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Run 2

Created by Whacknut

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Run 3 has now been released!

This is the sequel to Run.

Map Info:
Run 2 is a puzzle map with Fighting, Puzzles, (obviously) and Parkour. A map that was created by Whacknut & ShadowGirlMC.

You thought your job was over, You thought it was all done... but is it actually?

Was Luke really killed by the explosion?

Are all of the zombies gone forever?

The only way to find out is to go full on and TAKE ON THIS MAP!


  • Play on 1.7.5+
  • Play without Mods, Hacks, or anything not vanilla minecraft.
  • This is a multiplayer map. But can only have 1 - 2 Players.
  • No destroying any blocks that I have not said that you can break.
  • Enjoy the map. Created by Whacknut & ShadowGirlMC.

If you do get stuck on the first bit where you're in a military area, just shoot the buttons on the wall with your bow from the chest.


1. (Sjusnow Area) Go down a tunnel on the left side of the machine.

2. (Snow Area) Grab the key in the first bottom box on your right to open the door.

3. (Snow Area) You have to switch the cake lever.

4. (Nuclear Facility) Grab the box to the left of the rails and craft a lever out of the materials.

5. (Street) Grab the 4 parts and throw them in the hoppers at the end of the street.

6. (Zomboiden Boss Fight) Grab the key and put it on the lapis block.

7. (Sewers) Go to the slightly lit water tunnel at the end and swim up it.

8. (Street 2) Destroy the frames and grab the 3 blocks. Go to the hole in the roof and pile yourself up. Then grab the Items inside and destroy the blocks to get down.

9. (Street 2) Use the key to get Into the house with the lava.

10. (Street 2) Use the brewing materials to make a fire resistance potion. Then go through the lava to the other end.

11. (Luke's Volcano) Destroy the glass so you can get out and leapfrog to the tunnel at the end, then jump down the hole. before a minutes up.

12. Go to the end and use the 'Fluffy' Sword to assassainate Luke.

The End.

If you would like to support us, then please visit our YouTube channel - UnicornPoopStudios.

Map Details

Creator: Whacknut
(12 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7.10
Size: 8 MB
Added: 2014-08-10
Downloads: 36,252
Category: Puzzle Maps


-.- Thank you so much for uploading a broken/unfinish ed map. My and my girlfriend were playing this and we got to the minecart rails and spent an hour trying to figure out what to do, only to give up in frustration and pulled up a playthrough to see what to do, and there's no way to get passed it on ours. -.- At the end of the long tunnel, there's a turn to the left, but there's no turn there for us. 0/10. First map was better anyway.

2015-05-31 02:20

ShadowGirl HEY GUYS we have made a new map, it is called AWAKEN,unfortun ately it has not been uploaded yet :( but will soon.If you would like to see the trailer for it, just follow the link to our channel in the description! :D thanks for all the amazing feedback and luv a all!

2015-02-14 22:53

Deathstaff Im speechless! Its just such an awesome map! I hope you make many many more maps!

2015-01-01 02:59

hugan2003 good map as the first one

2014-12-22 12:43

Whacknut I did do actually, right after i finished testing it.

2014-10-06 03:20

redstone_lapiz BEST MAP EVER so good I blew it up at the end :)

2014-10-02 23:58

Whacknut Well Run 3 Is Finaly Being Uploaded, It may take some time for the to approve but the trailer and bloopers is out. The map will be out in a few days im guessing.

Thanks For Playing! Whack Out

2014-10-02 02:11


2014-09-24 21:34

ShadowGirl Quoting Zorus323:
This isn't fun. I died once and now I spawned in a completely different place altogether and I have no idea where to go. My inventory keeps getting filled with stuff I don't know if I need or not and it's unclear whether or not you can break certain blocks or what you're supposed to craft etc. 2/10.

Its a puzzle map. It is meant to be hard. and for the other things (eg spawning in the wrong place), we have not got any complaints about that before, and if there was a problem, they would have not aloud us to upload the map.

