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Hardcore Technical Skyblock

Created by Tx_Raid

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Map Info

A special version of the classic minecraft vanilla skyblock experience!

Start on an island in the newest version of minecraft (1.16) and showcase your knowledge of minecraft mechanics.

Different to other skyblock maps, the only things you'll get here is a tree, some dirt, water and a single lava bucket.

There're no other items or islands.

It is possible to get nearly all items, present in minecraft, with the help of different minecraft mechanics.

With the introduction of piglin trading in the 1.16 this mechanics got expanded even more.

Nevertheless, they're still some items which aren't obtainable in skyblock. That's why I added custom advancements, which will reward you with some useful items in rare cases. Besides that, they're also some custom crafting recipes (-> media gallery) and custom mob drops, which allow you to get certain items.

With that being said, enjoy your hardcore technical skyblock experience.

Is your minecraft knowledge good enough to complete all advancements and challenges? We'll see!

Have fun!


Map Details

Creator: Tx_Raid
(807 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 25.2 MB
Added: 2020-11-07
Downloads: 16,691
Category: Survival Maps


+3 Saintti Quoting Glitch?:
Hey i started with the world then when i got a stick from the tree i got a bunch off achievements and obsidian and 2 mushroom spawn eggs.
What Should i do?

This was after updating to 1.17 happened to me also.

I got open end portal but portal is not open, did i break the map?

2021-08-22 13:21

0 Glitch? Hey i started with the world then when i got a stick from the tree i got a bunch off achievements and obsidian and 2 mushroom spawn eggs.
What Should i do?

2021-07-29 23:16

+4 Blazerr_VN Cool map!Also,here is a guide on how to get things(from my dumb brain thoughts):
Dirts:Craft coarsed dirts using gravels(from bartering) with dirts(from the island),then use a hoe to till it then break the dirt.
Golds:Convert Zombies(from a mob farm) to drowned then kill them for gold.
Tools:Lure some witchs(from a mob farm) to throw a weakness potion at 2 zombie villagers(from a mob farm),then cure it with a golden apple(crafted from drowned 's gold and apple from tree).This will be hard,but i think its the only way.After that is done,breed the villagers using carrots/potato( from zombie).You can trade with these guys afterwards,whic h will give you diamond tools!
For the achievements:
Well,its impossible to find an jungle,but you can do that with world editor(search it yourself)
Nether:Iron Sword,baked potatoes and golden apple above.For the slime block,you need to go to chunkbase and find an slimechunk,then build a platform there and kill them.
Hope this helped!

2021-07-15 13:59

0 Broeckie Quoting Mojo472:
GREAT MAP! However, I cannot figure out how to get gold to make a golden apple. can anyone help?

you can get gold from a zombie piglin farm. :)

2021-05-16 13:31

+9 brian_pain where are the recipes? I can not find them

2021-03-25 10:12

+8 davidzboro how can i find out custom crafting recipes ?

2021-03-19 22:57

+9 OlaWillow I just started and I have some questions
where is this "media gallery" co i can see those craftings?
How do i get the villager or wandering trader?
Should i get some rewards from advancements? How do I know if its working maybe you can tell which advancemets are rewarded?

2021-03-16 13:01

+1 Elementigon What can I get from a Turtle Egg?

2021-03-13 16:38

-1 Potato pog map. i love it. you should make more like this

2021-03-12 20:03

0 CecioPK hi all , i have a little problem with the "bees?" achivement , i can' get it , i got 2 time the tree with the hive , but still can't get the achivement , pls can someone help me ? i'm playing 1.16.1

2021-02-21 14:19

-2 ThatOneDevil Do mobs spawn? I made a box with no light inside and never saw a mob spawn in there, not even once.

2021-02-20 18:42

-1 The_End_RainBow this looks frikin' fun

2021-02-09 23:59

+5 Sleepy A lot of the new recipes and ways of obtaining certain things is unclear, maybe a book giving you hints of these new things would be useful?

2021-02-05 22:50

+3 Mojo472 Great map. but where is the desert biome?

2021-02-02 16:28

+2 Mojo472 GREAT MAP! However, I cannot figure out how to get gold to make a golden apple. can anyone help?

2021-01-30 22:30

+2 mick is there a portal to the neather and were is it

2021-01-24 03:29

+1 rubberduckpizza awesome map! feels modded!

2021-01-20 05:39

+2 Muclix Hello. This seems interesting, so I'll probably download and try it. Just a small question: Are there different biomes across the map? Or just plains like in basically every other skyblock? Becouse some farms are biome dependent (ice, hoglin, ghast, ...). And is there a way to make a wither skeleton farm?

2021-01-02 09:41

+4 Papyrus The world doesn't seem to have any desert, warm ocean, jungle, etc. biomes that you mentioned were required for certain items. You can use the WorldEdit mod to change the biome of an area of your choice.

2021-01-01 18:16

+2 Jbuilder1234 Can't seem to find a 'media gallery' for the custom crafting recipes in the map

2020-12-30 14:51

+3 Dugo How to get gras on dirt, because I can't get normal seeds?

2020-12-20 07:08

+2 Johdude The map is great but I think the entire thing is plains biome, making you unable to get some of the advancements you set

2020-12-19 11:51

+1 ShadowMA Hello,

How can i get the end portal, as i coudn't find it nor did i received the items build one

2020-12-08 10:03

+2 Marc I love the map and how you thought through almost every scenario, but while playing through your map I noticed that it requires that bamboo be obtained in a jungle biome, but it seems that the whole world is plains biome; I'm not sure if this is just a me issue or if I simply have not found one yet but this does appear to be a problem as far as getting that one item is concerned.

2020-12-04 02:05

+1 Sergio Hello, I some questions about the map. I hope you can help me because I'm a Minecraft player that don't play the game since 2-3 years ago but I would like to complete your map because looks so cool.
1. How I can obtain flowers? Because I don't have any grass.
2. Is suppose to happen something when a witch when throws a weakness potions below 4 hearts? Because I got the achievements but nothing happened.
3. Where I can find the custom crafting guide?

Thank you.

2020-11-30 14:41

+3 Sereq Hello, I have only "plains" biome on this map, what can i do to change it?

2020-11-29 21:59

+1 yeetusman Is it one life only?

2020-11-28 18:39

+2 StormerSage I like the concept of this map, using the game to your advantage, testing your knowledge of the game.

Doing things like farming zombies for iron at first, using a witch to cure villagers, and even converting zombies to drowned for gold.
Technically possible? Yes. Fun? Ehhh, not really.

So you either need to convert enough zombies into drowned to get 8 gold ingots (5% drop chance), using only the one water source block in your cobblestone generator, or farm zombies for 7 iron (0.83% drop chance) to make a cauldron to get more water. This is just to get a single golden apple to get to the nether, where you could then set up a gold farm.

Pretty big bottleneck at the start, I know it's supposed to be a challenge, but I feel like there's not too much challenging about fighting with RNG.

2020-11-27 09:03

+1 Vincenzo There is no way to go to the nether.. help

2020-11-24 23:00

+1 pomi How to get obsidian for portal???

2020-11-23 09:16


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