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Unfair CMDStone

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NOTE: The download file contains two maps, two walkthrough videos, and a resource pack. The file may take longer than usual to download!

Welcome to the Unfair Map Challenge (aka. Unfair CMDStone).

This is a collaboration project between TheHappywheels1 and NICO_THE_PRO.

In the downloadable ZIP file, there are two folders. One for a map called "Unfair Redstone" and one for a map called "Unfair Commands".

Unfair CMDStone consists of two Unfair Maps. Unfair Redstone by TheHappywheels1 and Unfair Commands by NICO_THE_PRO. Both maps were made in 1 hour (with 30 mins of extra time).

Unfair Commands uses a resource pack, which can be found in the file inside the world folder for the Unfair Commands map. This is important for multiplayer play!

Unfair Redstone uses no resource pack.

> Recording for YouTube? Both maps are multiplayer compatible! The maps are best played one after

the other. They're too short for their own video (unless you get stuck).

Happy playing!

~ TheHappywheels1 & NICO_THE_PRO



2019-10-18 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: TheHappywheels1
(14 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
File Size: 124.5 MB
Date Added: 2019-10-18
Downloads: 1,436
Map Category: Unfair Maps

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