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Pretend to be on a floating island. Just, a floating island! A floating island with only one goal: To bring you and your friends a lot of fun! Luckily for you, this island is the place to be if you wanna have some fun. First, choose how many rounds you want to play. Then, per round you can select which minigame you would like to play. Maybe you find Lava Floor fun, or maybe you prefer Bow Circle? From infinite diamonds and dirty potatoes to rainbows and exploding chickens. It's all up to you and your friends! Who will get the most points?


This map contains:
- 9 unique minigames:
    Sneaky Snipers
    Anvil Attack
    Border Battle
    King Of The Potato
    Mine Diamonds
    Bow Circle
    Lava Floor
- A unique build
- A very special floor
- A parkour course
- A particle trail system
    Unlock particle trails based on your personal statistics
- Support for every amount of people, although you will need 2 or more players to play the map
- An advanced reset system
  Got kicked, or tuned in lately? No problem! The map will check if it is needed to modify your score.
- Endless fun


- This map requires multiple people! You won't be able to start a new round when you're alone.
- Play on 1.13.2


- A diamond block is now worth 3 diamonds in Mine Diamonds
- Fixed Issues:
- Anvils not spawning in Anvil Attack
- Interacting with the ender chest can cause massive chat spam for others
- Crossbow does not get cleared when eliminated in Bow Circle

- Revamped the particle and statistics system
- Modified Bow Circle so it now has crossbows instead of regular bows
- Changed the floor randomization for Lava Floor so all blocks don't turn to lava all around the same time.
- Added pillagers to Nightmare
- Increased the knockback in Border Battle

- Improved Bow Circle gameplay; Added a timer that runs out if you stay out of the middle for too long
- Added some new features and possibilities to Anvil Attack: You don't regenerate lives anymore, and you can damage others by punching them
- You can now see who has been eliminated and who not
- Added an option to cycle between gamemode adventure and spectator while eliminated
- Changed the way the game resets when there's only one person left; Instead of resetting the whole game, you now can't start a new round. (Resetting is still a possibility)
- Changed some game descriptions

- If you start a game where one of the players haven't respawned yet from the previous one, it will be over immediately when that player respawns
- If you hit someone who's already eliminated through the glass, the death message appears again (Bow Circle)
- You can parkour up the trees
- The "Total Games Won" overall statistic doesn't work

Bug Fixes:
- Boomball actually works
- Lava doesn't look like water anymore
- Other minor issues



2019-01-06 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: DutchCommanderMC
(292 votes)
Map Version: v1.4.1
Minecraft Version: 1.14
File Size: 1.7 MB
Date Added: 2019-01-06
Downloads: 17,351
Map Category: Game Maps

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