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1. Modern House v1.0
2. Questioning v1.0


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IF you're stuck, you can use this walkthrough

(This map is only for singleplayer - Though, if you do decide to play on a server, the resource pack is located in the world folder as "". Though, this is not recommended.)

Welcome to my eighth Unfair map!

This map was made to celebrate #Minecraft10Years

So, once again, I am back! With, you guessed it, another troll map!

This map is themed around the alpha versions of Minecraft from 2009-2010. (It's 50 blocks longs, but plenty of trolls!)

So, what are you waiting for!! You've seen the trailer?? Surely that's enough... right?

Who am I kidding!!

Go on, see if you can reach the end! Have fun!!

(Minecraft version 1.14.0) - Play with 8+ Render Distance!


- You were able to use F3 screen for help on red wool lines.
- You could get stuck outside the village house when it turns into one large house.
- The lore on wooden shovel says "Can break only wheat", but can actually break all crop types.
- Unidentified Item #001 removed diamond if a diamond is put in slot 9 of Hotbar in section 2 of the map.
- The Villager in section 2 was tradable.



2019-06-07 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: TheHappywheels1
(79 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.14
File Size: 12.6 MB
Date Added: 2019-06-07
Downloads: 7,968
Map Category: Unfair Maps

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