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Created by Gamerichie

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Map Info

I have specialized in parkour maps for the majority of my mapping career; this is my first puzzle map.


This map features 15 different codes you need to solve!

It's that simple. Just 15 codes.

From item codes to beacons changing colors, from disappearing blocks to Caesar shifts, this map has a load of code-breaking fun!

Creator Info


  • v1.2-Nerfed stages 6 and 7 and buffed stages 4 and 5.
  • v1.3-Fixed LOTS of glitchy areas and bugs, and balanced out difficulty between levels.


Map Details

Creator: Gamerichie
(62 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 370 KB
Added: 2016-08-17
Downloads: 4,013
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 cool_as_choco How do you do the first medium level ? :P

2016-11-04 17:45

0 poppy I had fun doing this game if only all our hard work working stuff out had a happy ending i think near the end only 1 in 4 puzzles worked out, not happy to keep cheating but did you not get anyone to double check your work ??? and why is it not fixed, the one meantioned above you just put in another sign instead of taking one out which totally confused the thing and no way was the answer 2 wtf

2016-09-06 21:03

0 Myst Xtreme I noticed that you made changes based on the input here, and I have to say it's made the map a better experience.

I did make a video of this map, but only of the easy and medium levels:

2016-08-22 10:41

0 Meh In the hard section, Stage 2 it's unclear what has to be discovered. Stage 3 the math doesn't add up! The hints on those levels are also unhelpful!

2016-08-21 11:25

0 Gamerichie Sorry about all the errors, the math issue occurred because d is supposed to equal c + a, not b + a. Anyways, all errors have now been fixed.

2016-08-20 03:06

0 Falcon_Phoenix In Hard: CODE #11... Theres no _ (underscore) there... Can you fix this?

2016-08-19 10:39

0 SlowFing As already said sometimes are the following codes wrong:

- CODE #3: standing 8 cobblestones instead of 7 (so I guess the middle one doesn't need to be there. This makes the code 497256 instead of 498256.
- CODE #12: Don't even get how you come at 2, my result was as well 7.11.
- CODe #14: The results of Code #2 #7 and #12 would give 71814252, but the result he checks is 7181425. This means only the code of #2 and #7 are needed ?

Then beacon level is very buggy because 1 impulse is in front of 2 not pulsed repeaters and then like 5 pulsed again.

2016-08-19 08:26

0 Gamerichie Sorry about the bugs, we are currently fixing them!

2016-08-19 02:06

-2 RTBFrebel great map just like all the other ones so much fun recording keep up the good work

2016-08-19 00:33

0 H3ldD3rArbeit There are many Errors in this map. The Level with the Beacons is buggy and Level #12 is completely wrong.
And 7,11.... isnt the asked Number.

2016-08-18 19:42

+1 JochCool Cool, but there are e few problems.

I couldn't get past level 3 without cheating. It said there were 7 mossy cobble blocks, but I really counted 8.

And the explanation at code 7 (Caesar shift) was confusing to me.

The increasing experience levels are really annoying, mainly because they make a sound each 100 levels (each 5 seconds). Also, I don't really see a purpose so it's better to leave it out.

And please leave notifications if you win/lose a level. Otherwise the player will just get teleported and know nothing.

Also, I have a tip: Put most information about the map in a book instead of on signs, as signs are quite small and not a great way of revealing a lot of information.

2016-08-18 14:29

+1 ADFER I would advise you guys to take a look at the math section of the map because the algebra one is unclear and the other one after making all the math the result is 7.11 instead of the required answer of 2...

2016-08-18 13:33

+1 Thefort There is an error : CODE#3 easy The code is 498256 ans not 497256 because there are 8 blocks of mossy cobble

2016-08-18 12:47


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