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Layers of War

Created by WereWolfCZ

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Version 1.1 [MapJam Version]

This map was originally created for the 2021 StickyPiston summer minecraft map jam. It is a Burning Eye release.

(CLASSIC MODE) In this map you will fight monsters or players to get points for upgrades, better weapons and zone switching. You start in hell, go through the surface, and end up in heaven. Whoever switches the zone in heaven first, wins!

This map uses custom SFX, Music and models!

Have fun :3


-HUGE Bug fix (The map couldn't start right). This bug wasn't a thing when testing / on the mapjam. Of course it happened on release. I have the worlds greatest luck (and spelling errors)


Map Details

Creator: WereWolfCZ
(20 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 56.9 MB
Added: 2021-09-23
Downloads: 1,663
Category: PvE Maps


0 Helgoa Don't work.
After death, you lose all items.

2021-10-26 15:49

0 WereWolfCZ Hey. So this map's first realese was broken. Sorry about that, this bug was not present when testing, just my luck.
To answer on the feedback:
hongaaaqwe - The resource pack is in the file downloaded, as "Layers of War.zip". Do not extract, just put the zip file into your RP folder.
viking - I didn't find any problem with exiting the shop, make sure you stand close to the wall in the 'exit' zone. Yes, the problem with buying things is that you have to press the button, while standing direcly next to it. You need to stick yourself to the wall (it is said in the start lobby on the info signs)
Adrian - Dowloaded the pack, and it loaded fine for me. Make sure you didn't extract it and didn't put it in a folder, just put the 'Layers of War.zip' into your resource packs folder. You have to stand close to the trails, to select them, a sound will signify you picking one up. Yes, the starting was messed up, but a new version has been submitted, hopefully to be posted real soon.

So sorry for the inconvinience.

2021-09-25 23:40

+3 hongaaaqwe where is the resourse pack??

2021-09-25 10:20

0 viking you cant exit the shop and you cant buy anything in it if you have the points

2021-09-25 04:47

+1 Adrian The texture pack didnt work no story loaded the info and rules boards where blank the trails didnt work you started in creative mode it just didnt work

2021-09-24 21:39


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