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Confusing Cubes 2

Created by Apatche, Luiql

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Welcome to Confusing Cubes 2!

After nearly two years, the sequel to the highly esteemed Confusing Cubes has finally arrived!

This ambitious sequel brings you fifteen new cubes, each with unique and thrilling puzzles.

Once again, your knowledge, stamina and sanity will be tested.

Will you be able to uncover the mystery behind these cubes, or will you fail trying?


For your best experience, we highly suggest the following:

  • Use Minecraft version 1.16+ (we recommend 1.16.5)
  • Play in Adventure Mode
  • Render Distance 16+ Chunks (this is so command blocks are loaded in)
  • Do NOT intentionally lose items (the map will become unplayable if you purposely lose/destroy your items)
  • Turn on ALL particles and sound effects (this is necessary to complete the map)

Note: This map is multiplayer compatible, but we suggest single player to minimize potential glitches.

Quick Facts

Some quick facts for those still reading:

  1. This map takes an average of 3+ hours to complete (some people may complete it slower or faster)
  2. We have a video tutorial here, and we encourage other YouTubers to play our map!
  3. We have a Discord! Click the hyperlink to see.
  4. There are over 5,000 command blocks in the world!
  5. This map was constructed in 2 months!

Note: If you find any bugs, please comment on our YouTube tutorial so we can fix them as soon as possible.


- Initial public map release.

- Force loaded important chunks to prevent crashing.
- Lowered render distance requirement from 24 to 16 chunks.

- Frozen Heart of the Sea now spawns in a fixed location instead of being dropped by Moby.
- Fixed the respawn mechanism for Louis.

- Made the bouncy castle jump easier in the Lime Level.
- Removed mining fatigue after Moby fight.
- Directly gave the player the Frozen Heart of the Sea instead of summoning the item.
- Added the reversed Red Level to the Level Selection Room.

- Fixed a glitch that made Barnacle Bill’s trident obtainable without the Heart of the Sea
- Removed several Tool Upgrader command blocks in the Cyan Level to reduce lag


Map Details

Creator: Apatche, Luiql
(103 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 15.5 MB
Added: 2021-04-11
Downloads: 16,474
Category: Puzzle Maps

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0 Apatche Quoting suri:
some glitches that make the map unplayable:

not spawning with wither skeleton skull
if placing soul sand to spawn moby before breaking crimson hyphae, you get mining fatigue and cant break the hyphae.
trident is not able to be picked up.

Some of these glitches are on 1.17+, so make sure you are using 1.16.x (1.16.5 is recommended). Overall, these glitches are client-side, so you should be able to avoid them.

2021-10-17 20:42

0 suri some glitches that make the map unplayable:

not spawning with wither skeleton skull
if placing soul sand to spawn moby before breaking crimson hyphae, you get mining fatigue and cant break the hyphae.
trident is not able to be picked up.

2021-10-10 16:49

0 LakiGaming When i "Take a drink from the bar" i dont get the levitation
idk if tis a bug or something but even when following the tutorial i saw i did everything right but it just didnt work

2021-08-31 10:26

+1 epic boi I didn't realize to check my inventory for the red room wither skeleton skull, am I softlocked now that it's not in my inventory?

2021-08-22 19:33

0 Apatche If anyone is having trouble with the download button, please use the mediafire link in the description of my tutorial video (map is always up to date).

2021-08-01 17:01

+2 tinykiddude During the Compliant Ending if you turn around run and spam space bar you can escape and sometimes glitch thru the world and fall to your death lmao

2021-07-24 15:53

+3 Lucas Thelmer Awesome! They set a high bar with CC 1, but they definitely lived up to expectations in the sequel. Really fun to play

2021-06-22 00:24

+5 Pink64 Does anyone know how many endings there are? I have found 2 so far, the escape one and the cryo sleep one. I am wondering if I missed anything . Thank you.

2021-06-16 19:30

+2 sussy baka jojo references are very pog

2021-06-06 12:35

0 Jordan This map was absolutely amazing! Every level (except one) was super entertaining! The only one I didn't like too much was the purple room with the levitating because it was very buggy.

2021-06-05 00:22

0 goshtosh cant beleive it, cant wait to play confusing cubes 1 is my favorite map thank you

2021-05-08 19:09

0 Pigy Everytime me and my gf enters the water room, it instantly crashes us, anything that can be done about this? I've tried /forceload, but it doesn't work, I even increased the chunks and decreased them

2021-05-02 14:18

0 paximoniouse this map was a lot of fun but some things weren't very clear and my game crashed every time after I open the light blue room

2021-04-25 11:31

0 BHAVESH how do we play?

2021-04-20 16:43

0 TheWorfer27 It's incredibly laggy for me, takes around 10 seconds to drink the water bottle and makes the map near unplayable. I think this is because of the randomtickspeed , but it wont let me change it?

2021-04-19 03:32

0 WorldTerminator6 My game was fine until the black room. Once i got into the black room, it just started lagging and got worse and worse. Pressing F3 shows that there are 10k entities.

2021-04-19 00:38

+3 JelenoJablko Hello i by mistake used the bottle from tommy wrong can please someone help cuz i dont see restart level or something like that :/

2021-04-15 14:11

+10 Apatche To anyone who is still crashing, please try this command: /forceload add 31 15 -351 -47

Please comment on my YouTube tutorial if you still have any issues. Thanks!

2021-04-13 19:21

+4 Qwantdk i loved the map, i'm amazed at how well made this map is, can't wait for a third map (if there is coming one).

2021-04-13 11:01

+4 AlexPlaySK Hey! I recommend to forceload chunk there are command blocks in using /forceload add . It will be better for players with low fps so they don't need to have high render distance.

2021-04-13 08:16

+2 Apatche I have heard that a few of you experienced abrupt crashing near the light blue room. I have just submitted a map update request, so hopefully you're problems will be solved in v1.1. If you experience any other issues, please leave a comment on my YouTube tutorial. Thanks!

2021-04-12 23:44

+1 Kirby I am a player who has played this it has a fun concept to it but i am currently struggling with one particular level, the light blue one, every time i get there, it always seems to crash my mine craft game, i hope that you can see this comment and hopefully fix this bug and i will be able to enjoy it more thoroughly, i have tried restarting the maps a couple of times, but to no avail, there is one more method, i will try to see if it will work. But overall, this map does have a great concept and i like that you added the level selector in order to get to other levels easily then rather going back and forth.

2021-04-12 09:13

-1 gg Hello the map is crashing in the first level lol
I cannot even enter in my world whatsoever

2021-04-12 01:47

+1 amogus The exit of the green section freezes my game everytime I go near it

2021-04-12 01:06

+2 Justin Everytime I opened a new room, my game crashes.

2021-04-12 00:20

0 Apatche For anyone experiencing lag above 24+ render distance, the map is possible with 16 render distance, but you will need to be close to the black level when clicking in chat.

2021-04-11 15:48


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