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The Jump

Created by Compact_

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Map Info

This map is basically parkour between floating islands. It includes special blocks and an auto-respawn system.

It is multiplayer compatible.

There are a few slime blocks jumps, some small mazes and 10 easter eggs. The hardest jump is at the end and is known as the "5b jump".

The entire map was play-tested and is entirely possible.

This map is made specially for PrestonPlayz, but anyone can play it :p. For an average player, the map should round 30 to 45 minutes.

Map built and programmed by Compact_

To play the map, just download the file and unzip it in your saves folder.


Map Details

Creator: Compact_
(1320 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.7 MB
Added: 2018-04-15
Downloads: 25,200
Category: Parkour Maps


-16 Wow Who came here when this map had 666 votes O|-|O

2018-05-08 23:45

+3 Compact Thank you everyone for your great feedback! I wasn't expecting it! Hope you had fun playing it and you'll enjoy my next one :p

2018-05-07 20:04

+4 Turbotot Great map, also very hard ending xd. Though I completed the map, I chickened out of the 5 block and did the triple neo.

2018-04-22 18:08

+4 LuluLikeThat I just played your map and will add your youtube channel in the description of the video I made. I will upload the video if it doesnt bug out I will make a part 2 video. BTW I love the map although the red death block doesnt work too well!!

2018-04-21 17:00

+11 Bibliofile For the last jump - you can jump from the raised platform for the 5 block jump to the top of the triple neo - making it trivially easy to complete. Very nice map!

2018-04-17 21:18

+7 TBNRMinecraftMan Ok. First off, AMAZING map. This was one of the most fun maps I've played in a long time. From map creator to map creator, well done. Astounded that I completed the 5b jump, which was VERY hard. Anyways, congratulations on a job very well done. I hope to see more maps from you in the future!

2018-04-15 23:20


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