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Item Puzzlers

Created by RonuPlays

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Item Puzzlers is a puzzle map with real puzzles that make you think. There are three areas, each of which explores a unique mechanic that tests your skills in visual and spatial thinking. Over 60 puzzles to solve, each comprised of items in a chest that you can move around to find the correct configuration. All mechanics are taught through puzzles with no words necessary. There are no tricks and no twisted riddles - just fair, thoughtful puzzles.

Partially inspired by The Witness, a game by Jonathan Blow. If you liked the puzzles in that game, you may like this map as well.

All rules are in the map lobby. It is recommended to play this map on your own to the best of your abilities, but if you are really, really stuck on a puzzle, you can find the answer keys for each area right here: https://pastebin.com/zM5ic8VP

This map was made for singleplayer and has not been tested on multiplayer mode.


Map Details

Creator: RonuPlays
(62 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 5.3 MB
Added: 2020-08-09
Downloads: 2,044
Category: Puzzle Maps


Long Can anyone explain the rules of Tiles and Hues plz

2021-06-14 16:10

Jefta I dont get at all how the game huez works.... I first thought mixing the colors but nope. Then I thought maybe the colors they have in common, also no... Im just lost

2020-08-24 14:53

tinykiddude Probably one of my favorite puzzle maps. Not too easy and not too hard. There was one level in tiles that had a solution that didnt count but besides that i loved it!

2020-08-23 23:21

GammaReXx Honestly one of my favourite maps. Puzzles are really interesting and fun when you understand how they're working. Awesome job, I'm really looking forward for more maps like this !

2020-08-20 20:38

Refortor Very nice map but for Tiles -15 this piece :ooo Is not at the right place of screen and in the map. You need to place one slot down.

2020-08-20 18:37

RC Bug in Tiles 14
It have already finish

2020-08-20 09:57

ERBevs123 This was a really fun map. I had a blast and the puzzles were just difficult enough to keep you interested without being too challenging. I think there is a small error on the 15th level of the tiles. I think the blue part of the s tile is in the wrong place. Also the 12th colour level has a few solutions. Apart from this, the map was extremely well made. :)

2020-08-19 10:57

Ben515 Found two nex bug. Tiles - 15 is poorly tested. and in hue there are solutions that doesn't count (thats a smaller problem)

2020-08-18 15:37

Ben515 Tiles - 14 was alredy solved, besides that its a very good little map. :D

2020-08-18 15:25

Tyler 1) It doesn't explain itself at all, some of the combinations are stupid and don't make sense. 2) Tiles area is broken, the "Pieces" to move are just Shears, no block or anything. Probably the worst puzzle map I've played.

2020-08-17 01:37

Bob This is such a great map! Loved each of the three types of puzzles plus what you did with the advanced section (no spoilers!). A couple problems I did run into was on Tiles #15 and Hues. The L Shape in tiles #15 either has the blue square in the wrong spot OR its located in the wrong spot in the chest. Also, some of the tiles have multiple solutions so you might want to compare it to several chests instead of just your solution. The Hues problems don't really progress in knowledge. Like two combinations in the beginning won't result in the same answer for those two colors later on (i.e. the purple and red combo near the beginning isn't the same later on)

2020-08-14 18:40

blockheadalex I found a few "bugs" while playing through this map. Tiles-14 already had the solution in it, tiles 15 has the static L shaped one in the wrong place for what the piece shows, there is another solution to hues-11: y, y, r, r, b, y, b, y, y left to right, top to bottom (in the advanced puzzles there were multiple solutions but some didn't work so maybe you intended to do that for this level), and hues-12 was changed and the solution on the website doesn't help anymore. Overall, I love the puzzles in this map. Absolutely no hate just wanted to bring these to your attention.

2020-08-14 01:12

LionsAteMySanity This map is okay, but some of the rules can be a bit hard to discern. In particular, the rules for hues. I had to look up the solution for every puzzle after the first 6. Furthermore, the rotating tiles in tiles rotate too fast, the solution for tiles 15 does not work under the rules as they were presented, and tiles 14 was already solved. Cardinals was the best of the three with clear rules, and no bugs as far as I could see.

