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Floating Ruins Parkour

Created by Chochitogoti

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Map Info:
Floating Ruins is an Adventure/Parkour map made by 'Chochitogoti' with an estimated gameplay time of at least 15 minutes.

This is my first map, take in consideration that this is not a professionally made, there might be bugs, i'll try my best to improve this map and Quality in general, thank you for any feedback :).


  • No breaking blocks.
  • No flying.
  • Do not modify command blocks.
  • No cheating in general, until you finish the map.

Recommended Settings:

  • Use Optifine for better performance.
  • Render Distance 5 chunks (5 short+).
  • Brightness 15-60%.
  • Smooth Lightening 100%.
  • No more than 4gb RAM allocated to Minecraft.
  • Fog set to ''Fancy'' or High.

Map Details

Creator: Chochitogoti
(17 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 325 KB
Added: 2015-01-16
Downloads: 35,976
Category: Parkour Maps


0 ExloreRaon This map so awesome but all map parkour is easy

2018-05-27 10:56

+2 Logan This is a really awesome map, nice and short but very well made. I would play more maps by you in a heartbeat. I enjoyed the maze, but quick question: what were those torches for?

2015-03-23 22:49

+3 Sithiel Amazing map, i love it. Ive actually been speedrunning it recently and have had alot of fun doing so. Would definitely recomend for anyone who likes parkour maps. Would rate 10/10 if there was a rating system. :)

2015-03-19 02:25

-3 Seapeekay Really enjoyed this dude! my subs seem to be liking it too! heres a video :)

2015-02-26 21:47

-2 HuggizHD Awesome map!!! I rate it 9/10
The only thing that is wrong is that if you die some times you have to start over again!

2015-02-26 20:37

0 DJDiamondGirl Nice! It's challenging, and I love parkour, so good work! ^u^

2015-02-18 19:26

0 WitherCreeper Cool map and all but when i was dying it keeped saying my bed was missing or obstructed

2015-02-09 22:51

+2 BenDuDe36FS you dont need improve its fine anyway awesome map for first try though, well done for making a great map! :D

2015-01-31 14:28

+1 DrunkMiner Map was amazing for a short game but maybe add some story/more levels? 8.5/10

2015-01-31 06:04

+1 CoolZammy this is the first time I've ever leave any comments on a map n i must said i love it!!! it's fast and fun at the same time please make more maps like this plsssss!!! :D

2015-01-25 04:23

0 Kaphene Not sure how long it will take for you to check this, so I'll keep looking for solutions in the meantime, but is this map suppose to use the parkour bukkit plugin or is it just like on an honor system? I'm using mcprohosting and I'm fairly certain I've installed the map correctly but /pa doesn't recognize any courses. :D

2015-01-22 05:25

+1 JOEBOB I liked the map, but it took me about 5 minutes. I was hoping for something more challenging. Maybe make a sequel that's longer?

2015-01-21 22:56

+1 TheGamerDoug Awesome Map! Really adds a twist on normal parkour

2015-01-19 23:40

+2 Chochitogoti Thank you much guys for all the feedback, check my post on minecraftforums with the same name, i'll be making an update fixing bugs and probably adding more levels!.

2015-01-17 19:03

+2 DaphneSander AWESOME MAP!!! It is amazingly good for a beginner, really fun. I only had one problem which was no biggie, only that when you fall from a block you can use the vines to slower your fall, so you don't die when hitting the ground. But I used /kill so it was no problem :)

2015-01-17 16:21

+6 James C. GREAT MAP!!!!! i loved it. the nausea parkour bit was awesome! the only bug i found was one of the spawn points didn't work but i just used /spawnpoint but otherwise great map!

2015-01-16 23:40


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