2014-09-24 21:33

Zorus323 This isn't fun. I died once and now I spawned in a completely different place altogether and I have no idea where to go. My inventory keeps getting filled with stuff I don't know if I need or not and it's unclear whether or not you can break certain blocks or what you're supposed to craft etc. 2/10.

2014-09-24 17:08

Whacknut Ok guys well ShadowGirl Has come in and started helping me make this map, we're realy close to finishing it. But there was only one person who helped me get ideas. MinecraftGirl51 5. Thanks for that, you'll be in the credits of the map, Thnx 4 the ideas, it realy saved us thinked of some for 5 hours. I beleive we will have this map finished in about 3 days, but Minecraftmaps might take a little while to upload and confirm it. we are going to make a trailer on the map and a bloopers video on us messing around and making the map. And by the way, I made an AMAZING texture pack for the map and it realy makes everything awesome. Get Ready To kill Luke Again, And Forever. Thanks,

Whack Out

2014-09-24 03:38

MineCraftGirl515 So I was thinking and I thought of an idea "How U just find out that u killed Luke's clone and you got tricked into being taken to a place where u were put to the test, Luke trys to kill you with these tests and if u beat them all u go straight to where Luke is. But Luke goes through a portal to a different dimension (the Nether) And u will have to find him there" Thats all I could think of for right now

2014-09-16 18:24

person best puzzle map eva!!! fluffy sword is epic
1 of the best maps i have ever played

2014-09-06 01:33

Masonx54 I do a playthrough of this map on Youube on my channel, MrWARNINGhazard http://youtu.be/P8ixiVbssSs

2014-08-31 22:25

MCHMVJJF This and the first map you've made are the best maps I've ever played. Your my favourite map makers and I will be doing videos on all of the maps you create. Do you know when part 3 is coming out so I know when to look for it?

2014-08-31 16:50

Whacknut Wow, im posting so many comments, sorry about that. But, I had an idea.

I was lying, ive COMEPLETELY run out of ideas, i need some. So im gonna add in all the ideas You guys give me, just post them in the comments. Ill create it and give you credit on it in the map. But please dont make it something like a gigantic 2-headed dragon, because i cant make that. Ive also gotta have some sort of story line to it as well, so I might slightly edit your idea just so it fits with the story. Thanks guys, hope to hear your Ideas.Whack Out.

2014-08-31 00:15

Whacknut Well guys. Yes, I am making a new run map and thanks to that idea by MinecraftGirl51 5 I will be making another map. Run 3. yes.

I will work on this quite a bit but i dont think ShadowGirl will be helping me this time, shes sick of making maps. But Im back in buisness.

The Map will be created in about 2 weeks or so, the long time is only because im the only person making this map. 1. just 1 person. Thats very hard. -_-
But dont worry, ive got ideas, this map's gonna be better than all the others. see ya soon,Whack out.

2014-08-29 21:43

Whacknut You know what minecraftgirl515.

I think you might be on to something.

2014-08-23 23:29

MineCraftGirl515 This was EPIC I just finished and I had so much fun!!! Thx so much and also if u need another idea for how Luke survived is that when u assassinated Luke it could be a clone

2014-08-22 15:20

Imbatman2019 The first one was my favorite map so I have high hopes for this one.

2014-08-15 21:53

Koridas Loved it!

2014-08-15 17:43

PL9 The challenges in this map are light-hearted and fun! It looks like you two had a ton of fun making it.

Here's some footage of my experiences in the map: http://youtu.be/dnbJ2zTxPp0

2014-08-15 05:01

Whacknut Completely

2014-08-14 06:11

TheObsidianShvl do you need to play the first map?

2014-08-13 19:18

meteor3001 that was one amazing puzzle map

2014-08-11 16:53

Liz_the_yoshi I really liked the map! gg fluffy!

2014-08-10 21:45

Whacknut Hey Guys, sorry this took so long to get here. For some reason minecraftmaps didn't take it up until now. But now its here for everyone to enjoy.

2014-08-10 21:39


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