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Park of Nowhere

Created by ApertureScientist

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Map Info:
You did it. You reached the mysterious Park of Nowhere, an island in the middle of nothing. Without nothing with you, you'll have to survive with the treasures found in all the places.

ISSUE FIXED - Shop now works perfectly!


  • +30 treasure chests.
  • A shop where you can buy materials or objects with XP levels.
  • A big island (The park).
  • Three other little islands.


  • Don't break blocks in the shop.
  • Don't use cheats or hacks.
  • Use "/gamerule keepInventory true" if surviving is too difficult for you.


  • "Bye Cruel World" - Die at least once.
  • "Buy Something Will 'ya!" - Buy something at the shop.
  • "Things to Live" - Eat some bread.
  • "Not Here Anymore" - Use an Ender Pearl.
  • "Dling Dling!" - Get 10 XP levels.
  • "Enchanted" - Craft an enchanting table.
  • "Night Doesn't Scare Me" - Build a house.
  • "You Monster" - Burn a tree down.
  • "Gnum!" - Buy a Notch Apple at the shop.
  • "Like A Link" - Cut all the bushes of the park.
  • "Turists!" - Invite a friend to the park.
  • "Outta Here" - Go To The Nether.
  • "Like New" - Repair A Weapon.
  • "He Comes The Diamonds!" - Get 10 Diamonds.
  • "Linkin' Park" - Connect all 4 islands.
  • "Park Of Somewhere" - Make the park look better.



2016-01-20 - Map Released.

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Map Details

Map Creator: ApertureScientist
(203 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 (Java)
File Size: 361 KB
Date Added: 2016-01-20
Downloads: 11,686
Map Category: Survival Maps

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