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Planet Parkour 2

Created by AmirKaká

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Planet Parkour 2 is a fast-paced Minecraft parkour map with 40 stages of medium difficulty parkour and is fun to speedrun!

✨ On January 13th, 2021 NASA's Hubble telescope has once again discovered a habitable planet with an amazing parkour playground similar to its last discovery (Planet Parkour) which is called "Planet Parkour 2". There is no other place like our Earth, for humans to survive and parkour, however, this doesn’t stop scientists from looking at other worlds in our universe, finding a habitable planet for us in case things went south here. The team working on this planet confirmed that although there are 40 stages in this parkour map, it's at least 20% bigger than Planet Parkour. Researchers also found some evidence that there could be more planets orbiting Planet Parkour 2's star, however, more data is needed to come to a conclusion. Future missions may be able to tell us which one of these planets has more parkour potential, although you can check it out yourself using the simulation in Minecraft. ✨

Planet Parkour 2 features:

  • A planet ◼️ Multiplayer compatible
  • A timer for keeping track of your time
  • Custom resource pack
  • Different biomes and environments
  • A fun time!
  • Different storylines (these don't affect the parkour)
  • Elytra parkour
  • Timed jumps
  • Piston jumps
  • Much more!


- Bug fix: The Elytra at the start doesn't equip if you fail the course after the last ring

- You can no longer keep the elytra by dropping it
- All armor stands are now locked
- Changed resource pack
- Added barrier blocks to prevent cheating

- Updated the map to 1.17.1 New themes for levels with the new caves and cliffs blocks Minor bug fixes


Map Details

Creator: AmirKaká
(1037 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 16.4 MB
Added: 2021-03-20
Downloads: 96,102
Category: Parkour Maps


+9 MUSTIC If you can't equid elytra try to delete the map and close the game. Download the map again and play it in 1.16.5 not in 1.17.1.
The map was build for 1.16.5 not for higher versions.

2021-08-09 12:32

0 MUSTIC Quoting Tickler32:
When I start I don't have the wands and when I go to pick up the elytra, it doesn't equip and I just fall into the void. I have reinstalled it several times but I still have the same issue. Can someone please help me!!

Same thing happened to meee ;-;

2021-08-08 06:32

+15 Tickler32 When I start I don't have the wands and when I go to pick up the elytra, it doesn't equip and I just fall into the void. I have reinstalled it several times but I still have the same issue. Can someone please help me!!

2021-07-23 18:07

+2 Strawberryboba I got to level 37 and the elytra wouldn't equip and I restarted and the elytra wouldn't equip at the start either. I re-downloaded and still doesn't work. disappointed because I was almost done.

2021-07-20 00:00

+19 THUNDERBOYdk I have no wands, and the elytra doesn't equip, not even the first time or after multiple restarts and re-downloads. Anyone know how to fix?

2021-07-11 14:33

+2 Adam_pro_gamer I love this parkour map and i recommand it to people i love it good map very goood and beatufull

2021-07-06 17:42

+2 Fos_Fos GG, 10 stars

2021-06-21 09:57

+1 krajec The slime canon is bugged and doesn't let us go forward. Maps author blocked gamemode changing so we can't finish it. Shame!

2021-06-01 19:44

+3 Aaron I'm trying to enjoy the map with younger players who need some help from time to time. How can I disable the forced adventure mode?

2021-05-28 00:19

0 SATURN I really hoped a good time but all I got is a fps dropping map like bruh are you running a NASA pc to run this map smoothly I even turned off my shaders and made my settings the lowest as possible but still nope.

2021-05-24 13:57

+2 Cree soooo
I got up to a section with mushrooms and some kind of slime catapult (stage 29), but the latter does NOT work. I get flung up a slight bit, but not nearly far enough to get where I need to and am effectively stuck with no alternatives, since cheats are omitted. Unless there is a fix to this, I can't play the rest of the map :') I stood on the slime block as instructed in any and all possible ways (even on top of the wall bit etc), so that can't be the issue ^^"

2021-05-17 08:03

0 Xx_MeM0_xX the game so lagy and make minecraft not responding in the other games my fsp 133

2021-05-03 20:38

+2 Pillz I can't get past level 29 because the slime-piston jump doesn't work for me :(
Anyone else?

2021-05-03 14:49

0 Vortexxx_ How to beat level 6?

2021-05-02 08:28

+1 DarkiNoobsFB At level 29, in the part of jumping with the slime, he fucks and does not pass the level, how can he get creative?

2021-04-29 03:27

+1 Bodi The stage 29 is bugged. The slime launcher doesnt work. On top of that you cant change your gamemode to move on.

2021-04-27 07:06

+2 Eggy Um I see the other comments complaining on how the elytra doesn't work but I keep on falling into the void and I can't see any planet of parkour :p

2021-04-25 20:19

+1 Emmy I'm completely stuck on stage 25 because the minecart is stuck somewhere and I can't reach it, is there anyway to fix this?

2021-04-20 00:10

+1 KasheemTheFirst the piston jump with slime doesnt work. It has a cobblestone wall on it making it unplayable

2021-04-17 23:23

0 KirshanUwU Pretty fun map :)

2021-04-17 22:38

+1 Violemonie Stage 29 doesn't work with me no matter how many times I try it, I even made another world and begun the parkour from the beginning for it not to work again, and I watched some youtube videos of people doing it and it looked very simple, yet it didnt work with me

2021-04-14 00:50

0 MrNicck Hey there! do you guys have a discord server to submit speedruns and compare them etc.

2021-04-12 18:51

0 Tatlic_GamingYT I can't find any parkour on level 6!

2021-04-12 15:28

-1 marci i'm stuck at level 29, don't know what to do :(

2021-04-09 14:32

+1 EhsanMNA congratulations this is the best map i haven even play its exactly have nice builds but if you can make better end map its will be very coal

2021-04-07 14:50

+1 Blazzu999 Visually is so beautiful and the jumps are perfect, nothing impossible. 10/10

2021-04-04 23:51

+1 Ajan_ Amazing map! I finished it in around 40 minutes, very fun, would recommend :) Beautiful builds too.

2021-03-31 17:52

0 Joshua I'm at level 36, and I finished it, and I'm very confused as to where to go? Could you please help. Thank you

2021-03-30 16:53

0 Beeply There were some glitches, like when you fail on the first elytra thing it does not give it to back to you, But it was a great map, and I loved it.

2021-03-30 01:35

0 Xhosant Stage 29 seems bugged. The slime piston jump with the wall on top doesn't work - the wall size is juuust too big and excludes us from the slime's bouncy zone (recreated in creative, wall behaves the same way, fence post works properly).

Across about an hour's testing by 4 people, we only made it work once, and not reproducibly.

2021-03-27 17:18


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