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Infinitum 3

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 Infinitum 3 Addon Download

HD Resource Pack Download (The pack included with the download has 16x textures)

Note: This is optional. But it's highly recommended. Make sure to check the main resource pack! Don't use this outside Infinitum 3 or the Level Creator.

Resource Pack Credit: Ragecraft Faithful 64x64

Welcome to Infinitum 3!

Infinitum 3 is the mix between Infinitum and Infinitum 2 (2+1=3... get it?) along with 12 new levels!

All of these 12 new levels have two new mechanics: The Swiftness Block

 The Slowness Block


You probably already guessed what do they do, right? Swiftness Blocks make you run really, really fast. Stepping on it makes you 400% faster! In only one jump, you can get across 7 to 10 blocks!


While, Slowness Blocks do exactly the opposite. They make you walk so slow that the max you can go is 2 blocks ahead while jumping. They make you go only 75% your normal speedwalking.

New Difficulty: Medium!

Just like Easy, in medium mode you will not lose your points when restarting the game. But shop prices will be HUGE! For example, a single Potion of Leaping will cost 30 points!


New two items in the shop!

Play the map to discover which. I'm pretty sure that you will LOVE them!


You might think that only 12 levels for a brand-new map is too little. I agree with you! But YOUcan help! As you can see under the Download link, there's a "Download the Level Creator" link. When downloading it, you will see a empty "canvas" level. There, you can


Create your own level!


That's right. You can make your own level and then send it to me. After I get 9 more levels (they will come in pairs of 9), the map will be updated with all the new levels! There's just a few rules:
  1. Your level can't be impossible.
  2. You can't build outside the level.
  3. Follow the level design.
  4. Don't use Failing Blocks in unfailable levels.
  5. Don't send more than one level.
  6. If you want to use redstone, every component must be hidden (not outside the level).

When you start to build, you will see some clickable text in the Chat. When clicked, they automatically

Make the level "unfailable",

Make the level "failable",

And give you all of the building blocks.

If you leave the game and get back in, the Chat will be reseted. If you want your buttons back, just rename a Squid Spawn Egg as"Useful_Links" (without the quotation marks)

And summon the Squid. And the Buttons will be back!

After finishing your level, put the world save inside a .rar or a .zip and send the file to:

[email protected]

And that's all. If you followed the rules, your level will be probably added!

As always, that's all and HAVE FUN!


2015-05-24 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: HenryCGS
(6 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8
File Size: 25 MB
Date Added: 2015-05-24
Downloads: 14,003
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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