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Escape the Mad Scientist

Created by ppotti & zython2272

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Map Info:
Escape the mad scientist is a medium challenging puzzle map that will test your intellect, problem-solving skills, and Minecraft know-how! The map contains over 20 rooms. Each room is its own puzzle expect the last one. Do you have what it takes to Escape?


1. Play on Peaceful.

2. No mods or other such nonsense!

3. Follow the instructions on signs. The rules change a little for different puzzles.

4. Always think "outside the box" - your creativity is your best friend in puzzle maps!

5. Only place buttons on obsidian.

6. Only place levers on lime wool.

7. Have fun and enjoy the puzzles!

Map Details

Creator: ppotti & zython2272
(26 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.3.2
Size: 504 KB
Added: 2012-09-22
Downloads: 115,100
Category: Puzzle Maps


-1 Anon I think this map is a great start, but there were a couple parts where I had no idea what to do, and there were a couple parts where the redstone was broken, and I HAD to go into creative mode to get at the things I needed. Honestly, your puzzles were great, and it has a nice concept, I'd just like to see it fixed up a bit, and maybe add a hint system.
Also, there were a couple instances where you had to place buttons/levers on a different block than the originally mentioned obsidian/lime wool, but there were no signs or other notes to say so.

2017-01-29 23:28

0 Anon Oh, additionally: you cannot sleep in the beds. I had to set my spawn using commands because otherwise, I just suffocated in the wall or ended up outside the intended areas. (In short, beds are obstructed and unusable).

2016-04-08 06:32

0 Anon Hello! This has the potential to be a great map; however, I am currently stuck on the room with the multiple iron doors, water, boats, fishing rods, and levers. I even went in to Spectator mode to see if I could figure out if I just wasn't doing it correctly. The levers do not open any doors or appear to have any effect whatsoever. I ended up pulling off the one in the ice/furnace room to activate the other doors. The room needs work, and it most definitely needs hints!

2016-04-08 06:30

+1 Sillymel What do you do in the area with the water in the elevator shaft?

2016-03-17 23:47

0 Dr. Trash Quoting XNoobzUniteX:
I'm stuck pretty early on in the map where you burn the wool, walk down the hall and it leads back to the parkour/glass maze. Help?

there is a difference this time

2015-01-24 15:34

0 Dr. Trash This map inspired me.

2015-01-24 00:34

-1 superman4465 Nice! Loved this map!

2015-01-21 22:34

0 JacobP81 I just want to say what an awesome map this is. Very challenging. Clever challenges which require creative thinking.

2014-11-08 05:51

+1 JasonMan How do you pass the fishing part? I'm stuck there for so long........ ;-;

2014-07-19 21:09

-1 XNoobzUniteX I'm stuck pretty early on in the map where you burn the wool, walk down the hall and it leads back to the parkour/glass maze. Help?

2014-06-16 04:28

+3 The_Killer53 Hey great map I love it. 10/10 check out my channel if you want to see the video I did on it, Hope u enjoy it I know I did! xD

2014-03-22 15:54

+4 Skycroe Loved the map! Thanks for making this and will be waiting for your next one!

2014-01-10 00:20

+2 Nix Am i the only one who understands the sheep part? (you use the wheat to lure the sheep onto the pressure plates) also the only part i have trouble with is the broken elevator shaft thingy with the levers

2014-01-03 01:12

+1 mac Not very good. The map with the flint and steel wouldnt give me flint and the glass maze was glitched

2013-12-30 20:53

+3 Waka_Kurow_Lover Great map it's very well put together

2013-11-10 20:17

+4 musicguy11 GREAT map I really loved it!!!!!!! have you made any more?

2013-10-24 20:15

+5 Zombieman199 I really enjoyed this map one of my favourites please make more! :) Your a really good map maker. I collected 120 nuggets.

2013-09-01 23:53

0 i_like_cookies44 it was cool it wasn't to hard and it wasn't to easy the only part i thought had no meaning to it was at the end when you had to fight a magma cube

my score was 240

2013-07-07 22:11

+14 Silvestry AWESOME! I loved it! =D


2013-06-18 03:07

+5 ben This map was very nice and I liked the roller coaster at the end. 122 Gold

2013-06-11 14:08

+13 imper In the glass maze there is 1 broken glass piece that allows you to jump on top of the maze

2013-06-05 08:30

+1 imper Very Nice Map I got 192 gold nuggets Some of the puzzles were simple but never easy good job!

2013-06-05 08:06

+6 Coolmaps Btw the with the glass maze puzzle you can jump on a chest and walk over the glass. Might want to change that if it's not intended.

2013-06-01 20:13

-2 Coolmaps Quoting WhyDoYouCare?:
I've done some modding (sorry btw) and there is absolutely no way to open that second iron door in the room with the sheep and farm. There is no lime wool to place the lever on and no obsidian.

If you have updated to something higher than when he made the map then it wont because of redstone changes

2013-06-01 20:11

+3 Coolmaps I collected 176 total gold nuggets (how many are there?) and I think this was a very good map 9.5/10

2013-06-01 20:09

+8 LegitPancakeMixx great map had fun doing it and at the end changed to creative to check everything out and how it was done overall I give it a 9/10 keep up the good work guys

2013-05-24 04:36

+1 SquishyCube Great map, took me a good hour and a half to get through everything. Nice job. :3

2013-05-15 11:52

+9 MorPH3d Awesome Map!! Made me rage like a few times lol however i still completed it with a little help from comments and youtube... very challenging and fun to play

4.5/5 :) completed with 119 gold ingots ( kinda rubbish)

2013-05-07 19:38

+2 Zachariah Great map completed in a hour! had a lot of fun!
Gold count =164! whhoooo! got stuck in the room with iron cobbal and a tree for a while.

2013-04-23 03:04

+2 Cookiegirl88 The map was really fun! My score was 192 gold nuggets

2013-03-17 12:59


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