2020-08-13 20:50

Matteoka I love this map, also please fix this:
Tiles 14 is already solved when you download the map, and you just have to pick up and place any of the tiles to complete it

Tiles 15's answer is just incorrect, because one of the pieces is placed 1 higher than it should be

Hue 11 has 2 answers: [R Y Y | B Y R | Y B Y], and the actual one

Hue 12 has a lot of answers, , and on the solutions page, there is a completely different level

But other than that, I loved this map

2020-08-13 14:16

B Great map! I enjoy the meta puzzles very much.
However some puzzles have multiple solutions and the map only accept one of them. Would be better if they are fixed.

2020-08-13 08:34

tim I think the static L shape in the first double chest in Tiles has the diamond in the wrong spot. I solved it, but it didn't work, so I 'trial-and-erro r'ed the L-shape to the corner of the L and it worked. Other than that, really cool map!

2020-08-13 03:24

Nyodex Easily one of the best, if not the best, puzzle maps I have ever played. Only problems I could find are that Tiles-14 is already completed, Tiles-15's answer is wrong (the L facing downwards should be moved down one space), and Hybrid Cardinals-1 has two answers (one of which isn't counted). This map is absolutely genius and I hope to see more from you!

2020-08-12 22:44

Remink Great map ! I finished the first three rooms, and I found severals bugs :

The items in Tile - 14 were already placed
I think Tile - 15 has a wrong solution, the piece placed in the 5th square of the 2nd column in the solution should be placed in the 4th square of the 3rd column
Hues - 12 is not the same level in game and in the answer key (I was'nt able to complete this level)

2020-08-12 16:20

SuperDZ555 This was the most unique puzzle map I have played in my life. I played through it, all the way to the end. The hybrid puzzles and advanced puzzles at the end were the most unique. Just the fact that the puzzles become reality is amazing, and combining puzzles was also great! This was truly a wonderful experience. I hope a sequel to this map gets made! I really enjoyed this!

2020-08-11 17:41

Mint_Grey Tiles puzzle #15 did not work, but I had a blast playing the rest of this map! Adding the advanced puzzles and hybrid puzzles was also an amazing twist.

2020-08-11 12:11

totesMyRealUsername1 This was an amazing map, the concept was cool, the puzzles were fun and quite satisfying to solve, and the bonus area had some really cool concepts! Although I didn't encounter any bugs, there were a few oversights in the tiles area, mainly the 14th puzzle coming pre-solved which was kinda disappointing, and the fifteenth puzzle having the static L piece being in an invalid location (unfortunately I had to cheat out of the map to debug that on my own.) Other than that I had a blast! looking forward to more maps by you boi!

2020-08-11 05:00

Liontack This is a really great and unique puzzle map. I enjoyed a whole lot playing this!
tiles 14 was not reset and already solved. I had solutions for tiles 15 and hybrid cardinals 1 which were not accepted.

2020-08-10 23:02

DatNastySalad Even before I completed the map, I could definitely see the inspiration from "The Witness".

the ONLY issue i ever had with this map was tile puzzle 15 (look at the imgur and one of the pieces says it fits where it shouldn't.) It wasn't a hassle at all to get the answer key when necessary, so this isn't even an issue in the long run.

This map was honestly really fun, and when the level started to reflect the solutions to the puzzle, it got even more exciting. The textures were nice, the builds were cool to look at, and overall just great! Really well made and fun, 5 stars from me!

2020-08-10 19:15

Dan I really enjoyed this map! I love these kinds of puzzles and would be really excited to see more like this in the future; if you have more ideas like this, I'd have a lot of fun playing future maps! I haven't heard of The Witness before, but I might check it out if it has similar kinds of puzzles to this.

Just a few things: I think the solution to Tiles 15 had a mistake (one of the pieces should have been one block lower). Another Tiles puzzle (14 maybe) seemed to have already been filled in so I had to remove the pieces and then put them back to unlock the next puzzle. I also found a second solution to Hybrid Cardinals 1, with the arrows going right then down, rather than down then right, and it didn't register as correct. Otherwise, as I said, I really loved this map. I give up on maps pretty easily but this engaged me all the way through :)

2020-08-10 10:41

Paul For Tiles 15 the non moving L shaped block has the bottom left square colored blue when it should be the top left square.

2020-08-10 05:11


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