpoint levers (often found close to checkpoints)
-you now automatically unlock checkpoints in the Book of Returning when you complete the respective world
-the snow world now contains shovels with limited durability that accelerate digging a lot
-fixed missing messages at the end of desert and lava worlds

Map Details

Map Creator: _noname
(212 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
File Size: 21.1 MB
Date Added: 2020-02-16
Downloads: 12,160
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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