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Parkour? Maybe!

Created by Sinew28, linzefeng

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Is this a Parkour map? Maybe, play it with your friends to find out!

Featuring 19 unique and challenging courses, utilizing many creative ways to train your acrobatics, and challenge both your skills and wits in a parkour map unlike any others!

Try not to drown in the underwater courses, try finding an optimal path by placing blocks, try running nonstop while blinded, try crawl 1 high areas using anything you can find, and try to run through an infested mineshaft without getting hit! 

Watch out for special blocks that give you different effects! They can drastically change your experience. This includes:

Wall climb, High jump, Superspeed, Switching blocks, Floatation, Feather falling, Jump fatigue, blindness, No health, Breakable blocks and more waiting to be discovered!

 Can't keep up with your friend who is better than you? Stuck at that one jump you just can't get over? Fear not, as you can not only return to your own checkpoint at any time using a special tool, you can also use it to skip to the leading player's checkpoint!

Want a stylish look fitting of your perfect skills? Worry not, you can choose from 10 different special effects and hats to make you look on point.

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Made by team S/ASH: sinew28 and linzefeng


Map Details

Creator: Sinew28, linzefeng
(289 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 15.9 MB
Added: 2019-10-26
Downloads: 14,261
Category: Parkour Maps


+18 w1nDrunn3r360 The map looks great so far, and I like the first level. However, after the drop, I don't think that it is possible to complete the checkpoint after when both the red and cyan are coming on at the same time. Did something break, or am I wrong?

2019-10-27 13:32


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