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Ink II

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“There is no escape... No reason to run if you can’t even walk. He is coming. He will find you. And he will send you into a dark, inky void.

No matter what you do, you shall succumb to the ink. If you struggle, it only gets worse. I will find you. I am the Ink God’s disciple, and he isn’t happy with you. Not at all. So don’t run.

I might just kill you instead. It would be better than the horror that awaits. Eternal fear for your life. No. There isn’t life anymore. There is nothing. Nothing. The ink will consume all.

There's no way to escape. Unless you can climb walls, back up to the hell that you came from. But there is a way. A deal...a deal with the devil…” -Sammy Lawrence.

Last time in Ink, you followed a mysterious figures orders to “fix the ink machine.” But then it all went wrong. It turned out that the evil figure was Bendy, one of your old cartoon characters. But now he’s alive? How many of your creations have been brought to an inky, tormented being?

Nevertheless, you know that he is out for blood, and Bendy will stop at nothing to get his revenge. Revenge for years of imprisonment in a blank, inky void of nothing. What you don’t know is what else is lurking in the shadows… Ink 2 is a horror map by HydraHunter77 that took months to build.

It is based upon the hit horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine. However, unlike part one, this chapter is completely original! T

he layout, story, it’s all fresh from my dark, twisted mind! I hope you enjoy! If you haven’t already played part one of the map, you can download it here.

If you enjoy the map, or any of my other maps, you can go subscribe to my youtube channel!

Also, if at anytime you are stuck, I have made a walkthrough of the map here.

This map also uses a custom resource pack. It is not optional to use the pack.

If you are playing the map multiplayer, you can download the pack here.

Warning: there is a minor glitch where sometimes when you try to enter the world it sends you randomly to the server selector screen.

If this happens, just restart Minecraft and you should be fine.

Have fun! (And try not to succumb to the ink’s pull.) :}



2018-01-04 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: HydraHunter77
(621 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
File Size: 21 MB
Date Added: 2018-01-04
Downloads: 14,504
Map Category: Horror Maps

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