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Don't Eat Potatoes II

Created by TheMB48

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A fun and creative puzzle and parkour map that has been in on and off production for over a year! The map comes with 10 unique puzzles, 8 parkour levels and over 600 command blocks for a truly wonderful experience! This map is quite challenging, but when you finally solve that one level that you have been stuck in, the rewarding feeling is like nothing else! This map also comes with a ton of easter eggs and challenging achievements for a true completionist to try to get them all. Playtime is approximately 3 hours.


Minecraft 1.17.1 (Works with Optifine and probably most minor mods)


  • At least 10 Chunks of render distance (Most likely works with less, but this is the tested amount)
  • Brightness: Bright
  • Particles: All
  • Works with one to infinite players

"The map doesn't work" Common fixes

  • Have you unzipped the world file and placed it in the saves folder?
  • Have you read the readme file correctly?
  • Are you using Minecraft Java 1.17.1?
  • Are you using the recommended render distance?
  • Have you tried to exit and re-enter the map?
  • If any of these didn't work, please contact the map makers via discord:

Credit Format

If you are a youtuber wanting to make a video or anything else with the map please use this format:

Map: Don't Eat Potatoes II

Made by: TheMB48, Pussimyyra, ellupellu25, cakethel and V3rnuuni

Link to Map:


Don't Eat Potatoes 2 © 2021 by TheMB48 is licensed under Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. To view a copy of this license, visit


Map Details

Creator: TheMB48
(122 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 1 MB
Added: 2021-05-18
Downloads: 11,796
Category: Puzzle Maps

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Alexander BEST MAP EVER!!!
It was fun, challenging, and immersive! I ended up playing the map at least five times in a row, it was so good!

2021-07-18 13:58

fj I had to cheat so I could get all aichevements

2021-07-01 23:00

ellupellu25 Quoting player:
Could you upload a walkthrough?

Many people have actually created videos about the map, just search "Don't eat potatoes 2" on youtube!

2021-06-16 12:10

paradox very fun map thanks for making it and i hope you make more parts of it

2021-06-15 16:17

ellupellu25 Quoting newpantera twitchtv:
this is awful, and not fun. i didnt have any fun when i played it and it wasnt good... do not play!

We are sorry that the map didn't impress you.

2021-06-03 18:05

newpantera twitchtv this is awful, and not fun. i didnt have any fun when i played it and it wasnt good... do not play!

2021-05-31 17:34

Greapy very neat map. :D

2021-05-26 09:54

CripplingDerp I cant go inside the shark on the 2nd level at the beach pls fix

2021-05-24 14:26

Crazybbsaber Is this multiplayer??

2021-05-20 10:21

player Could you upload a walkthrough?

2021-05-19 14:21

nonkiru From the time I downloaded to when I completed it, it took exactly 2 hours for me to complete.

It was a lot of fun, and I hope everyone who worked on the map continues to make such fun maps in the future! Thank you for the experience.

2021-05-19 09:13

Summer I genuinely cannot find the emerald block in the "darkened corridor " area. Ive searched literally forever and have two buttons too, yet cant find it. help

2021-05-19 05:55


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