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10 Ways To Parkour

Created by MCDeathStar

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Map Info

This map will send you through 10 different levels of parkour.

These levels range from head hitters, to ladder parkour, to slime parkour.

This map will also range in difficulty, meaning some of the levels are easy and others are hard.


  • 1. Try not to rage too hard on this map and try to minimize the cheating.
  • 2. Play in adventure mode.
  • 3. Play in peaceful mode.
  • 4. Have fun and good luck!


Thank you for playing my map, if you've enjoyed then please give this map a five star rating.

I will try to make more/better maps in the future so stay tuned for those. Until next time bye!

Also good luck if you haven't downloaded the map yet.

Map Details

Creator: MCDeathStar
(75 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 342 KB
Added: 2019-03-02
Downloads: 4,232
Category: Parkour Maps

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