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Shadow Runner Deluxe

Created by FlowGD

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Map Info

Play in 1.14.4! Resource pack is integrated in the map folder.

What is the map about?

Shadow Runner Deluxe is a singleplayer puzzle map in which you use "Time Recorders", devices that record all of your movements for up to 30 seconds, and play them back, creating a shadow version of yourself that can activate pressure plates, pick up cubes, and even activate other time recorders.


  • 17 puzzling chambers of increasing difficulty
  • Cubes you can pick up and place on buttons
  • 4 different types of forcefields each serving a different purpose
  • A fully functional custom GUI menu screen
  • Sleek, polished textures
  • and more features I will not spoil!

Serving its purpose as a sequel, Shadow Runner Deluxe greatly expands on the original by massively improving the time recorder feature (you can now stop recordings whenever you please, as well as have multiple time recorders each with their separate recording!). This sequel prefers elements of puzzle over timing and parkour, making sure to challenge your mind and problem-solving skills in each chamber. All features revolve around adding new depth to the recording feature, allowing for great puzzle diversity.

Other Info

I have tested the map many times, however if you happen to encounter a bug, please let me know!

  • Play with max brightness!
  • GUI Scale 3 is recommended


- Updated version number in world icon and menu screen.
- Fixed 2 skips in level 1.


Map Details

Creator: FlowGD
(74 votes)
Version: 1.4
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 2.1 MB
Added: 2020-02-24
Downloads: 5,013
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+5 Some Guy the only thing crashing is my brain. no other problems with the map itself

2020-03-21 14:29

+2 DatGamer56 From the thumbnails, this looks like Portal 2: Thinking With Time Machine
Unfortunately, I cannot play the map. When I start it all that happens is I'm stuck in an endless loop in spectator. I figured out that the reason is that the resource pack isn't loading. However, I have done everything right in order for a regular pack to load.

2020-03-20 01:44

+2 Unison At first when I got to Chamber 7, the solution shocked me. Then when I got to Chamber 8, the solution got even crazier ! Immediately come here to comment this! I wonder whats happen next, probably something more crazier! Great map

2020-03-19 14:24

+1 A I came across a really unfortunate bug in the final stage. The cube dispenser at the start of the stage simply didn't function for me. I ended up going into creative to put a different cube on the pressure plate just to see what happened and sure enough I just got a fizzle sound and no block spawned. Really sad way to end an otherwise incredible map

2020-03-19 12:45

+3 FlowGD Version 1.2 has been submitted and should be underway, it fixes a lot of bugs including (hopefully) the start crash bug

2020-03-17 21:32

+2 RandomStando on lvl 13 I restarted once after that I couldn't restart and now I'm stuck

2020-03-17 17:35

+1 UsedTurtle The font Part of your resourcepack makes the game crash for some people.

For everyone who wants to still play this map, do the following.

bevore putting the "Shadow Runnder Deluxe" folder inside your saves folder open it, open, open the "assets" folder, open the "minecraft" folder which is contained in the "assets" folder and delete the "font" folder. now you should be able to play the map.

2020-03-17 17:26

0 UsedTurtle The Resourcepack crashes my game.

I know it's the Resource pack because i looked for it in the map files, put in in my resourcepack folder and enabled it.
If I'm on the Homescreen nothing happens, but if i press on "Singleplayer" it just suddenly crashes the game.

2020-03-17 17:10

+1 Jengamouse Um, I'm afraid to say that I too suffer from a crash when I try to load the map. Yeah. Might want to fix that, not gonna lie.

2020-03-16 20:28

-1 Rush Quoting maidang2233:
Opening the map will crash

your pc cant handle the awesomeness i guess. or update your java version to a 64 bit version

2020-03-16 09:49

0 Spongman i worked out the crashing problem (at least partially), it's the high-indexed glyphs in the custom font - they cause the (latest version of) the intel graphics driver to crash. removing the font, or the lang files from the resource pack prevents the crash.

can we get a version of the resource pack that doesn't use the special font?

2020-03-16 06:29

0 Spongman what version of Java does this require?

with 1.8.0_241-b07 (the latest) i get the following crash shortly after the map loads:

2020-03-16 05:46

+1 Mel the game doesn't work for me either.whenever i start the world the whole game crashes and just before it crashes there is offset-20 on the screen.whta do i do please help

2020-03-15 12:56

+1 LiamDun1 map crushes instantly when i open it, help

2020-03-15 04:40

0 Hydrx172 This map is unplayable. Every time I open the map it says "offset -20", starts loading the texture pack, and once it finishes it crashes instantly. Please fix this quickly!

2020-03-15 00:49

0 a.PEZ.dispenser Quoting Aragocz:
Hi , i need help when i play the map it launches views the screen where is loading bar and there is writen offset -20 and when the loading almost finishes the game crashes does it mean i need stronger pc or something or it is supposed to do so ?

Same is happening for me

2020-03-14 00:20

+11 Matteoka Oh my god this map is amazing please make more maps

2020-03-03 14:22

+13 maidang2233 Opening the map will crash

2020-03-03 02:55


2020-03-01 07:27

+14 Aragocz Hi , i need help when i play the map it launches views the screen where is loading bar and there is writen offset -20 and when the loading almost finishes the game crashes does it mean i need stronger pc or something or it is supposed to do so ?

2020-02-29 23:11

+12 Grimster305 Every time I try to enter the world, the texture pack loads, then it instantly crashes, and I dont know why

2020-02-25 23:07

+9 Ethan Whenever I try to join, my game crashes.

2020-02-25 22:27

+5 FlowGD A walkthrough is available on my Youtube channel!

2020-02-25 19:27


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