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Planet Parkour 2

Created by AmirKaká

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Planet Parkour 2 is a fast-paced Minecraft parkour map with 40 stages of medium difficulty parkour and is fun to speedrun!

✨ On January 13th, 2021 NASA's Hubble telescope has once again discovered a habitable planet with an amazing parkour playground similar to its last discovery (Planet Parkour) which is called "Planet Parkour 2". There is no other place like our Earth, for humans to survive and parkour, however, this doesn’t stop scientists from looking at other worlds in our universe, finding a habitable planet for us in case things went south here. The team working on this planet confirmed that although there are 40 stages in this parkour map, it's at least 20% bigger than Planet Parkour. Researchers also found some evidence that there could be more planets orbiting Planet Parkour 2's star, however, more data is needed to come to a conclusion. Future missions may be able to tell us which one of these planets has more parkour potential, although you can check it out yourself using the simulation in Minecraft. ✨

Planet Parkour 2 features:

  • A planet ◼️ Multiplayer compatible
  • A timer for keeping track of your time
  • Custom resource pack
  • Different biomes and environments
  • A fun time!
  • Different storylines (these don't affect the parkour)
  • Elytra parkour
  • Timed jumps
  • Piston jumps
  • Much more!


- Bug fix: The Elytra at the start doesn't equip if you fail the course after the last ring


Map Details

Creator: AmirKaká
(596 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 16.4 MB
Added: 2021-03-20
Downloads: 40,519
Category: Parkour Maps


+5 SkataPlayer1555 So in the start of the map with the elytra it only equips the first time which mean if i miss and try again the elytra wont equip. I am having trouble with this and i need to delete and reinstall the map. Please fix this

2021-03-21 10:52

+3 my_crafting I found two problems in the outset of the map make the map is unplayable:
When I fly with elytra, the game will freeze, then I will fail, but when I want to try it again, it don't give me the elytra, even if I give myself a elytra, it will be cleared immediately. It has happened three times. I really want to play this map, please resolve it.

2021-03-21 09:26

+12 AmirKaká Guys if the elytra doesn't equip at the start, restart your run via the restart stick, this is a bug which has been fixed but it takes a couple of days to be updated on the website

2021-03-21 08:37


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