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Gold Puzzles

Created by F4talVortex

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Complete objectives relating to a gold block in 25 unique and decorative puzzles! Play or alone or with friends!


  • Multiplayer or Singleplayer
  • 25 levels of puzzles
  • Levels are large and decorative, filling 21x21x15 block cubes
  • Each level has a unique way of solving it


Gold Puzzles is a gold-themed map. It has 25 levels with a specified objective at the beginning of the level. Eighty percent of the levels have the same objective, but all of them relate to a gold block in some way. You must complete the levels by doing this specified objective. I recommend that in each level you start by sorting through what is useful and what is misleading in order to find a way to complete the assigned task.

The map is meant to be challenging so all players will receive a book that gives you the power to use a hint, cheat (skip), or just fully reset the level. Don't think you can just skip through every level though! Well, you can, but you will see how much you relied on the Hint and Cheat system because there are "HintPoints". If you use a hint, you receive 1 hint point and if you cheat a level, you receive 3 hint points. I really enjoyed making this map and hope you enjoy it too!

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Map Details

Creator: F4talVortex
(98 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 10.42 MB
Added: 2020-03-07
Downloads: 10,535
Category: Puzzle Maps

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0 Higgy Super fun map! Had to really think for a lot of these, and I learned a few new things about Minecraft mechanics along the way! 100% recommend

2021-08-13 05:38

+4 KIVVI_64 Great map! I have a lot of fun with friends :D Difficulty of levels was great.
There can be more hints to some levels, but overall great job.

2020-04-19 23:49

0 Jacob Really well made map with lots of clever ideas to make it a well rounded, super fun and smart adventure map - would play again

2020-04-12 17:00

+4 czCube Cool map, I really enjoyed it. :)

2020-03-24 16:55

+1 RP1212 Great map! Really enjoyed it!
I must mention my stupidity that in the tutorial I thought I need to get on the gold block so I didn't want to use any hint for like 10 minutes straight! I don't know the walls looked for me like a pattern to go through somehow in some varieties of a way :D You could say, this that tutorial is just an example and that there is no objective other then clicking on the hint and skip though ._.
But I really enjoyed it! I must say that for like a quarter of them I had to use a hint and for one fifth (1/5) I had to look onto your tutorial video :D but I did it and I am appreciateful for the fun you brought to me! ^-^

Yeah, by the way the last but one aka penultimate level with that...cow. I don't know if it was supposed to be up the three letter structure but it was, I thought by the level name that I was supposed to shift and so I went slowly and accessed the golden block as of a side just in case =) the three letter structure didn't move whatsoever, dunno. Doesn't matter it was a fun voyage! Some of the levels took me even less than a minute on my own without any hint! Yaaay! :D Have a nice day! 9/10 :) Man those horizontal shulker jumps are hard enough as I can see on the image =)

2020-03-10 10:06


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