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Terracotta Tower

Created by nerd0101

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Map Info

Please note:

  • This map requires Minecraft 1.12 - Snapshot 17w06a
  • You will need to enable snapshots in the Minecraft Launcher to select this version.
  • It will NOT work in older client versions.

Snapshot 17w06a added may new things...Including terracotta

This new type of block has raised a lot of question and excitement in the minecraft community.  The textures are unique, which gave me an idea.  Create a terracotta themed parkour map for my fans.  So that is what I did.  I present to you, Terracotta Tower, by nerd0101.  

Terracotta Tower is a parkour map with 16 levels.  Each level is contained in a large cube that looks like a type of terracotta block.  There are 16 levels because there are 16 different terracotta blocks.  Each level is 16x16x16 blocks in size, but they all contain a special type of parkour based on the theme of the level.  From vine to water parkour, this map will give you thrills as you experience first-hand some of the new blocks added to the game!  '


  • Gamemode adventure
  • Difficulty peaceful
  • Render distance 16+  
  • Brightness set to Bright


  • Do not cheat
  • Get to the top of the tower, one level at a time
  • You have to be in minecraft 17w06a!
  • If you die, the map restarts so don't die. (It is pretty hard to die!)

Additional Info

  • There are 16 levels
  • Each level is in a 16x16x16 cube
  • Each level looks like an over-sized terracotta block
  • Only 2 command blocks were used in the whole map!  <---Useless Info :D 


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Map Details

Creator: nerd0101
(198 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 941 KB
Added: 2017-03-01
Downloads: 14,492
Category: Parkour Maps


0 nickthesimpHK hi i played yours map and that was excellent!
but i think your map is quite hard for me
so i make a little change!
just making some 4 block jump to 3 block
also put some check point!
i hope u can try my version! ^_^
but can i contant u in discord so i can give the ZIP file to u?
also can u teach me how to make floating water?
i use /fill and /setblock but it doesn't work
hope u like my edit!

2021-07-21 05:22

+1 nerd0101 Quoting theglitchmaker00:
Dude this was AMAZING! Finally someone made a 1.12 needed map! I've been waiting forever!

I was noticing that nobody was taking advantage of the 1.12 snapshot for map making, so I thought i'd be the 1st! Thanks for playing!

2017-04-10 00:23

+3 nerd0101 Quoting 3ampotatochip:
excellent map! one of the best parkour maps i have ever seen!


2017-04-10 00:21

+6 3ampotatochip excellent map! one of the best parkour maps i have ever seen!

2017-03-05 06:48

+8 theglitchmaker00 Dude this was AMAZING! Finally someone made a 1.12 needed map! I've been waiting forever!

2017-03-03 12:26


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